Genshin Impact Error Codes 9107, 9906, 9908, 9006 and 9910 “Failed to Download Resource Files or Network Error” Fixes

The character Paimon from Genshin Impact waving.

Genshin Impact has been a huge influence on the MMO genre, mixing gacha gaming with the ability to play on both mobile and consoles. Many gamers will have heard of the game and may want to give it a try. Still, for those unlucky players out there, even the first download of the game can be beset by an error code.

Most players will be able to download the game with no problem, but that isn’t always the case. Some of the more common Error Codes are 9107, 9906, 9908, 9006, and 9910, or the failed to download resource files or network error codes. This guide will walk players through some easy fixes for these error codes so that they can download and play Genshin Impact without frustration.

How Do You Fix Genshin Impact Error Codes 107, 9906, 9908, 9006, and 9910?

Error Codes 9107, 9906, 9908, 9006, and 9910 may be fixed by relaunching the game. If this doesn’t fix the issue, players should uninstall the Genshin Impact launcher, delete the game installation package, and then redownload the game.

Error Codes 9107, 9906, 9908, 9006, and 9910 all stem from a connection issue. While the developers haven’t confirmed if the issue is caused by the player’s connection or a server-side issue, the fix is the same. Relaunching the game should give it another try to establish a secure connection. If it still fails, even if players know that their connection is stable, redownloading the game is the only option.

Many players will be wanting to play the game thanks to the release of patch 3.6, called A Parade of Providence, so it can be disheartening for a player to hear that they’ll have to redownload the whole game. While it can be a pain to redownload the game, the fix at least requires very little work on the player’s side. Given that all the player’s profile info is saved on the Genshin Impact servers, there’s no danger of losing any data.

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