Modern Warfare 3: What Is Cutthroat Mode?

Soldiers engaged in battle in Modern Warfare 3.

Are you one of those players who want to know what is Modern Warfare 3’s Cutthroat mode? You’re in luck for we will provide you with details on how it works.

Players are counting down the days before Modern Warfare 3 is finally available to its fandom. Its playerbase was given a taste of what they will be getting into once the reboot sequel drops through its beta. It was also during the beta phase that they came across the Cutthroat game mode as this has piqued their interest. Cutthroat will be introduced in MW3 once it goes live. To that end, you can refer below to learn more about this upcoming game mode.

What is Cutthroat mode in Modern Warfare 3?

Cutthroat mode is a 3v3v3 mode akin to another mode known as Gunfight. Further, they also learned that there are a couple of ways to be deemed as the victor in the game:

  • Eliminating all of your opponents
  • Capturing the flag when the allotted time runs out.

The goals are fairly simple. But there are a few more things to remember with the upcoming game mode:

  • If you get eliminated during the round, you must wait for another round to respawn.
  • Your loadouts can be used here.
  • If the above-mentioned win conditions are not met, the winner is determined by the amount of health left.
  • Win three rounds and you win the match.

This new game mode won’t be complete without maps to play on.

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Cutthroat maps

It was also revealed during MW3’s beta test that the aforementioned game mode will arrive with three maps namely Skidrow, Favela, and Estate. It’s worth noting that these maps are small as this goes without saying that players should expect a quick and fierce match. Also, familiarizing yourself with these maps will certainly increase your chances of winning a match in Cutthroat.

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