Gran Turismo 6's online services are ending in March

Gran Turismo 6's online servers will shut down on March 28.

After this date, it will no longer be possible to use the PlayStation 3 title's various online components such as the Open Lobby, Seasonal Events, Quick Match, and Community. Of course, the single-player portion of Gran Turismo 6 will remain playable.

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PUBG379d ago

Last week we received news that Killzone 2&3 servers would shutting down, and now this week it's Gran Turismo 6.... This totally undermines the value of the Playstation Now service. You would think that maintaining the functionality of their online servers, for two of their top franchises would be important. I was playing KZ3 online around a month ago on my PS3 and it still is a fun online shooter.

C-H-E-F377d ago

ehh that draws resources especially when you have 1k people playing it, it's costing money, allocate that to a new project, to buy a new developer or something... This is a major reason why im against online trophies for platinums. come march you can never play and get gt6 platinum or killzone 2/3 whenever they shut down.

PUBG377d ago

I agree with you entirely in regards to online trophies.