Non-Lethal Damage in Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Knock Someone Out

Mind Flayer holds main character in Baldur's Gate 3

Want to learn how to knock someone out without killing them in Baldur’s Gate 3? No problem. Stick around for more on how you can use non-lethal attacks in the game.

Like the cult classic tabletop game on which it’s based, Baldur’s Gate 3 tasks you with brainstorming the best strategy to ensure the survival of your party on your adventure in the fantastical world of Faerûn. From your own character’s build to the unique strengths of your companions, every detail counts by placing you at either an advantage or disadvantage. While these mechanics of the RPG title function just the same as those popularized in Dungeons & Dragons, you’ll find other features like knocking characters unconscious (as opposed to killing them off) can be just as helpful to utilize in the game, as they can maximize your opportunities for quests and rewards later on. Here’s how it works.

Guide to Knock Someone Out in Baldur’s Gate 3

To knock someone out in Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll need to land non-lethal attacks while either unarmed or using a melee weapon. Moreover, you’ll first need to toggle non-lethal attacks to use this mechanic in the game.

In this way, you can deal just enough damage to knock your opponents unconscious, both sparing their lives and removing the threat of harm. Not to mention, you’ll be able to loot them much more easily and have access to any additional quests they may offer somewhere down the line. However, this action cannot be performed on the Undead or Constructs.

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How to Toggle Non-Lethal Attacks

You can toggle non-lethal attacks from the Passive menu at the bottom hotbar on your screen in Baldur’s Gate 3. From the open menu, simply select Non-Lethal and toggle the option On. Once activated, each of your party members will be able to knock enemies unconscious until the mechanic is toggled off. Be sure to confirm the mechanic is appropriately set before entering combat again.

When to Knock Someone Unconscious

It’s ultimately up to you to decide when to knock someone out in Baldur’s Gate 3, as the mechanic is more or less just another way to follow your own moral compass. Knocking someone out can help you bypass combat, while killing off your enemies provides you with significant experience, which is needed to level up. However, ending an enemy’s life also eliminates potential questlines related to the character you’ve killed, balancing the pros and cons between the two options. In all, you should carefully consider whether to spare or end an enemy’s life in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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