Is Alan Wake 2 On Steam?

a character walking in dark with cloak on in Alan Wake 2.

The sequel to 2010’s Alan Wake is just around the corner and you are musing about whether it will be available on Steam. Need not fret because we got you covered on that.

The long wait of Alan Wake fans is finally over as Remedy Entertainment’s horror-themed game is about to drop its sequel, conveniently named Alan Wake 2. Now that it’s nearing its official release, new and tenured players are planning to purchase the upcoming game and are wondering if it’s already listed on Steam.

Will Alan Wake 2 be on Steam?

Unfortunately, Alan Wake 2 will not be sold on Steam. For those unaware, the game sequel has Epic Games as its publisher, hence, it will be an exclusive title on its game store. Such a setup would likely remain that way since it can be recalled that the remastered iteration of the first game is still not listed on Valve’s famed digital game store.

Is Alan Wake 2 on Steam Deck?

Knowing that the game won’t be available on Steam is indeed frustrating. But will it be playable on a Steam Deck? Well, there is a possibility that it will since players have devised workarounds to play their favorite games from the Epic Games Store on the handheld.

For those unaware, the Steam Deck runs on Linux and through the help of additional apps that can be downloaded through the device (provided that you already exited its gaming mode function), you can now do the above-mentioned.

Is Alan Wake 2 on PC?

Yes. Alan Wake 2 will be available on PC. The upcoming game will also have a PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S version and all of the aforementioned iterations can only be purchased via Epic’s Games Store.

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