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Indie Interview - Winter Wolves on Seasons of the Wolf

55 days 21 hours ago - Techraptor has a chance to sit down with Riva Celso of Winter Wolves, and talk about the recent release of Seasons of the Wolf. | Interview | PC


Tales of Aravorn: Seasons of the Wolf Review | Techraptor

57 days 11 hours ago - Techraptor writes "On the whole, I enjoyed Seasons of the Wolf. I think that its focus on the adventures of a group of friends who forge bonds in c... | Review | PC


To The Green: Graal Seeker | TechRaptor

58 days ago - This week in To The Green, TechRaptor takes a look at the upcoming RPG Graal Seeker which takes place in 5th century Britain. Legendary people, gre... | Preview | PC


To The Green: The Corridor: On Behalf of the Dead | TechRaptor

65 days 8 hours ago - Techraptor writes: "This week, we take a look at an adventure sci-fi horror game that is called The Corridor: On Behalf Of The Dead made by Desktop... | Preview | PC


Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Indie Interview - Nauris on There Was a Caveman

67 days 2 hours ago - TechRaptor had a chance to talk Nauris Amatnieks on his game currently in development There Was a Caveman as well as Steam Greenlight and IndieGoGo | Interview | PC


The DoubleBear Dead State Review Situation

69 days 18 hours ago - TechRaptor's coverage of the Dead State Review Controversy covers everything from the first review, to the comments by the developer and whats been... | Article | Industry


Interview with Gil Woo on Guild of Hunters | TechRaptor

71 days 14 hours ago - Techraptor had the chance to talk with Gil Woo the Lead Art Designer and one of the Game Designers for Ignite Games Guild of Hunters - an action ad... | Interview | PC


To the Green: There Was a Caveman | TechRaptor

72 days 12 hours ago - This week Techraptor's To the Green looks at There Was a Caveman which is on Greenlight and seeking funding on Indiegogo. It is a retro-styled acti... | Preview | PC


Technocrat Seeking Fan Extras for TechnoBabylon

80 days 18 hours ago - Techraptor writes "The upcoming adventure game Technobabylon, created by Technocrat Games, and to be published by Wadjet Eye Games, is looking for... | News | PC


This Week in Kickstarter December 12th

82 days 5 hours ago - Techraptor takes a look at some of the ongoing kickstarters right now in Tech and Gaming. Gaming ones looked at this week are: Guild of Hunters, Kr... | Article | PC


Zoink Game's Zombie Vikings coming in 2015

82 days 22 hours ago - TechRaptor Writes "Have you been craving for some insane hack ‘n slash action full of silly moments and nonsense? Well then… you may have to wait a... | News | PC


To The Green: Queen At Arms | TechRaptor

86 days 13 hours ago - Don Parsons writes "To The Green is a weekly look at one game on Steam Greenlight trying to get onto Steam. Many games get mired in the process try... | Preview | PC


Valkyria Chronicles Review | TechRaptor

87 days 13 hours ago - A tale of war, bigotry, friendship, and the human condition Valkyria Chronicles manages to combine a captivating story with a unique combat system! | Review | PC


Techraptor Interview with Polyknight on InnerSpace

90 days 11 hours ago - Techraptor had a chance to interview Polyknight Games, the studio behind InnerSpace that is currently up on Kickstarter! | Interview | PC


To The Green: Human Extinction Simulator | TechRaptor

92 days 4 hours ago - To The Green is TechRaptor's weekly look at one game currently in Steam Greenlight. This week, it looks at Human Extinction Simulator - a tactical... | Preview | PC


This Week in Kickstarter November 28th

95 days 15 hours ago - Don Parsons for Techraptor takes a look at several Kickstarter games and tech, telling you about them and what he thinks of their chances of gettin... | Article | PC


Dreamfall Chapters - Book 2 Announced

96 days 1 hour ago - Don Parsons writes "Dreamfall Chapters second book has been announced along with a name and a new trailer for it. Rebels, is the name of the second... | News | PC


Last Inua – Arctic 2D Platformer

98 days 21 hours ago - Tech Raptor - 2D platform adventure Last Inua has recently been greenlit on Steam and will be available for Mac and PC this December from publisher... | News | PC


This Week in Kickstarter November 21st

102 days 17 hours ago - Don Parsons writes: "Welcome back to This Week in Kickstarter, where interesting Kickstarters are brought to you by TechRaptor! This week we have t... | Article | PC


Endless Legend - Visions of the Unseen

102 days 22 hours ago - In addition to its Endless Space add-on that is coming out next week, Amplitude Studios has announced that its Fantasy 4x Endless Legend will be ge... | News | PC


Dead or Alive 5: Last Round (XB1) Review

Now - Ken buys too many costumes as Dead or Alive arrives on the new consoles. | Promoted post
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