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So I couldn't play on like a road trip?

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Well .... That's troubling. Take away the Switch's biggest strength

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@Neondir OG PS NETWORK launch day NOVEMBER 2006 LAUNCHED WITH MORE FEATURES THOUGH. That's what people are upset about. Who cares if it isn't Xbox Live or PSN.

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Alone. Sure fine it's a great deal but in comparison tothe other offerings out there it's severely lacking. You have to acknowledge that fact. Or be blind to it which most people are going with and using the price point excuse

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Can I download movies on Netflix? I'm truly not aware. Like instead of streaming so how does this change anything? Unless you can? The library is vast does this include all titles? I already subscribe to PSNOW so this is huge for me but it lacks the vast library of games I missed from the PS3 Era which you can't deny sucks ATM.

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It's just hard for me to believe anyone is content with the launch of Nintendo Online. Sure it will get better, but a year delay and THIS is what we got? You should expect more from Nintendo, but I'll respect your opinion. Some of the NES titles I'm excited about as well hopefully we receive SNES titles in the future

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They had a year. How long does give it time actually mean? Will we ever get SNES or N64 titles? Ashame this is the state of online Nintendo is content with launching.

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True netfilx of gaming? I still can't download PS3 titles this is HUGE but you're jumping the gun.

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What the f... Are you talking about. I was clearly saying Nintendo will have trophies in 20 years. It was a joke calm down

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I can't tell if y'all are trolling me or just retarded

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What the frick are you on

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Maybe in time in 20 years when Xbox Live and PlayStation Network ZAP you into the THE WIRED at the cost of 100 bucks a year where you ARE your avatar. Nintendo will have actual voice chat with a mic and trophies and cloud saves that don't disappear when my subscription expires. And Nintendo will charge you $60 a year and it will come with 20 free SNES games but still no Mother 3 and Nintendo fans will praise them and tell us it's the best offer in gaming and that we should ...

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If it's handled like Halo 5 guardians I'm ok with that.

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Does anyone care at this point? There are better options COD Blackout being one of them in November. Game barely runs on the X they should be ashamed for not focusing on optimizing it on one system before trying to cash grab on another

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Beyond me how anyone can defend this. Regardless of price and using that as an excuse. This service is lacking BASIC features the Xbox 360 and PS3 offered. Delayed for a year? For what? More stability? Just update every month like Sony does lol

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No information other than a target trailer, and a name, and it's trash already. Sounds legit

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The story is so we'll written. Even the portions where you don't play as Spiderman are fun

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I'll give it a shot the first 2 games were amazing imo

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I really don't have time to argue with a child. I'm sorry we're arguing about nothing. Did you really just say us real men? I can't even. Good luck to you


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