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Yep.. Dull "we love second rate Indy" announcements

If I want to play bad 2d 80's games, I'll play them in their original state on my console collection.

Indy games are like iPad apps, mainly sh1t, with the odd gem....

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You owned the fanboys!!

I personally love games, whatever platform, but this sad rag of a site is a festering pile of fanboy [email protected]

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It was dullsville, the capital of Dull county

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Sony's offering was boring, and I'm struggling to find anything that xbox showed, so a fail all round...

At least I could have a crafty w**k over Mark Cerny... Mmmmmm.... He is so hot.... I hear his wife has a beard and is called Terry?.!

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You nailed it.

If Sony were so confident, why the attack? Now I know where the fanboys get it from.

F**king saaaaad!!!

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18 disagrees?! So Microsoft haven't been releasing different styled controllers?? Ok, fanboys know best. It must all have been my imagination....

I'm sorry...I do get pleasure out of raising a hoop and watching the fanboys jump through it... Good girls!!

Lolz.. Anyway, bored of you all now....moving on.....

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Ooooh, handbags at thirty paces

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Oh look... Xbox has been doing this for years

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My gaydar goes off every time he opens his mouth....fraud!!! Lolz

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This is by far my most anticipated game of the next gen. Ordering the ultra pack with original KI arcade version...sweeee-eeeeeet!!!!

Just hope that the Madcatz fight stick is a day 1 option!!!

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How was Shadow of the Beast a hardcore classic??

It was a mainstream classic.

Looked good though. I loved the demon smokey things

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Xb1 has the best launch line up for me, but as I said in a previous post, it's early days!

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Fracking sweeeeeeeeeet!!!

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About fracking time. Those memory cards were just plain profiteering!!

Good news. Might buy another vita

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It is arguable that when it came to the games, they came out on top at E3, but that could be subjective.

When it came to PR and spin, then Sony had the upper hand.

Only a fool would discount Microsoft at this stage offence ;0)

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This "Console War" will last for the next 10 years. I think it is a little premature to be deciding a winner just yet.

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I hate football and football games, so not at all excited about this development. Having said that, I was happy with my XB1 pre-order, so still as happy as I was....

I'm hap-hap-hap-hap-happy.... Having a gay old time!!


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The sad life of a fanboy....

It's actually not even funny these people not realise what they sound like??

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LOLZ... Loving that!!

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Is nobody mentioning the "Ultra Edition" that comes with a port of the original arcade KI ! Sweeeeet!!!

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