Disney Dreamlight Valley Adds Premium Shop

Donald Duck stands on the left side of the picture, obviously wondering what to do. A spaceship is crashlanded in front of him, and the player character of Disney Dreamlight Valley stands to the side, also puzzled.

Disney Dreamlight Valley players can finally spend their hard-earned moonstones on items to decorate their homes in the valley. The rollout is beginning slowly but is already alleviating the limited use of moonstones. Moonstones are earned from blue chests and spent through the star path, but there wasn’t anything else players could do with it.

More Disney Dreamlight Valley Moonstones coming

The new Premium Shop is included in the Disney Dreamlight Valley update on Feb. 16, and has also come with another way to get Moonstones. The blue chests that normally only gave 10 Moonstones now give 50. Instead of spending it on the Star Path, players can soon spend it on clothing and furniture. Players have eagerly awaited this addition to the game, and it appears that it will only continue to cycle through inventory in the weeks to come.

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As a result of this newly formed competition, Scrooge McDuck will provide more items due to a shipment arriving with the update. The premium shop and Scrooge will receive regular updates to compete for the player’s currency. Scrooge will still take Coins instead of Moonstones, so there is no need to choose between the two, but it’s still nice to see his business sense has not faded.

Despite this being a good update, it’s not unreasonable to assume that players will eventually be able to purchase new Moonstones in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Normally, a Premium Store allows users to purchase the premium currency, in this case, Moonstones. Although this has not been announced, it wouldn’t be surprising to see it happen.

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