Diablo 4 How to Get Ebonpiercer

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More and more Uniques can only make the game better and increase the variety of effective builds. Read this article to see how to get Ebonpiercer in Diablo 4, a special amulet for Necromancers.

Each Season in Diablo 4 adds new mechanics, improvements, and usually a couple of new Unique Items, and Loot Reborn is no different. Season 4 added a new Uber Unique, and a regular Unique item for each Class. Necromancers got an amulet called Ebonpiercer, so let’s see how to get it in Diablo 4, and what its stats are.

How to Get Ebonpiercer in Diablo 4

Ebonpiercer is a new Unique item and it will only drop on World Tier 3 and 4, so first make sure that you are in the appropriate Tier. After that, Ebonpiercer drops like any other Unique item. You can get it by chance or you can target farm a specific Boss.

For the highest chance to get Ebonpiercer, you should summon and defeat Grigoire, the Galvanic Saint. This Uber Boss is summoned by gathering Living Steel and bringing them to the Hall of the Penitent. You can also summon Tormented Grigoire, who has increased drop rates, but that requires even more Living Steel (25 to be exact) and three Stygian Stones.

Diablo 4 Season 2 Grigoire the Galvanic Saint
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Other than target farming, you can get Ebonpiercer as a lucky random drop from high-level enemies or in Nightmare Dungeons. Legion events, World Bosses, and Helltide chests also have a chance to drop Uniques, so be sure to check them out as much as you can.

Ebonpiercer Stats

Ebonpiercer is a Unique Amulet for the Necromancer Class. It increases your Resistances and movement speed, but it mostly focuses on inflicting Shadow damage.

  • Item Level: 925
  • Ancestral Unique Amulet.
  • +25.0% Resistance to All Elements.
  • +[10.5-17.5]% Movement Speed.
  • +[12.5-19.5]% Shadow Damage Over Time.
  • [5.0-12.0]% Damage Reduction from Shadow Damage over Time-Affected Enemies.
  • [9.5-16.5]% Essence Cost Reduction.
  • Blight also shoots four smaller projectiles that pierce enemies and deal X Shadow damage over three seconds (Necromancer only).

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