Pretty hyped for shadow fall ATM.


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"updated mid gen refreshes"
Fuck that shit, go all the way and dont give is too little too late.
A good leap in power, new features, dont split userbase and annoy devs and dont rip us off for a few measly percent of performance increase.

Next gen or go home, in a couple of years we need next gen systems, we kind of already do. Updated current gen systems are just an expensive band aid solution that I fear may artificially keep t...

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I like the first two games a lot, and I think they should go back and remake Dead space some day with the mindset and ideas they had for the first game and rely on horror and atmosphere, sound design, graphic scenes and tension.
The first two games are a good source for inspiration, but maybe they should look to other popular and praised horror games to see what works and what people like, why they like it and keep it in mind, but keeping it true to dead space while developing a new...

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Alien Isolation was a great game and surely didnt need a multiplayer.
But I imagine what they could have done too.
If the ship was a seamless open world and players would go around and collect food and items to stay alive with an alien or multiple aliens on board. that would be interesting. Will you team up? be the lone wolf? Be a shy pacifist? a agressive or sneaky killer?

Avoid or use droids, manipulate computers and systems, set traps... survive.

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I dont fully trust that the info we got on NEO will translate perfectly into the real world.
This may annoy developers and one or both version of some games may have issues because there are two versions of the system.

Also I feel like the NEO is probably going to stretch out this gen longer than Id like it to be. The neo isnt really a big uppgrade and in my eyes not worth it at this time. I would much rather have a Ps5 in a couple years and hold...

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I dont want a half gen step console to come out and divide the user base and complicate things for developers.
I hope it is a slightly uppgraded slim PS4 that can play 4K video through streaming or 4K blurays.

If sony is making a noticeably more powerful console that runs Ps4 games natively in a higher resolution... Why?
Just give me a proper upgrade. Ps5 sounds good to me. Make it happen, it could easily be backward compatible if Sony sticks to X86 and devs...

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You are kidding right?

Its an optional skin.
if the entire world is going to give in to everyone who feels offended for whatever then its going to be a shit place to be. you are offended and so what? is there a problem?

Its a reason we have freedom of expression and freedom of speech.

If you are the kind of person who cant let things be and takes issue with everything and is crying over silly little things, because you let them hurt y...

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All okay except mid gen refresh. The base console is outdated and a half gen leap doesnt make sense to me when I and perhaps most other gamers would rather just have a ps5.

Im sure ps5 will be x86 and fully compatible with ps4 games. I feel I rather have a proper gen leap sooner than later than a half ass leap to artificially prolong the life this gen and possibly dividing the userbase. Am I alone in thinking this?

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Sly cooper might come back. They are making a movie so Im betting they are making a game too.

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Would be funny if if the old music could be toggled on in sttings or earned with like skillpoints. :D
Big head mode!!!

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Well Jak 2 changed a lot, but if they were to reboot Jak and daxter they could just make changes to the first game so that the transition into 2 would be smoother.
Make it grittier and play more like the next two games. the story in the first game is too vital to just start the story at where the second game starts. :/

Oh but yeah Jak shouldnt utter a word or speak much in the first Jak game if rebooted, it makes his tranformation in the second game that much more po...

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I remember playing onthe Amiga 500/1200
Lemmings, top hat willy, Superfrog... Not sure which I played first as I was really young and introduced to these at pretty much the same time. Also played Syndicate, Simon the sorcerer, monkey Island and Jurassic Park... Jurassic park was scary as fuck lol.

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I wish that the rest of the fenix trilogy will be remastered/ported to PC as well down the road.
Is it cross buy on the windows store though? If I get an X1 someday can I just download it again and play? or the other way around?

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Safe space defense 2016.

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I think so too and it is a cool world they have created in Titanfall. A proper campaign could be quite epic I think.

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Soooo... Sith Hitler... and russian wookies?

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Ps3 is excellent as a media center.
Music, photos, videos, music, streaming, DLNA, amazing blu-ray and DVD player... It does like everything and it really amazing and fleshed out and intuitive.

And... it has a lot of good games I want to play again and again.
Not to mention PS+ games tha thas piled up into a huge list.
If you like to game and have the energy to do it... You'll never be bored with a PS3 in the house.

My 60GB died o...

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Uhmm... this isnt that detailed about how the game runs on pc...

Controller support? SLI? Min and recomended spec? New features on Pc?
Naaah just about the only thing I got from this is this are the editions of the game which is great and a Nvidia 900 series card will kind of run it, but buy a new 970 or higher spec and get a free digital copy... *sighs*

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Vita Important?
Well it is evidently not important enough for any 1st party support.
And if Sony wants to push vita they need IMO at least two very important things.

1: Killer software, (First party or not) like say a Monster hunter, Rocket league, shooters (how about a Vanquish spinoff on Vita?), and hack and slash/adventure games like SOTC or GOD of war.... Good interesting games, with good gameplay and some with a good story.

2: the Flash...

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My car has to pass inspection in october anyway so VR got to wait.
If I dont jump on next year I probably will when Ps5 comes around.
Depends on how appealing the VR titles are, with GT Sports supporting it and Ace Combat its gonna be hard to resist lol.

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Im just gonna pitch in my opinions here.

Both PS4 and X1 are really lacking in power.
They are overall efficient and affordable systems that have awesome gamecentric features.

Ps3 was asking a lot when being 5-6 hundred USD, but IMO it was worth it. All the bells and whistles being so much more than just a gaming console, beautiful design, the next gen games and the immense power made up for it not to mention it would be going strong for years.

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