Pretty hyped for shadow fall ATM.


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My personal wishlistlist of remakes/remasters

Jurassic park (SNES/Amiga)
I was a kid playing this and this game was scary, T-rex music? Shelter level or cellar that switched to first person? with raptors jumping out at you?

Syndicate (Amiga/Pc)
Keep it like the original pls, couldnt get into the FPS reboot.

Aliens vs Predator 2 (Pc)
Needs an overhauled polished up re release and needs it like right now. <...

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Ryzen arent that expensive and sony could get a mid/high end hardware deal pretty cheap signing a contract buying in bulk.

Ps3 was sold at a loss at first and it is entirely possible though not super likely that Ps5 might be powerhouse akin to that of both Ps3 and 360.
I remember the Ps3 was 600, Sony lost probably upward to maybe 200$ per Ps3 and buying "similar" off the shelf hardware would cost a consumer like us 1200+ probably at th...

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All of a sudden? we have seen it coming since the Ps4 pro was announced, they didnt say PS5 specifically at that point but it was heavily hinted that they were still in the definite console generations game, that Pro was a premium option to exist alongside Ps4 as a boosted Ps4, and Ps4 is an aging and fairly outdated console and and it is like 4 years old so hearing some mutterings about the next generation now isnt weird. Ps5 is pretty much guarantied to be out by 2020, it is probably a 2019...

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Tomb raider always had a female lead, doesnt make any sense to make Kratos a woman, that is just dumb if that is the case.
However Heavenly sword was kind of similar but with a female lead and I too would love more of those so Sony better get at it because it was a good game.

Swapping genders is silly, but I get the idea of having representation, its just that you dont want to force representation or diversity. Creators should be free to do as they ...

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3.99 for Shadow of mordor...
*Logs on to steam*

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Yeah I was underleveled too. I just accepted a side mission outside of a a dig site near meridian. and I died a few times. I cheated as I found an unbreakable shack and I took cover in it and bombed the shit out of the rockbreaker with the slingshot. lol. It still took a while.

Never wanted to see that thing again. pain in the ass.

@Solid. Killed my first Stalker in one try, it went down pretty rapidly and I did so just after my first first longleg.

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Lmao can you even imagine a multiplayer Spiderman game you'd rather play than a Singleplayer spiderman game?

What if in 3 years sony announce a another exclusive spiderman game, but it is multiplayer only?
Okay so only 1 player can be spider man? how many players? How many characters? how many teams? balancing issue?
Imagine freeroaming Manhattan (or wherever Spiderman is) with 60 screaming 12 year olds all playing as spiderman fucking around. Yeah no ...

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I think the Microsoft Conference was really good. OG XBOX BC program? that was neat.
They announced Forza motorsport 7 Looking forward to that.
Crackdown 3 was kind of shown. meh?

Then a bunch of promising interesting third party games half of them abusing the word exclusive but looked good nonetheless.
I liked the new Metro and Assasins creed in egypt with monsters and cool mechanics, Anthem, Sea of thieves was badass, The last night looked amazi...

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Ah I'd love more Resistance, they were pretty epic games.

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Well we also have overuse of antibiotics, bad hygiene and habits and a big network of fast transportation between big populations across the globe.

Koalabears dont hang out or pass 70 000 Koalabears everyday and travel by air between big population across the world, and touch dirty hands and smartphones or like railings that 5 million others have touched since it was last cleaned, or go to the same place as everyone else to buy fruit that 900 people have their saliva on by ...

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Creative assembly making a another Alien game would be sweet.

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Well I agree with fox.
Sure Ps4 is selling like hotcakes still, but why would Pro and scorpio be reasons for next gen to be pushed back, in the end developers still have to design a game to the standards of the base systems limiting the pro and scorpio in what they are allowed to do. its still XO and Ps4 games just scaled up with a touch up here and there the limitations of the base systems will hinder the refreshed ones.
And the Base systems were underpowered back in 2013,...

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Well photorealism is one thing. what is and isnt photorealistic can be argued.
If a developer makes a game for ps4 with the main goal of it being a photorealistic-ish experience I think they can make a game that will look a lot like a real life image at a glance.

But the devil is in the detail and given a good stare or as soon as you see something in motion it may not be all that convincing after all.
The real world is infinetly complex down to the molecul...

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it means they have mental issues, and they cant be pleased. thats how SJW's work I guess.
most trans people are just like everyone else except they want to be the opposite sex and a very very few people are born with or without traits of both genders, they are human too and most of them are nice reasonable people. But modern western society have a knack for virtue signaling and please the whim of the "opressed" loons.

Feels over reals.

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Agreed, being a relatively fresh studio with no prior experience with frostbite may result in some difficulties, but they had 5 years and some technical errors are understandable but writing and animations aren't really engine bound, I mean other Frostbite games have pretty dandy looking animations and they had 5 years, did no one over at this Bioware team look over the animations and think maybe they should get help or fix them or do them over again at some point like, those animations m...

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Wouldnt it be funny if GG had an unnamed easter egg character that looks a lot like Link?

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They aren't called bugthesda for no reason.

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How can they be poor? they have no games to buy.
Im sorry.

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This is what a beta is for. I'm sure it will be solved before the official release.

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Im tired of identity politics, I hope the game doesnt make a huge effort to go overboard and beyond logic to push a illogical or extreme narrative.
Make interesting characters and good story. The first game is great and balanced not pushy about ethnicity or sexuality or anything. its just naturally diverse and doesnt feel forced or odd and that is good, but if the game feels like a huffpost article or sarkesian video or something Ill be annoyed. I trust it will turn out amazing, but ...

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