Valorant Players Insist on Huge Bug Fixes for Abyss

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The new map dropped on June 11, with the 8.11 patch. Expectations were high as the first players tested out the map. Initially, the map was deemed as fun. Unfortunately, that sentiment quickly faded, as Valorant players started pointing out all the bug fixes Abyss needed. Feet in the ceiling and bombs in the walls? Players have seen it all.

Some Players Crown Abyss as the Glitchiest of all Valorant Maps

Yarondo posted an in-game video showing the Spike stuck in a wall. They said: “Good to know this can happen on the new map”. One helpful fan, xQ_YT, explained: “The Spike carrier failed the rope jump and the Spike respawned on the closest surface possible, which is unfortunately in the wall”.

MysticMian compiled all of their observations. They said: “Too many corners and angles that you have to clear. Breach Ult is now even more powerful. This is a paradise for people who like to troll and throw games. Just keep blocking teammates trying to jump, or satchel them off, or basically jump down every round. There is a very high chance of falling”.

They also disclosed that the little bridge where you could plant was “broken AF”. The grandness of the map was another concern. “The lanes are far too wide for the kind of game Valorant is. Way bigger than any other map. Fights already feel a bit weird”.

Imaginary_Garbage652 agreed: “I already don’t like it, I feel like it’s the new Fracture. Massive map, with loads of paths which makes it feel like it should be a 3-site map. B site is way too close to attacker spawn as well, it’s got the Breeze rotation problem”. They suggested: “Just make Inferno, there’s a reason why everyone loves Inferno, it’s a good map without the need for gimmicks”.

One Redditor, ginsodabitters, expressed their disbelief: “Is abyss a troll map? Like it has to be right. There’s no possible way this is a real map. It’s Halo without vehicles”. Another player, tho2622003, joked: “Already seeing Raze and Breach waiting for you to defuse the bomb before they yeet you out of the map”.

Valorant Agents KAY/O, Killjoy and Raze
Image via Riot Games

The Fixes Should Arrive Before Abyss Comes to Comp

Some players have been having the time of their lives playing on the new map. TheSnakeholeLounge said: “That’s so funny, I’ve been having a lot of fun on this map. Surely they will fix it and we go back to the sweat fest. And people ask why new maps aren’t instantly in the comp”. Another player, pwn4321, added: “They have two weeks to check Reddit, laugh, and then (hopefully) fix it before it comes to ranked”.

Brief-Translator1370 reminded everyone: “No matter how much QA you do there will always be bugs and things unaccounted for. When a collective player base is going to put tens of thousands of hours on it there will be new bugs found every single time”.

It seems that there is a lot of space for the developers to improve Abyss. Per their previous statements, the new map is added to the comp two weeks after the initial release. That gives Valorant devs plenty of time to listen to the players and implement all the big (and small) bug fixes to Abyss. For now, try to enjoy the pure silliness of pushing your teammates off the edge of the map.


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