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Yes I can. It's like the difference between a VCR and a Blu-Ray player. In how it performs and looks.

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@trublu. Them I suggest you take lizardsquad to court to get your money back.

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It is great. It allowed people to try games without spending a dime. This can be good for game sales. But ghostface, you are apparently to blind to realize that. So dumb.

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Only on playstation.

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They don't have to go get anything. They aren't the desperate ones.

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And selling exclusive rights isn't right either. This benefits no one except square.

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Why does old news like this keep popping up? They had a problem at first and now it should be corrected. Never noticed any wear on my launch analogs before I put my covers on.

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Just another slogan stolen from Sony. Just like they said we made a console for gamers by gamers. Funny

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RIP tomb raider.

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People are upset because tomb raider has been on multiple platforms until this. Since it's a not a new ip, people are mad. They will learn just like ea did.

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If true, I'm hoping to hear from truefan1 and georgenoob. Just saying.

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Truefan1. Hi George. This is good news better sales for all games equals more games.

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Did anybody read the part where they quoted sales and said "market research firm VGCharts?" Haha

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Hey look, another one of these articles. Yay!

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@knws all that money Microsoft has that that you tout about and they've been In last place every generation. Sure, MS has a lot of money but it's not all In the gaming division like you believe. Sounds like you want them to buy Sony sony so you can actually play some GOTY games. You're delusional if you think they would take money from other divisions to buy sony which will never happen. Sucks for you. Wow.

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@pshyco and that's the highlight of your life...bragging on n4g about something that will never happen. So sad, so sad. Kinda funny though. What a waste of good oxygen.

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@trufan actually I'm coming back for you when the official numbers release.

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@trufan don't forget about the white ps4 destiny bundles. Add those in.

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@tbone I'm sure the yet it go because they weren't planning on using it. Has nothing to do with money. Try harder

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Exactly ^^^^^^

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