Is Alan Wake 2 On Switch?

Saga Anderson doing some investigation inside a cafeteria in Alan Wake 2.

Are you a proud owner of Nintendo’s famed gaming handheld and want to know if Alan Wake 2 is playable on Switch? If this question’s been bugging you for a while now, you can refer to this page to finally find the answer.

Prior to its launch, Alan Wake 2 had intrigued players as to what happened to its titular protagonist. Now that it’s finally been released, it has been receiving rave reviews from various gaming pundits as this got more players wanting to own a copy of it. This includes players on the Nintendo Switch as they are itching to know if they can play Alan Wake 2 on their hybrid console.

Can you play Alan Wake 2 on a Nintendo Switch?

Sorry Switch players, but the answer’s no. Game developer Remedy Entertainment highlighted that Alan Wake 2 will only be available on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5. Further, there is no confirmation from the game maker that they’d be releasing such a version of the sequel. This is due to the devs wanting to optimize the full potential of the current-generation consoles. For that reason, it isn’t likely that Alan Wake 2 will make its way to Nintendo Switch, and the console is certainly showing its age.

This can be frustrating for all Alan Wake fans on Switch. Nonetheless, there’s always the remastered version of the first game that they can always turn to. Despite the power of the above-mentioned platforms, some players still encountered minor hiccups while playing the game. Some of the usual issues that players encounter include map navigation and occasional crashes, especially on the PC. With that in mind, Remedy would likely roll out patches in the future to address these issues.

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