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Nintendo could literally sh** in a box and people would spin it as the next big thing. Really excited about the Switchs future. Would love some online network details soon, but this, I'm just not buying this.

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This is so damn true

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Stop drinking the Kool aid. And I'll assume you're interest speaks volumes when you say it's for children. This sounds right up your alley

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Excuse me it's more AR than VR. Regardless it's cardboard and anyone who thinks this is anything but ridiculous has drank too much Kool Aid

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Ok let's stop kidding ourselves this is Definitely Nintendo's sh****** take at VR AND IT IS LAUGHABLE. regardless of who it's aimed at. It's fucking cardboard my dog could chew up and I couldn't even be mad at him

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Can we get some online details please. Been super into my Switch and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 lately

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Me and you both. It was hard af to find Horizon in the Ultimate edition for under 200 bucks I got lucky.

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This is ridiculous.

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Because games get made overnight right

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Something wrong on your end. Game looks insane.

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You answered your own question. I don't have the extra cash to spend on upgradin g my PC. Between my Xbox One X, PS4 Pro and Switch I'm tapped out

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It is a little strange but I bought the ultimate edition of Forza Horizon 3 and haven't even installed it waiting for the patch

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Stable enough not to complain. And also a higher FPS than 30 so why not

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Of course but this is a nice plus too right?

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But the Witcher 3 offers this?? It's a possibility if not a pipe dream

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No 60 fps :(

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You must not understand how the ban system works here. Can't curse, and I don't want you to feel like I was talking to you because I may have treated you a certain way previously. I agree with everything you've said. Just didn't think this was the platform to promote all your gripes.

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I don't give a f*** if you're butthurt because I told you you said something stupid. You said somethin g without sufficient knowledge of what you were talking about which you admitted in your rebuttal to the commentator. And im not coming at you wrong because we know each other and I know who you are as a person. Don't buck up at me just because you're out of the Marine Corps either. I'm not talking to you any different from anyone else. If you've stuck with Xbox ou...

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