Helldivers 2 Players Are Trying to Beat the Clock on Wasat MO

Helldivers 2 player standing behind an Emancipator Exosuit

After several Major Orders revolving around Terminids, players are finally fighting some Automatons in the current one. In order to complete the objective of liberating Wasat, players had to clear the way to the planet. It took a while, but now, the Helldivers 2 players have finally arrived on Wasat and they have a day to complete the MO.

Helldivers feel Wasat Liberation is so Near, yet so Far

A Redditor, Striking_Ad8763, said: “When the MO arrived, I was under the impression we would fail it because 1. A good majority hate fighting against bots, 2. lack of info to give a strategic plan to proceed with the MO (in-game), and 3. Just The amount of time we were given”. They added: “But with how things have been going and the quick progress everyone has been making, I’m very proud of all of you Helldivers. Now I truly believe we will win this MO and this Galatic War”.

At the time of writing this article, dedicated players have liberated around 30% of Wasat. At this rate, the players will liberate the planet well before the time runs out. Several fans pointed out that with the weekend over, the rate is bound to drop a little. DuncanConnell offered some encouraging statistics on previous rates. They said: “Not necessarily. During Meridia, the rate was almost consistently +6%/hr from the start at -10%/hr all the way down until the bugs dropped to -0.5%/hr”.

Helldivers 2 planet Wasat liberation percentage
Image via N4G Unlocked

Players Fear an Unforeseen Problem Will Sink the Major Order

Unfortunately, as always, there’s a twist. Arbiter117343 said: “I wonder what’s gonna happen if they take Ustotu before we take Wasat. Better we beat them to it. We still have time”. This statement confused a lot of fans, what does Ustotu have to do with Wasat?

Another player, rukysgreambamf, explained: “If Ustotu’s defense fails, then we will have no direct supply lines to the Wezen-Vega Bay-Wasat Line. Those three planets will be completely cut off from Super Earth and behind enemy lines”. They added: “In the past, Twinbeard [a Community Manager] has said if we isolated planets from the enemy through similar encirclement that they would all be taken. I believe this was even done manually in the “liberate 10 planets” MO a while back”.

One fan, everatz, calculated: “We’ll lose Ustotu in 8 hours at the current rate. At the current rate we’ll win Wasat in a day. We lose Ustotu, our path to Wasat is closed off”. Very grim calculations. Now, players are left in a dilemma. Should they focus their efforts on liberating Wasat, or should some of them go on Ustotuand hold off the enemies? What do you think?

We’d suggest focusing all efforts on Wasat. Sure, the players had overseen Ustotu, but they liberated Wezen and Vega Bay in order to arrive on Wasat. Surely that was enough. Joel wouldn’t treat us that terribly, would he? We hope not! For all Helldivers 2 players who have some free time, jump over to Wasat and help your fellow soldiers complete this MO as soon as possible. For freedom!


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