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Yeah, Black Ops 1 didn't work properly for the first month, if not longer. After that, I decided not to get MW3. MW3 was received amazingly for the first two weeks, then the general rush of negativity occurred. This has happened with almost every release after MW1. I'm expecting it to happen with Black Ops 2, just gotta wait a while. If it doesn't, fantastic, a great game was made.

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I'm just curious, were you guaranteed all of the DLC that will ever come out for BF3 or Borderlands 2 when you purchased the season passes? I'd just like to find out what the marketing was like for these season passes, I never researched them because I didn't have the money or time for them, but it's still an interesting thought that these companies may have marketed the season pass in such a way that you thought you'd get all DLC. On the other hand, they may have made it ...

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I doubt it's the dev teams fault, it's probably Capcom themselves who pushed for the bad elements of RE6 ('splosions!), and the dev team who had to go along with it. Either way, Capcom's still going to give them a mouthful of bad words.

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I could never understand how Resistance 2's singleplayer was disliked. I understand gameplay wise, what with the weapon scroll wheel being removed. That limited the gameplay from the get-go, but I found the storyline to be better than the first.

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Lol, Keyboard warrior. He fights for his misguided belief of falsified gaming journalism. Or better yet, in a world...

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Misinterpretation I guess, but I didn't think about the controls being the "floaty driving" cause, rather I thought it was the game's driving mechanics themselves that caused the floaty driving.

Don't worry, I'm with you on the middle-ground thing. I'd also be underwhelmed if GTA V had crud controls.

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I don't think anyone expects a driving simulator in GTA V. While it'd be nice, it's also far fetched to assume that they could possibly implement such detailed driving in the game.

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I commented about how to tell the difference, not which one is better. Some people prefer the graphics of Xbox 360 over PS3 and vice versa, I don't mind either. The differences are minimal at best.

So, I guess, nope to your comment.

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PC has tons of exclusives, a lot more than you apparently think, and a lot of them are equally as good (I won't say better because I enjoy both my PS3 and PC). Dota 2, Total War series, Star Craft 2, Amnesia: The Dark Descent [ I <3 Frictional Games ].

Rockstar games are not the entire gaming industry ;)

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How to tell the difference between comparisons (imo).

Xbox 360: Slightly darker than PS3.
PS3: Slightly lighter than Xbox 360.
Center: If you haven't figured it out before Xbox 360 and PS3, then you will after.

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Interesting view on the matter, never though of it.

I agree, however, it makes sense that most western "journalists" wouldn't understand why the make-up of a Japanese game might differ in construct to a western game (Western or western?).

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I didn't really think the story was doing much for me until the end, then it hit me hard. Very hard. I felt very sad for about 5 minutes while I let the credits roll...

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Ya win some ya lose some. That is the way of N4G. I do find it weird that so many think mobile is for hardcore gaming, but those are opinions and I'm alright with that. I simply have an opposite opinion.

The graphics difference between mobile and handheld (mainly Vita) isn't minimal btw. Far from minimal.

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He had 30 days to design a bug-free UI and then another 30 days to add bug-free features. This is damn near impossible. Cut him some slack, he tried, but given the timeline failed. Vigil had to expect this would happen. It's their fault too.

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I agree, you're not their target audience, and neither am I. When I'm out, I'm not looking to game, I game at home and that's all really. Others are different and like to hardcore game on the bus for 40mins, I need a longer sitdown personally.

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But mobile can't equate to the power of a handheld gaming device. After all, mobile is for social use and on the side gaming, and handheld gaming devices are aimed at gamers where the social features are on the side.

*I wasn't the disagree, I agree somewhat with the rest of your comment*

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Gamers argue that CoD sucks because it has such an influence on the gaming industry that it has skyrocketed the streamlining of video games for casuals (imo). One of the reasons I myself am against CoD is because it supports a lack of innovation in sequels that, last generation, was unheard of. It's made this acceptable today (albeit mainly in FPS because that is what it primarily effects).

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I'm also going to hold off for about a month after release of the new Medal of Honor and Battlefield. Battlefield 3 wasn't what I was expecting.

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And DayZ has been announced as a standalone title, not sure if it's coming out this year or not.

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