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"Pretty hyped for shadow fall ATM."


Morpheus/VR support confirmed. #8
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First person frogger with VR running on the pantyraid engine. #32.1.1
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I'll wait for the review embargo to lift and see if the game is true to its promises and isnt a broken mess. Dont care about scores, just to get an overall impression reading reviews and just filter out the bullshit.

I can't help it, I am really exited. Seems like a GOTY contender to me.
I'm not to worried since these guys aren't gearbox and they appear to be real nice guys and ofc people are extremely wary so they will have to prove themselves if they... #16
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Yeah staying on top in the pc world is expensive, Im planning to go all in with a devils canyon i5, R9 290x, 850W psu, 2x8GB 1866hz cl9 ram, watercooling and a big hybrid drive from seagate. Building a whole new computer from scratch (minus disk drive lol).

Im getting there selling of a lot of old stuff I have laying around, tax returns and little of my savings.

I have a razer key and mouse combo that will do just fine and a cheap 2.1 stereo and some old 1080... #10.11.1
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Cool, Ill buy a 770 right now.

Plug the hdmi in and... wait is it not supposed to work on its own?

Ah I see. I solved it guys, had to call tech support and I get the best performance ever, just stuck it in my pentium 4 rigs pci slot. its flawless no bugs and glitches and it is running like a champ tho I must be draining a lot of power since the 350W psu... *POOf* DAMMIT!

Totally going to uppgrade my T ford with a chevy big block... #10.10
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I wouldn't say bloated, Sony have reserved memory for future updates so that they are sure that any feature they implement will be easy too implement.

I think 3.5 GB is a bit much, I mean ps3 can do quite a lot although the memory footprint have been shrunk down to something like 30-40MB.

We will just have to wait and see. when the smoke clears it may be down to less than 1GB.

But Im glad sony is taking this approach atm, they wouldn'... #12.2
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Bit drastic to say from the ground up, but I agree that ND without doubt will have a pretty thorough port.

For TLOU remaster all assets will be way higher quality, ND will have to rebalance and optimize the fidelity of the assets again, running above the target framerate.
Much higher resolution with new and overhauled effects and just some coding in general needs to be redone.

It is a lot of work actually, but it is just going to be a shiny port. noth... #15.2.1
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I was so immersed and I used the weapons I felt to be most effective for me.
These enemies was so high level, but I wanted to push through and have an amazing battle. I wanted to know what is behind this wall, down this hallway or up on that hill.

To limit the ammo would piss me off a little because I know I can take on some guys who are way higher level than me, at some point it does get ridicoulous but I was a level 6 and I took on level 8-9 guys without major issue... #6.2.5
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I spent hours just exploring and going places in the alpha and being lvl 4-5-6 and coming up against lv9-10+ entities was part of it and it got to a point when I realised though that shooting things twice my level is going to take ages and I went back to doing missions realising that they unlock parts you couldnt actually go too before and enemies would be more balanced towards what I could handle with my current armor and firepower.

I was down in some cellar in russia and I... #6.2.3
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I played the alpha, it is a fun and smooth game I love it, I will get it. I wasn't going to but the alpha won me over completely.
The game is beautiful, it is organic in a way and it has a fantastic artistic direction.

The alpha looked less than stellar technically but that is normal for a pre review build.

They claim they will make changes in other areas outside resolution and framerate which will be 30 fps on all and 720p for 7th gen and 1080p f... #54
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Agreed it is weird how some games need modders to re-implement features from old builds and demos of games.

Have UBI even explained why this is with Wd?
To me it seem like they scrapped the next gen version from 2012 and just scaled up the Ps360 versions later on with a thin layer of shiny and more objects on screen.
Instead of scaling it DOWN from the E3 showing in 2012 it looks more like it happened the other way around. #1.1
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I cant watch this video on my back up computer. (my lappy and old gaming rig decided to die/malfunction at the same time)

Current pc spec is like 1GB ram and Core 2 duo and intel graphics...

Im sure it looks glorious... Oh well.
Gonna go see if there are some screenshots of this. :C #20
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I think it is needless to say that the alien have sort of lost its identity through the years. Just because we sort of know what it looks like and what it does doesn't subract from the experience because it is a nasty fudger the way it was actually meant to be and behave.

CA have said that people think they know the Alien and what it looks like, but they do not. And I think they are right. cause most people think they are spacemonkey cannon fodder but they actually are no... #5.1
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I'll see what reviewers say closer to launch, but these complaints some people had... just lol. it is not what the game is.

I really like everything I've seen and heard about this, it looks amazing! My most anticipated game this year, would be a total bummer if it is crap. #9
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Im playing the Alpha too and it seems very smooth.

Havent experienced any problems yet apart from that it would be good to know what some things actually are when buying them (sometimes/with other AI's you can review details). I was buying weapons/armor from the decrypter guy or whatever and you dunno what you actually get, in terms of performance stats and required lvl to use it etc. so I bought stuff that I cant use before I have reached lvl 9 or beyond and it is a wast... #6
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Numbers on paper doesnt change for consoles so if they doesnt match up now they wont ever.

At the speed electronics evolve any amount of real world performance a console may gain through optimizations are probably not going to be enough to topple the pc version counterpart on a decent rig.

The most powerful pc's are multiple times more powerful already.
current consoles wont age quite as gracefully as the previous ones, but Ill be totally fine wit... #66
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Lots of new videos and stuff of this on youtube!

Game looks so badass!
the androids look like they want your soul.
They are mildly disturbing and not always easy to take out. #4
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Some prefers it unlocked, but Im with you on this locked is better to me than a wild framerate dipping like 10-15 fps every 5 seconds.
two frames here and there isnt a prob though.

If they cant quite nail it I hope we get an option like Infamous and shadowfall. #17.1.1
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if PP is roughly the same as GZ visually then it will not be that hard to beat though. I mean its a cross gen game with some shortcomings.

Kojima has very capable tech and amazing lighting for sure but polycounts on characters while passable are doable on 7th gen( GOW 3, beyond two souls etc), environments, and low fidelity foliage brings it down a lot. some textures too are kind of 7th gen ish.

MGS is amazing with all its brilliant lighting and facial captu... #3.1.2
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