Will Modern Warfare 3 Beta Progress Carry Over to Release?

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Are you trying to figure out if your progress will carry over from Modern Warfare 3 Beta to the full release? This article will explain everything that you need to know.

In anticipation of the full release of Modern Warfare 3, some fortunate players will have a chance to play the Open Beta. This will let them try out the game before others, testing the game’s features like killstreaks, as well as the new maps and weapons. As is tradition, playing the game lets players level up which unlocks further features and perks. However, the question is posed – will all this hard-earned progress transfer over to the full release? Let’s find out.

Will the progress carry over from Modern Warfare 3 Beta to MW3 release?

In short, no, progress from the Modern Warfare 3 Beta will not carry over once the game is released. You might feel dejected that this is the case, but it is only fair to all the new players. This will provide a level playing field for everyone once Modern Warfare 3 fully releases later this year. 

During the Beta, players will be able to reach level 20 during the first weekend of testing, and up to level 30 during the second Beta weekend. But all that progress will be reverted back to the beginning upon the game’s launch.

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Are there any perks for playing the MW3 Beta?

While progression features and levels won’t carry over from the Beta, players will still be able to show off their participation. There are a few rewards that Beta players will be able to unlock on their accounts. This includes:

  • Reach Level 2: Appetite: Whet animated emblem
  • Reach Level 7: Operation Beta charm
  • Reach Level 9: Beta Tester calling card
  • Reach Level 11: MW3 Beta sticker
  • Reach Level 16: Did the Beta large decal
  • Reach Level 20: Beta Ripper weapon blueprint
  • Reach Level 25: Beta Proof weapon sticker
  • Reach Level 30: Tester Jabber operator skin

This way, players will at least be able to show off something for participating in the Beta weekends. The farther you get, the more rewards you’ll unlock for your account once the game launches.

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