Thrilling New Details About Episode 9 of Valorant

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With E8A3 coming to an end on June 26, Valorant players are starting to theorize what awaits in Episode 9. The following episode should start soon after Episode 8 finishes, but the date and time haven’t been confirmed yet. The developers released a big new patch and a new map. So what new details can the Valorant players expect in Episode 9?

Valorant Players Get an Official New Update on Episode 9

The official Valorant account on X shared: “Step up and show them—Premier Stage E9A1 is here”. Beside it, the account shared a picture with listed updates. Among them were Invite Division, Roster Restriction, Contender and Invite Weekly Matches, and Contender and Invite Playoffs.

Another statement was released soon after. It noted: “Starting with E9A1, Contender and Invite Divisions play both of their weekly matches on Saturday night. All North American teams in Contender and Invite play their matches at the same time. When the Act starts, you’ll see the exact times in-client for your division”.

List of Premier Updates for Episode 9 of Valorant
Screenshot by N4G Unlocked via X

This update aside, there haven’t been any official announcements on what the players can expect from E9. That didn’t stop the community from daydreaming. A player, djilatyn, mused: “Apart from the new skin collection, which is pretty unlikely in my opinion, since they have just released a full effect collection. No new agent, no new map, no new game mode, no big thing so far. The only new thing will just be the battle pass, which is pretty underwhelming”.

Some1sNickName reminded the community: “The only new thing will not be the battle pass. Abyss is gonna be added to Unrated and Ranked queues, that’s a pretty big change. Just because you’re over it in a week doesn’t mean everyone is, probably like half the playerbase hasn’t even tried it yet”.

What to Expect From the New Battle Pass?

SnooOranges3876 wondered: “What do you think the next Valorant knife skin will be? The past few BPs have had some pretty bad skins, but the current one was decent”. They added: “I’m hoping we get a dagger knife in the new Battle Pass. That would be sick”.

Zai710 said: “Hopefully skins that are actually worth using, not incredibly boring default or just plain underwhelming animations that are completely overshadowed by every other non low tier skin (aside from maybe Ruin and the Karambit) in the entire game”.

With Episode 9 of Valorant fast approaching, we have a feeling that we’ll find out soon. The Battle Pass details will probably be available any day now. We can’t wait to play Abyss in Ranked. Until then, use the remaining time in Episode 8 to the max and see you in Episode 9.

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