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Yeah the Ps4 pushes some amazing visuals, but that is down to optimization and wizardry on the game developers part. I wasnt impressed by the specs when the Ps4 launched, but even if the specs were just mediocre and sort of weird (Sata 2, only 2 usb slots, no CD support etc) it is well streamlined with solid built in features and a dedicated background proccessing unit.

A high end pc today absolutely runs in circles around the ps4 in raw power capability and even back then ...

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The only microtransactions I can sort of get on board with are cosmetic and silly additions that doesnt affect the real content, balance and playability, like special outfits and emotes maybe. you know. 2 bucks for vaders helmet or jar jar character skin. that would be fine or custom laser colors. this is shite.

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Yeah. imagine if you had to gamble 20 bucks everytime at the gas station to unlock the gas filler cap. want to progress? buy our loot box and maybe unlock the gas cap lol.

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yeah talent is key and naughty dog are some crafty dogs with optimising and realizing clever and amazing software solutions and technology... not to mention their animation systems and performance capture that put them above just about everyone else.

we can revisit this trailer closer to the launch of the game when actual gameplay have been shown and see how it compares then. and some analysts have already confirmed it is in engine from ND as usual. no doub...

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Exactly what I thought too.
The ugly violence of this game is a good thing to remind us of the ugly side of humanity and life.
Its in support of the story and universe and reminds us how fragile and precious life is. in a game that was largely about loss, gritty desperate survival and horror in the first place.

"Even with the violence" well yeah violence is part of the point dumbasses. not every apocalypse is rainbows and sunshine, and people are...

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If thats a generational leap now then I am Elvis.
Apart from exclusive games the appeal of a console at least to me is a streamlined multicapable system that packs a lot of punch and features for a fair price. If generational leap now mean a couple sharper textures, some vaguely better lighting and an additional bucket of pixels Ill pass.

Wait for PS5 that will probably show off what a decent leap is.
Meanwhile the ONE S and the PS4 are just fine systems...

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Everything is a problem because they say so.
now that we are approaching halloween we will see articles on how costumes are sexist, racist and culturally apropriative.

Who is going to stand up to these whiners and say that if we cant dress up as an native american or a ninja and eat taco's then they cant eat pizza and pasta, use a cheese slicer or wear seiko watches or drive a prius.
What you use a cheese slicer to put cheese on your sandwhiches?

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I am really impressed, I had no hope that a a ps3 emulator would be this good so soon though i am sure its still far from perfect in the big scheme of things. But these are some smooth and stunning clips!
Some amazing wizardry and effort must have went into the developement of this emulator, I am stoked to see it!
I may have to try it out with my GTX960 and i5 rig and see how it runs on my setup compared to this. pretty amazing.

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Its like they are rolling diverse LGBT characters of an assembly line.

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The games on X have to run on the One as well which is struggling to run games in 720p-900p.
Having some sense of unity and parity between two systems with a power gap of like 5x performance is stupid. The X is being held back big time and can just about only run 900-1080p One games in 4K with a few more blades of grass and higher res textures.
Its very telling that when a game isnt native 4K on the X it will look or run like utter shite on the one thus the parity/unity ide...

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I'd argue that is Horizon Zero dawn.
Breath of the wild and God of war are quite different games, I am not sure how they are comparable?

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Does it matter much? none of the characters in God of war ever sounded greek?
Now none of them sound norse when speaking english, though some sure are to speak norse like Jormungandr did in the trailer?

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Im sure GG has more than one team, after Horizon Im really curious about what they could pull off with the same resources and effort put into a new KZ installment.
Anyways cant wait for more Horizon.

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My body is ready for more punch lasers.

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Didnt know about Thrill Kill but the rest I remember. Eight days. Coded Arms... this takes me back to the glorious days of Ps3 hyyypeee.

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My personal wishlistlist of remakes/remasters

Jurassic park (SNES/Amiga)
I was a kid playing this and this game was scary, T-rex music? Shelter level or cellar that switched to first person? with raptors jumping out at you?

Syndicate (Amiga/Pc)
Keep it like the original pls, couldnt get into the FPS reboot.

Aliens vs Predator 2 (Pc)
Needs an overhauled polished up re release and needs it like right now. <...

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Ryzen arent that expensive and sony could get a mid/high end hardware deal pretty cheap signing a contract buying in bulk.

Ps3 was sold at a loss at first and it is entirely possible though not super likely that Ps5 might be powerhouse akin to that of both Ps3 and 360.
I remember the Ps3 was 600, Sony lost probably upward to maybe 200$ per Ps3 and buying "similar" off the shelf hardware would cost a consumer like us 1200+ probably at th...

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All of a sudden? we have seen it coming since the Ps4 pro was announced, they didnt say PS5 specifically at that point but it was heavily hinted that they were still in the definite console generations game, that Pro was a premium option to exist alongside Ps4 as a boosted Ps4, and Ps4 is an aging and fairly outdated console and and it is like 4 years old so hearing some mutterings about the next generation now isnt weird. Ps5 is pretty much guarantied to be out by 2020, it is probably a 2019...

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Tomb raider always had a female lead, doesnt make any sense to make Kratos a woman, that is just dumb if that is the case.
However Heavenly sword was kind of similar but with a female lead and I too would love more of those so Sony better get at it because it was a good game.

Swapping genders is silly, but I get the idea of having representation, its just that you dont want to force representation or diversity. Creators should be free to do as they ...

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3.99 for Shadow of mordor...
*Logs on to steam*

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