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You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.... Whatsoever. Stop

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Less games More desirable! Nintendo logic!!

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I buy Call of Duty games just for the campaign..... Usually never touch the multiplayer. That shouldn't be so unbelievable.

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Why does Microsoft's First Party studios suck so bad?

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Yeah we're not on the same page. I meant that's one example. I've always followed VGCharts over tracking everything. Nice numbers for Kirby but possibly inflated. I'll wait for official numbers from Ninty

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That's one game. I've always seen them as over tracking. Regardless fantastic numbers for Kirby I'm picking it up this week for my son who LOVES THE demo and can beat the demo. And he's only 3!! Reviews are solid as well

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Usually the opposite. They have the Xbox One like 5m over for instance. Still great numbers didn't expect Kirby to push numbers like these. Better than Forza 7 lol

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Man kinda weird not to save this for a stage! Huge monster Hunter fan and zinogre returning! I missed him in Monster Hunter world

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This is a big announcement. Is it an E3 leak?

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After the Nintendo Online details I'm pretty frustrated with Nintendo. They're E3 will be pretty important to me. Animal Crossing can't disappointed and Pokemon Switch should keep me busy if it's a full fledged Pokemon title

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but it still has the Xbox One. branding they need to distance themselves from One. Call it Xbox Two, Xbox 2019, YBox whatever. The Xbox One X is still an Xbox One. I don't see them advertising it as a next generation console

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Seems like it sold basically nothing all of last year. Suprised Microsoft is so willing to stick to this generation. I'd try and usher in the next as soon as possible to get a fresh start. Microsoft has a damaged reputation with developers imo at this point. Definitely going to have to be something more than an underpowered Playstation 4 with no exclusives. Consumers expect more and more

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@Goldby I'd definitely say this was the hardest God of War game and the difficulty definitely ramps up when you get through the trials and Niflheim. Investing in cooldown helped me a lot as I could just run around and spam Runic attacks. The Meteor shower attack wrecks people if you can spam it!

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It's 2018 and in 2017 I'm getting the same service for free. Can't really agree on the price vibe because of what Microsoft and Sony have been offering for damn near a decade. As for the being absolved of responsibility for online incidents,. Can't say I agree with that either.

They could just be extra adamant about online moderation and punishments. You can't fully mitigate rapists and bigots from predatory behavior but they certainly could have set...

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Same I always play on the most difficult. The Valkyrie queen I probably died over 30, 40 times to

Single worst fight in the game. Nothing comes close. Niflheim goes faster though you get more mist echoes based off difficulty.

Platinum acquired now

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One TROPHY AWAY FROM THE PLATINUM! Ax recall becomes especially sexy when you get the epic talisman from the Valkryie that causes explosions on light ax attacks and throws

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You sound like a time traveler

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Over a year delay from launch and they haven't addresses any concerns with the lack of faith in their online capabilities. I expect the bare minimum. And I also expect Smash Bros Switch to be in an unplayable laggy state online as well. Prove me wrong Nintendo

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