How To Get Candy In Fortnitemares 2023

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Fortnitemares is here and we’re about to go trick-or-treating for some candy. There are many ways we can go about it so come and check out how to get Candy in Fortnitemares 2023.

Fortnitemares is Fortnite’s annual Halloween-themed event. It comes with many new Outfits, cosmetics, some game modes, and collectibles. This time it’s no different. Some of the Collectibles for this event are Candy. So let’s see how can we find them and what good are they (apart from the obvious dopamine rush and a dentist bill)

Where To Find Candy in Fortnitemares 2023

Candy is super easy to find and you have multiple ways of doing it. The most common way is to find and interact with Candy buckets and pumpkins. If you are in an area with houses, the second best is to ring doorbells. Trick-or-treating is still a thing. Speaking of, if you happen to get the Trick or Treat Augment it instantly grants you Candy, awards more when you eliminate a player, and replenishes your shields when you consume some Candy. And finally, you get a bunch of Candy when you eliminate Guards and defeat Bosses.

What Are The Effects Of Candy?

This year we get four different types of Candy, and each grants a different bonus:

Candy Cornheals 1 Health per second, for 10 seconds.
Jelly Beangives 10 Shield
Pepper Mintheals 5 Health and increases movement speed for 1 minute (Pepper Effect)
Hop Dropheals 5 Health and temporarily lowers the player’s gravity
Candy Effects in Fortnite
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So there you have it, this year’s Fortnitemares Candy, where to find them and what they do. We hope this helps you out in your games and for more articles about Fortnitemares 2023 check out How To Play Horde Rush and Map Codes in Fortnitemares 2023, How To Get Alan Wake Skin In Fortnitemares 2023, and Fortnitemares 2023 – How To Get Jack Skellington Skin


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