Does Modern Warfare 3 Have Controller Support On PC?

Captain Price on the move in Modern Warfare 3.

You are stoked that Modern Warfare 3 is all set to be rolled out next month, but you’re musing if the game will have controller support on PC? It’s a good thing you came across this page for we have the answer that you’re looking for.

Modern Warfare 3 is just around the corner and Call of Duty fans can’t wait to finally get their hands on the reboot sequel and its highly-anticipated single-player campaign and multiplayer modes. As the upcoming game will be deemed playable on both consoles and PCs, some gamers want to know if the franchise’s latest first-person shooter will have controller support for the latter platform. Naturally, controllers are supported on Xbox and PlayStation, so let’s see if the same goes for the PC game version.

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Will Modern Warfare 3 Feature PC Controller Support?

As of writing, nothing has been confirmed by Infinity Ward and the publisher that MW3 will have controller support for PC. However, if its predecessor, MW2 is anything to go by, there is a possibility that the upcoming high-profile reboot sequel will have such a feature by default.

Provided that it does, you can just go ahead and plug in your gamepad of choice, head over to the Settings menu, and make some tweaks on the Aiming Input Device. You can now play the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 using a controller while playing on PC, along with the keyboard and mouse.

How Much Storage Space Will MW3 Eat Up on Consoles?

Another thing worth noting is that since it is a Call of Duty game, expect that this latest installment will be gobbling up some massive storage space on whichever game machine you’re on. You will have to allocate around 140GB of storage space for Modern Warfare III, just to begin with. With that in mind, if your console is already filled to the brim with data, you better free up and save some space for this data muncher of a game.

So the possibility of MW3 having controller support for the PC version of the game is high, you might want to check other MW3-related topics here, Will Modern Warfare 3 Have DMZ, Modern Warfare 3 System Requirements, and Is Nuketown in Modern Warfare 3.


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