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I would love it, just to play Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5, but we see what's happening with those games. Remaster the remasters, tired of this practice really.

I'm enjoying all 3 Mass Effect games on my Xbox One without having to purchase them again, every gaming platform needs something like this.

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I just want to play Leaf Green on my Xbox One...

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And just like that, the DOA franchise is not to be taken seriously again.

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I knew what it was when I seen a character name popped up when pointed at, but I was still saying it looked great all the way through. I was speaking with people who had no clue what it was right up until the end, they lost interest when they found out what it was.

People are indeed getting more tired of the name than anything.

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Amazon's price is not good for just gamers, Best Buy offers the same exact thing and more for a lot less. Both give free shipping, both give 20% off new games, Best Buy gives reward certificates and points on top of those.

It's really no contest. Prime is good if you want everything it has to offer, but Best Buy offers the best deal for just gamers.

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It's a good story, I highly dislike the gameplay. Reminds me of Uncharted which is expected, not a fan of the gameplay there either.

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Looks pretty great to me. I wonder will this end some of those faux boycotts of Konami.

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Great detail in the game, great work finding such a thing. Love both efforts.

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Perfect for Warzone in Halo 5, happy to see it happening.

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IGN highlighted the 360 games running worse than the originals.

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Dualshockers is reporting all previous games with gold titles will work as well. I wonder if there's any truth to that.

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The countless hours of social matches with no care for rankings or progression. I lost much sleep and it was all worth it. Except Fuel Depot.

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A question. I know the explosion causes potential damage, so would it really have killed him if he used it again?

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Looks at the replies to that tweet disappoints me. Worrying about the "stigma" of Xbox by the media, can tell who's not even a KI fan.

As a KI player, this is pretty cool to know, the online has always been pretty smooth experience, as close to local play with any fighter I've ever played online. Seems like they went right into this game thinking of online play, it is free to play, so that makes a little sense. I'm hoping for another season.

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He had the huge life lead while the other character had little options. All he had to do was block and let the time run out, he was standing still and blocking to win.

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Kan-Ra does almost no chip damage, he could have just say and waited for that timer to go out. How he managed to get him open was hot, one of the best moments of the weekend.

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Glasses, striped shirt.

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She held to it, expected her too. She's always been one of the celebrities I've admired. She needs to be a character now.

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I predicted Rico coming out on top, he's such a great player and takes the time to learn every character. Happy to see him take it with Fulgore.

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Will be ready for it.

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