How to Change Your Valorant Region with Riot ID or Support Page

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Since each Valorant account is regionally locked, many players wonder how they can change region. Whether it is to explore other regions or to play with your friends, understanding how to shift the region of your account in Valorant can open up a world of possibilities. That is why in this guide we’ll delve into the mechanics of how you can change your region and play on different servers around the world.

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How to Change Region in Valorant

There are only two ways through which you can change the server region of your Valorant account: 

  • Making a new Riot ID.
  • Changing your region from the Valorant Support page. 

Whenever you create a Riot ID, your account is assigned one of the six regions depending on which is the closest one to where you live. Once the server is assigned you’ll only be able to play with and against other players in that region. However, if you really want to shift your server region, you can only do so through the two methods mentioned earlier. So let’s explore how to change your region using these methods. 

Creating a New Riot ID

When it comes to changing your region your best option is to create a new ID altogether in the specific region you want to play. Here’s what you would have to do:

  1. Choose and download a VPN
  2. Launch the VPN and set it to a country you want to play in Valorant
  3. Head over to Valorant’s website and create a new account using the VPN location as your region
  4.  Once you’ve created a new account, turn off your VPN and launch the Valorant client using your new account. 

As you are in the process of creating your account, make sure to set the VPN to a country that comes under the region you want to play. That said, once the account is created you don’t have to worry about keeping your VPN active and you can play in your desired region without any problem, albeit with higher ping. 

Contacting Valorant Support Page

The other way to change your account’s region is to contact Valorant support and request them to shift your region. This is the only official way you can change your region and it is designed for individuals who shift to another country. Follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Firstly, go to the Valorant Region Change Support page 
  2. Log in with your details
  3. Scroll down and under the “Update Your Region Of Residence” heading click on Check
  4. Let the system check if you are eligible for a region change

As mentioned before, this method is for individuals who shift to another country and want to match their physical location with their in-game region. Even if you use a VPN for this method you won’t be able to change your region. Once you make the change, you’ll lose your current ranked season data because the ranked ladder is different for each region

If you still have any problem with changing your region with this method, just scroll down on the region change support page and submit a ticket to Valorant. 

While we have mentioned two ways through which you can change the region of your Valorant account, creating a new Valorant ID is your best bet at playing in another region unless you’ve migrated to another country.

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