Does Alan Wake 2 Have Denuvo?

Alan Wake still trapped in an alternate world in Alan Wake 2.

You’re all hyped that Alan Wake 2 is nearing its official release, but want to know if it has Denuvo? You can refer to this piece to get the info that you need.

The story of Alan Wake continues with Alan Wake 2 and just like the original game, the sequel will feature its signature blend of horror, mystery, and action. In line with this, a new character – Saga Anderson has been introduced making the lines between fiction and reality a whole lot thinner.

There’s no denying the huge time gap between both the original and the upcoming sequel. Further, huge technological advances in terms of gameplay and features are to be expected from it. With those mentioned, players are wondering whether the upcoming game will be protected with the program known as Denuvo.

Alan Wake Remastered
  • Intense combat, where it takes more than bullets to banish the darkness
  • Weaken ‘The Taken’ with light before finishing them for good
  • Use lights in the environment as islands of safety in a world where darkness is deadly
  • Find manuscript pages from a novel Wake does not remember writing
  • Travel through a visually stunning and terrifying version of the Pacific Northwest, with newly remastered visual fidelity bringing a classic game to new platforms and players

Will Alan Wake 2 be Denuvo-Infused?

As of writing, its game developer Remedy Entertainment has yet to confirm if Alan Wake 2 will be added to Denuvo. Looking into its history of creating games, it is believed that the devs won’t be infusing it with such a program.

Be reminded, though that the game has Epic Games for its publisher. Additionally, since Alan Wake 2 is an Epic Games Store exclusive, there’s a possibility that it could be infused with the aforementioned program. With that in mind, there’s a 50-50 chance for this scenario. All this will be answered come launch day on October 27.

What is Denuvo?

For those unaware, Denuvo is a digital rights management and anti-tamper system devised by a Sazburg-based firm, Denuvo Software Solutions. Such a system was developed with the sole purpose of safeguarding games and software from being illegally reproduced and distributed.

It is proven effective in warding off digital pirates from copying newly released titles. However, some gamers claim that it has negatively affected their gameplay experience, not to mention the technical glitches that they encounter.

While it’s not yet known if Alan Wake 2 will be added with Denuvo, you can check out other topics about the upcoming sequel, Is Alan Wake 2 Open World?, Is Alan Wake 2 Multiplayer?, Is Alan Wake 2 Deluxe Edition Worth It?


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