How to Get Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley – Questline Overview

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Trying to figure out how to get Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley? You’re not alone. We’ll walk you through this beloved character’s quest so you can invite him to stay in town.

You’ll meet a long list of fan-favorite characters as you make progress in Disney Dreamlight Valley. During your time spent playing, you’ll be tasked with completing a variety of quests to help out those found in the Valley and within their Realms. Oftentimes, this will allow you to invite characters to take up residence nearby. Stitch, the lovable blue alien, presents a slightly different case. You’re going to need to devote some time to completing his questline, as each installment is time-locked during your playthrough. Here’s how to get Stitch to move into your village in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Invite Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Unlike other characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley, Stitch can’t be found in a specific realm or area that can be unlocked. Rather, this mischievous little guy arrives on his own terms, stealing socks along the way. To get him to stay for good, you’ll need to follow a series of quests, which involves locating the missing garments. Here’s a rundown of the lost socks.

  • Slimy Stocking Sock
  • Chewed-Up Sock
  • Knitted Orange Sock
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Finding the Slimy Stocking Sock

The Slimy Stocking Sock is found on Dazzle Beach during the Mystery of the Stolen Socks quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Unfortunately, this item doesn’t have a fixed spawn location. That means you’ll need to scour the shoreline until you manage to find this particularly unsightly piece of clothing, marked by glittering gold sparkles in the sand.

Once you have it, you’ll then need to return it to Donald Duck. This will trigger the second part of the mini-quest, which requires you to clean up some trash in Donald’s house. After you’ve cleared five piles, you’ll find a Strange Device. This will end the first part of the questline, but you’ll have to wait five days in real-time to get started on the next mission.

Finding the Chewed-Up Sock

Following the return of the first sock, the second will appear in the Peaceful Meadow, initiating the Sock-Stealing Space Alien Strikes Again quest. Like the first item, the Chewed-Up Sock doesn’t have a totally fixed location. You’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for gold sparkles on the ground as you search the meadow for the missing garment.

Once you manage to find the lost sock, take it back to Goofy. Again, this will trigger the second half of the mini-quest, during which you’ll need to clean trash out of his house. With five piles cleared, you’ll uncover some Blue Fur.

To wrap this one up, you’ll have to report your findings to Donald Duck. Wait another five days after doing this to start searching for the final lost item.

Finding the Knitted Orange Sock

The final part of Stitch’s questline is called Built to Destroy. Head over to the Forest of Valor to seek out the Knitted Orange Sock, the last of the missing bunch. Keep an eye out for gold sparkles on the ground to pinpoint the item’s location.

With the missing sock in hand, you’ll then need to take it to Merlin. As with the previous two mini-quests, you’ll need to get some cleaning done for the talented wizard. Clear five piles of trash in his home to unveil a Mysterious Claw.

Once more, you’ll need to report your findings to Donald Duck. At this point, the Strange Device that you found during the first portion of the questline has been completed. Now, you’ll need to place a homing beacon for the pesky blue alien to find.

Bringing Stitch Home

To complete this final task, head to Dazzle Beach and make way for Skull Rock. This is located on a small island in the southeast corner of the beach. There, open your furniture inventory to place the beacon. This will trigger Stitch to crash into the island.

With the culprit in attendance, you can finally talk to him. When you do this, you can then head back to Donald Duck to discuss setting up a house for Stitch in the Valley. Pay Scrooge McDuck a sum of 10,000 Star Coins to build a house for your new resident, then place it wherever you’d like to welcome Stitch to the village.

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