Fortnite How to Get and Use Ride the Lightning

Fortnite nre Ride the Lightning Weapon

A new Mythic item has been added with the latest Patch. Read this article to see how to get and use Ride the Lightning in Fortnite.

There is no shortage of quirky items in Fortnite. From throwable goldfish to grenades that make you dance, hardly anything is serious in Epic Games’ popular shooter. And now, with the latest collab, a new rockin’ item has joined the fray. Keep reading to see how to get and use the Ride the Lightning guitar in Fortnite.

How to Get Ride the Lightning in Fortnite

Ride the Lightning Guitar is a Mythic item in Fortnite, added with the Fortnite x Metallica collab. You can find them in set locations, on major POIs. You will see a guitar stand with a blue electric guitar on it. The POIs in question are: 

  • Lavish Lair
  • Reckless Railways
  • Grand Glacier
  • Restored Reels
  • Nitrodrome
  • Mount Olympus
  • Brutal Beachhead
  • Cliffside Lodge

And that is not all. Even though small, there is a chance that you may find the guitar as ground loot, or inside a chest. 

But, one more location where Ride the Lightning is guaranteed is the new Metallica Loot Island. If you claim the island, you will get Ride the Lightning, along with some other loot.

Fortnite new Metallica loot island
Image via Epic Games

Fortnite: How to Use Ride the Lightning

Once you find and equip this item, using it will send you up to the sky, like a lightning bolt. It leaves a trail on the ground, where your teammates can join in. 

Once up in the sky, you will move around three times, represented by three “boxes” where your crosshair is. The timer will automatically start and after each 2-second interval, you will fly in any direction you are facing. On the third and final “jump”, you will slam down into the ground, dealing damage to anything near your landing point. You will have very limited control over the last one, so a little practice is needed before you get the hang of it.

Ride the Lightning is an awesome utility item, besides being a way to damage your opponents. You (and your team) can use it to traverse long distances in seconds or to reach some very high places before your opponents do. Truly a versatile item, if there ever was one.


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