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@Phantom yeah I find that hard to believe when you're the minority. I get 300 down. The fact that you said j need better internet tells the whole story .... Smash is the kind of game where any lag is game breaking especially if you play a character that relies on timing like Sonic or Bayonetta. Also it's P2P it doesn't always rely on my "internet" to determine lag or disconnects. Somehow you've connected to GOLDEN 1 GIG down users every match. I find that hard ...

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Some matches are fine. Anything with more than 2 players has a tendency to be a slideshow for me. Hopefully others are having a better experience but it's by no means perfect! Anyone disagreeing is simply a shill. P2P for Smash is unacceptable

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Absolutely no reason. I bought it for Smash and its virtually unplayable.

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Nothing to deny here really

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Hmm. I guess we have to see digital numbers before I can agree.

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Great numbers by WHAT standard? Diablo was definitely advertised well enough. In comparison to what? Vgchartz is not a legitimate source for sales I'll give you that. Hopefully it's closer to 200k-300k. Sales expectations were pretty high for D3 it was widely requested and perfect for the Switch.

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These are not good numbers. Spin it whatever way you wannt. If we want these games on Switch we have to get out and support them. This was definitely a day one for me. Diablo on the go. If you haven't purchased it yet please do so!!

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No. Come on... It's comparing an old smash

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I've been playing nonstop to unlock Mewtwo. World of Light is so addicting. Unlocking spirits and leveling. Is there any doubt this isn't the best Smash Bros yet? Even the balance feels just right

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It came with my VR as a download code. My wife played about 10 min of it the intro was slow from my gathering I'll have to pick it back up. My wife was a fan though!

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Huge believer in the technology after Astro Bot. Need to try Beat Saber still. This looks like another must have. PSVR is silently having a killer 2nd half of the year

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Lol really! That'll probably be what happens. If Obsidian can create games that look this interesting exclusively for Xbox it'll be well worth the pick up.

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Gonna really grind your gears if it's a FANTASTIC game and you can only play the sequel on Windows 10 and Xbox devices

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How do we know this?

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Except fallout 76s execution is horrible try again

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Would it be safe to assume this nuke ending is Canon?

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Or ...... Wait for it....... Wait for it.........


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I have no idea what you're trying to say Eazy. Or what your attempting to get across sorry. I'll agree with the last part near the end I was basically tired of the game and dragging towards the end

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Guarantee I buy more games a year than you so I don't get stuck on one game before moving on. I come back to games and finish them later. As much as everyone is STUPIDLY TRYING TO DEFEND UBISOFTS ACTIONS did he have to spoil the ending? Simple answer is no. The Last of Us 2 comes out next year and if you didn't play the first they didn't reveal the end while showing the trailer for 2. Simple.

No reason to come on stage and shout SO AT THE END OF THE FIRST...

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Hate this .... STUFF is being forced down our throats. Looks like RAGE 2.

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