Some Helldivers 2 Patches Ruin the Game for Devoted Players

Helldivers 2 screenshot of tutorial ending

Over the last couple of months, there have been several Helldivers 2 patches. Players agree that some of the changes made are completely unnecessary. They go as far as saying the modifications are ruining the game for them.

Helldivers Unify Against Nerfs

With every new patch, the trend of weapon nerfs continues, causing the players to question their dedication. Another effect of their dissatisfaction is the obvious shift in the community, disgruntled players are leaving poor reviews and ranting online. Gamers are comparing their recent experiences to those before, explaining how much the game has changed, even calling it ”unplayable”.

A Reddit user, named Overwatch-is-TRASH, said: ”Before the Devs nerfed the Railgun I swear it was the most positive community I’ve seen. I hope we’ll see those times again. It only soured slowly after the Railgun Nerf, then again with the Slugger+Arc Thrower Nerf, and now the Eruptor nerf”. The Railgun nerf seems to represent the foundation of many players’ frustrations.

Another player, called SnooCookies6195, explained: ”So I’ve been playing on Helldive since the railgun was viable, and I probably play about 2-3 hours a day. And I swear every week it feels like an entirely different game, it’s just so many changes I feel like it’s starting to lose its identity. The game has been getting harder and harder, but in a way that’s just straight-up unfair”.

Helldivers 2 image of the Railgun Stragetem
Image via N4G Unlocked

Another source of annoyance is increased levels of spawns and patrols. Konseq noticed: ”Helldive has definitely become harder, no matter whether bots or bugs, so it is not just lore-related.

Spawns and patrols are through the roof now. It is still possible to successfully extract from Helldive missions, but there are so many enemies it is often virtually impossible to get back (solo) to dropped samples towards the end of the missions”.

Several other players noticed the increase in the number of Bile Titans. Jbarney3699 explained this phenomenon: ”Terminid spawns are up, seeing the termicide storyline”. So, remember that some alterations have an actual reasoning behind them.

Expectations For Future Patches of Helldivers 2

Some Helldivers 2 players don’t mind the patches. One of them, porkforpigs said: ”I’ve been playing almost daily since launch and it feels fine to me, to be honest. I disagree with some of the balancing done and it has its issues but it’s been consistent enough to be a blast”. Many agreed with him, showing once again that you can’t make everyone happy.

The developers are tasked with finding the balance, and hopefully, they will make some buffs to please their less-than-satisfied players. We’ll test it out when the next patch arrives. According to the OP, the developers should follow the old saying: ”…if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.


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