Baldur’s Gate 3 – How To Leave the Selunite Outpost and Unlock The Gate

Baldur's Gate 3 How to leave the Selunite Outpost

Have you been playing Baldur’s Gate 3 and found yourself in Selunite Outpost, wondering how to open the gate and leave? This location will be among the players’ first tastes of the Underdark in the game, the Selunite Outpost is near the Selune’s Temple, within the Goblin Camp. After desecrating the Selune Temple, the Goblins could never figure out how to solve the Defiled Temple Puzzle and access the Selunite Outpost, so you won’t be facing any Goblins around here.

Leaving the outpost will be pretty tricky, as you will encounter a big locked iron gate with ominous lights. Moreover, there seem to be traps outside, a moon puzzle and the gate itself has no keys and can’t be lockpicked. Rest easy, we’ll explain how you can leave the Selunite Outpost to explore the depths.

How To Unlock The Gate To Leave Selunite Outpost in Baldur’s Gate 3

After you find all the loot, you’ll want to look for a way to press on further into the Underdark. A big iron gate is standing in your way, with a large imposing statue of Selune behind your back. To leave the Selunite Outpost, first, shoot the crystal on top of the statue to disarm the trap. Then pull the lever on the right side of the gate to open it. Let’s explain everything in detail.

Opening the gate is the easiest part. There is a lever located behind the candelabra on the right-hand side of the gate. Pulling it will open the portcullis. However, don’t do that just yet.

The key to leaving is in the statue of Selune in the middle of the Outpost. More precisely, it’s above it. That is because if you try to leave, the statue’s power will trigger a trap that will obliterate your party in short order.

Baldur's Gate 3 How to leave the Selunite Outpost
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To disarm and power down the trap, pull your camera as far up as you can. You will notice a crystal on the top of Selune’s staff. This is the source of the trap’s power. Use a ranged weapon to shoot it down, and the trap will power down and disengage.

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Tips Before Leaving Selunite Outpost

Most obviously, make sure to scour the place to get everything you can. There is an illusory wall on the right-side upper level. Here you can get a few magical goodies from the chests. But you will need a successful Perception check to locate it.

There is also a broken piece of iron fence on the left side of the entrance you came from. You can jump down the rocks and mushrooms, but be wary. Nearby you’ll see a host of petrified drow, guarded by a Spectator. This is a type of Beholder, which can sic some of the drow at you, in addition to its formidable power. If you stay on this route after combat, you will be able to make your way towards the Arcane Tower.

Second, before disarming the trap and opening the gate, you can use it to your advantage. Climb up to the parapet above the gate to trigger an attack of a raging Minotaur. It’s already injured but will charge the locked gate nonetheless. Selune’s trap will make short work of it and you’ll be safe to leave.

With the monster slain, you can safely disarm the trap, pull the lever, and be off on your merry way. The dangerous, yet vibrant realm of the Underdark awaits. You’ll have a chance to do quests for Myconids and reach Grymforge and the Adamantine Forge hidden within. Meanwhile, read up on How to leave camp in Baldur’s Gate 3, Is Baldur’s Gate 3 Turn-Based, How to Get to Moonrise Towers, How To Turn Off Arcane Turrets and How To Free Shadowheart.

How To Pass Selunite Outpost – FAQ

Do I need to pass the Selunite Outpost to complete the main story?

No, you don’t need to pass the Selunite Outpost to complete the main story. But the outpost is one of the ways to enter into the Underdark, which leads to Act 2.


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