Pretty hyped for shadow fall ATM.


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Not the best server message?
Well the game is down and that is inconvenient, but that message is a little bit funny I think.

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Femisis going to cry and try to rule over creative and expressive freedom once again.
Feelings trumps freedom, facts and rights any day right?

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Ill skip both of these.
My next console will be a next gen one, probably PS5.

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Wizzard developers. Its running off a good engine, Im guessing ND's engine.
The power of optimization, streamlined API and probably a chunk of low level coding here and there.
The results?
Sony games, usually technically excelent, usually comes to life with greatly detailed and animated characters and environments.

Set hardware, with exclusive games to it, streamlined API, powerful engines and low level coding.
Thats how consoles do i...

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To me it sounds like a premium XO. not a next gen system.
Choice is good, but Id rather actually have a next gen system getting its own games optimized for it and have backwards compatibility.
This sounds like all xbox games have to work on Xbox one but be forward compatible with beefier systems that ups the native resolution and possibly framerate.

So in essence its still 8th gen, because its not going to be taken advantage of beyond running higher resolu...

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Yeah buy it for one and get access to it everywhere that is all good and really great.
My problem with this is that the scorpio isnt a next gen system, it is going to play XO games but at higher resolution. it isnt getting its own games optimized for it. that is what I took away from this.

I could be wrong about that, but if I'm right its like Microsoft wants the xbox brand to be stuck at 8th gen forever doing away with generations and optimization, and pushing...

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It doesnt sound like a successor, it sounds like a premium version of XO.
If they have to all play the same games then yes XO will hold back the Scorpio. sure games will look betteer on Scorpio for sure, but they still will be 8th gen games, and there probably wont be any games that are truly optimized for it.

I think Scorpio should be its own thing rather than a weird beefed up 8th gen console.
That is what I took away from the reveal. that it is a just a...

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Microsoft had a good show and the scorpio sounds interesting, but Im not sure I like their hardware or platform approach, but with all that power wouldnt it be logical for the Scorpio to just be a successor to Xbox one?

They kept talking about Xbox one family of systems or something, would be nice to know what they are thinking with this, when and what to expect from them doing all these systems.
How long is the base Xbox One going to be supported with new games?...

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Uhm we have seen some gameplay and the trailer segments that wasnt gameplay were clearly realtime engine visuals.
Gameplay looks awesome as far as combat and action goes. And the visuals were always amazing but needed some polish. I bet they will show more gameplay this E3 and it will look smoother than the last couple times and probably feature environment traversal, and perhaps human on human combat and stealth stuff.
I cant wait.

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I've said my opinions and voiced my concerns regarding Sony on here many times. apart from some dislikes and replies with opposing opinions nothing has happened.

Also this opinion piece is about Naughty Dog, not so much about Sony or even playstation as a whole.
Naughty Dog are truly something of their own, and I dont have much negative to say about them at all.

Im sick and tired of reasoning like this where someone is a victim. "its me...

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I think people forget how shit the engines the games run on are.
In the case of Bethesdas Elder scrolls and Fallout games they still run on the gamebryo engine that is a way dated engine that goes back to the early 90's... Bethesda should start making games on a new engine.
With a new Engine I can forgive a few bugs that gets ironed out, but whenever a new Bethesda game comes out we see some of the same issues every time. Bethesda probably should just use id engine proba...

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The previous GT's were 60 fps too.
Im not too impressed by GT sport, sure it looks really good in places and sure it can still improve in many ways, but lets not fool ourselfes. The foliage is obviously a cardboard cut out in some places, They could at least try and hide it behind a few real models of trees, weeds, bushes and grass, but no leave a low res 2D cut out of trees like 5 meters from the track with nothing in between. I realize it isnt fair to compare it to driveclub, b...

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Well, I dont use the buttons much, its not like I turn on my playstation everyday by pressing the powerbutton.
I can probably count the times I have on my hands. As I usually use the controller.

Ive turned it on by moving it a couple times too... actually Im moving it more than I use the buttons to turn the thing on. I move the system to clean up dust like once a week and Ive used the powerbutton maybe 7 times, so forgive me if I havent learned it by now, Im to la...

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Well... there is an E3 youtube channel and Sony live streams on their Playstation channel dont they?
E3 is an american expo event taking place in america so they have to do it in a timeframe that makes sense over there. I live in europe and Im fine with this. I will stay up late or watch it the next day. Its just an inconvenience, nothing to sob about. :)

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I have pushed the wrong one a few times. because I dont use the buttons that much it doesnt sink in which is which.
And part of the reason why is that the icons are tiny and hard to see in under the tv in the dark and the buttons dont light up so I can tell what they are, so I dont want to mess whith them. I use the controller unless Im already next to the system and care to inch down on my knees and squint at the buttons and try make out what they are lol.

it is n...

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Looks stunning. Going to continue the story tonight! Its been months since Ive got a really good game, let alone a masterpiece like this I was hooked for hours and my friends are mad because I didnt pick up the phone... I just want to sit down by myself and enjoy this game... In peace and quiet and not be disturbed.

I cant wait to play, and I cant wait to see what ND is giving us after this.

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I really hope there will be.

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Waste of time and resources.
I'd rather have a proper next gen system in a couple of years from now than a slighty more powerful version of the current boxes that were outdated long ago.

If the mid gen boxes means Im going to have to wait beyond 2018-2019 for PS5 or the next proper box Ill be most displeased...

Really logically we should have Ps5 in 2018, given that the cycle most generations have been 5 years from start of one to the next g...

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I have to see if that is right.
From driveclub review:
" But while this is far removed from the sensitivity of Gran Turismo and other racing simulations, DRIVECLUB isn’t as forgiving as, say, a Need For Speed, and is thus far removed from the smoothness of a MotorStorm. Which means you not only can’t just let up on the gas and cruise through a corner, you have to hit the brakes, and sometimes hard.

This, annoyingly, isn’t the only way in which DRIVECL...

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"updated mid gen refreshes"
Fuck that shit, go all the way and dont give is too little too late.
A good leap in power, new features, dont split userbase and annoy devs and dont rip us off for a few measly percent of performance increase.

Next gen or go home, in a couple of years we need next gen systems, we kind of already do. Updated current gen systems are just an expensive band aid solution that I fear may artificially keep t...

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