The Best Escape Room Course Codes In Fortnite (February 2024)

Ready for the best Escape Room course codes in Fortnite? It got popularized as a competitive Battle Royale game, and has since introduced a plethora of ‘creative’ ways in which its players can have fun. One of these modes is a sub-genre of Creative maps created by its users, where the game’s goal is to use any available method to escape.

Over the years, players have crafted several Escape Room Courses that really make your brain cogs turn to devise an escape plan. In this guide, we’ll share the best Escape Room Courses in Fortnite and the course codes you can use to access them.

7 Best Escape Room Course Codes In Fortnite Creative


Image via r33vv
  • DOORS Map Code: 3321-6193-5191

You’ll probably have heard of this if you’ve ever dabbled in Roblox escape rooms. DOORS is a thrilling horror-based escape room based around, you guessed it, doors. This map involves a series of numbered doors guiding you to the next one.

The goal of the game is to pass through all 100 doors. Each door will usually be guarded by a lock, a puzzle, or an unexpected challenge. Some doors, however, will be eerily unguarded, and as you progress through the game, you’ll learn to keep your own guard up since these ‘free’ doors usually harbor the most horrific jumpscares. Try your best not to scream as you try to complete all 100 doors. 

2 – 85 Level Escape Room

fortnite creative escape room 85 map
Image via Wishbone 45
  • Code: 8421-9463-3025

If you’re looking to put your critical thinking to the test, then the 85 Level Escape Room is perfect for you as it offers up to 85 distinctive escape mazes and courses. In order to make it through this seemingly infinite escape room, you’ll have to solve puzzles, demonstrate your parkour skills, and maintain your investigation abilities. 

The theme of the room also changes every 25 levels, so you can spend hours playing without getting bored. Think you have what it takes to escape?

3 – The Journey

Screenshot by N4G Unlocked via (hanseBuilds) YouTube
  • The Journey Map Code: 3080-9566-4160

Take a journey through the Fortnite multiverse as you try to escape the Rift Maze by solving complicated puzzles. Need a helping hand? Don’t worry; invite up to two of your friends into the Escape Room Course and solve the Journeys Puzzles together. 

Your adventure will start off in a secluded dark Forest, where a garden gnome in an abandoned plane crash site will give you a task to complete. After that, you’ll be able to take the rift to the next location, The Hotel. The goal of the game is to progress through all the hotel floors while completing puzzles. Each puzzle will get you to the next floor, so put your IQ to the test and see whether you can reach the final floor.

4 – Backrooms Escape

fortnite creative backrooms escape map
Image via son-of-raceface
  • Code: 0644-4047-0847

Experience the spine-chilling Backrooms maze in this Backrooms Escape mode. Navigate through the haunted corridors and attempt to escape. This casual escape room mode provides a blend of excitement and brainteasers, crafted to offer just the right level of challenge to help you unwind while you play. Beware of the surprises that may lurk behind every turn.

You can either play solo or with up to 20 players to try to escape the backrooms. The backroom themes also change while exploring. Some backrooms will have the default backroom look, while some will have a rainbow-ish look to them. 

5 – Evil Awaits: Haunted Escape

Image via JKR_JULIAN
  • Evil Awaits: Haunted Escape Map Codes: 7962-7507-1539

As the name suggests, this Escape Room is the very opposite of a casual Course. Evil Awaits: Haunted Escape follows a storyline format based on the haunted series made by jkr_julian. Your character must escape from various haunted locations, like schools, graveyards, and pools. 

Beware as you tread through the Haunted Escape Room. If the game’s location doesn’t send chills through your spine, its eerie flickering lights, the unexpected scribbles on the wall, and disappearing ghouls surely will. Navigate your way through the never-ending corridors and solve the Room’s complex puzzles if you want to come out the other end safely.

6 – Claustrophobia

Image via SUNDAYCW
  • Escape Room: Claustrophobia Map Code: 8907-1015-4245

This Escape Room plays out as a Prison Escape. It’s different from most other Escape Rooms Courses you’ll come across in the Fortnite space since you have to prioritize stealth and not getting spotted by the armed guards (Who will most definitely shoot you if you end up on their radar). 

Test your mettle by trying to evade the prison guard. You’ll have to be incredibly stealthy since they’ll constantly look out for prisoners who step out of line. You can solve puzzles, rattle other prisoners to keep the heat off your tracks, and eventually captain a full-fledged prison breakout!

7 – Duo Escape-Run & Boss Fight

fortnite creative duo escape run and boss fight map
Image via qtuiii
  • Code: 7892-8425-1263

If you prefer playing escape rooms with a buddy, then the Duo Escape-Run & Boss Fight map is perfect for you. You can team up with a friend and tackle the course together, working collaboratively to overcome the various obstacles and puzzles that lie ahead. The starting levels are easier, and as you progress, the difficulty increases. 

Most puzzles include parkouring, while some will require you to work together to succeed. Ultimately, you and your partner will have to face off against the boss and defeat him in order to win the game.

Bonus: The Hospital Horror Escape Room

Fortnite promo image for The Hospital creative map
Image via 2xvoid
  • Code: 6595-8752-4901

This map, created by 2xvoid, is a blend of horror and an escape room. It has multiple levels that require some serious brainpower, you cannot just force your way here. Add some good jumpscare to the mix and you’re in for a treat.

Fortnite creators can get amazingly imaginative with their creations, and you’ll be surprised at the intricate detail and effort involved in their creations.

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