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"Pretty hyped for shadow fall ATM."


A couple more frames, a few more objects with physics.
It'll help, its not a boom but it sure as hell is something.

This is a product of optimization, now they can offer developers one more core if they please.
All the little bits add up to something, thats what optimization is for... more stuffing in the turkey. Now send me the carrots will ya. #20.2
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I wouldn't use this much personally in my current situation, but great news for people who live together. Now one can play on a another screen in full HD while the TV is taken. Or if you travel around a lot this is great, just bring a laptop, a DS4 and maybe an ethernet cable.

Options are nice. #14
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So how does the Databank work these days?
It's known that the Ps4 has issues with larger drives.
Has that been patched?
Will the PS4 now work with a 4TB SSHD without major drawbacks?

Ive wanted a DB forever so I could load a fat 4TB SSHD on top of my ps4 but from what Ive seen on the internet its mostly problems when installing large capacity drives like 2TB+. :( #4
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Yep the 360 controller is good.
It is way more solid than the DS3.
Plug and play with a Windows PC.

However I'll make the case that the DS3 is actually a better controller.

Better Rumble technology.
Built in rechargeable battery.
Convex sticks with smaller deadzone, good surface texture and 10-bit precition (360 controllers have 8-Bit precition) = DS3 more accurate.
D-pad didn't suck.
Pr... #1.8.3
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Not everybody no, but a lot of people can.

Let say Ps5 is 500+. possibly as high as 650 depending on SKU's like 2TB-6TB etc.
They have to nail a lot of things, but given the hardware and features justifies the price and it launches with interesting solid launch games I imagine Im not the only one who would save up towards one.

A powerful console also will last longer so people can afford to wait a year or two before getting it for a lesser price a... #34.1.1
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@ Death
Cell and Xenon are really different.
Xenon has 3 dualthreaded cores based off of the same technology that is used in the main core in the PS3's cell.

So Xenon has a more conventional design compared to todays cpu's. The cell has one core and 6 active supporting processing units. (7 active cores out of 9 on the ps3).
Also 360 games where made with DX9. Sony uses custom api and games are coded to make the quirks of the ps3 to its advantag... #5.2.3
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Evolution rocks, Driveclub bikes blew my mind and they are still making more updates and content? Hell yeah!

On a sidenote I hope they are working on the next motorstorm.
Lunatics unite! #9
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It would be quite alright if it was bug free, but that is not what its about. it is that the game is too buggy or has to severe problems, it is okay not to be perfect because no one really is, but to not give a shit and just make no effort to have a decently polished game is an issue. We need to have standards that favor consumers, we have rights.

I don't think its entitlement to expect a game to work and play smoothly when you pay a good chunk of money for it.
... #14.2
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Uncharted is a game. #17.1
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I know ND tried to get back to Jak and Daxter a few years ago, but if they are gonna cut Uncharted a good break after 4 I'd like to see a new Jak and daxter along with TLOU2 or a new IP.

I guess Bend could pick up Jak and Daxter and make a great game that feels proper and stays true to the trilogy, but I can only imagine what the next game could be like. Art and design like Jak 3, but a bit more gritty and realistic, modernised animations but still true to the trilogy'... #18
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PS3 is the shiet!

Expensive and hard do develop for in the beginning sure, but the technology and design of the 60GB is IMO the prettiest console yet and incredibly powerful for its time, packed with features and getting lots of them added later on through its life and it does have a superb library of games. A machine made to last and I think it has held up better than Ps2 did at this stage in its life too.

Feel free to disagree or vent your own opinion in re... #5
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Im pretty sure Sony could make the ps4 emulate Ps1 and ps2 games and run them in Full HD with some decent AA. Ps3 yeah thats something else. the current existing Ps3 emulator cant even play the simplest of games released on the PS store and runs incorrectly, the graphics are displayed incorrectly and it just chugs and you could have the most powerful pc in the world and it wouldnt make any difference. the Ps3 is too complex to emulate, maybe it is possible with stupid amounts of brute power a... #48
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I love the whiners who calls out the double standard and mockingly says something about the powerdifference between the current consoles as if it isnt real.

First off.
Yes there is a double standard here and that is okay. the singleplayer is 30 fps at 1080p and it never skips a beat it will look, play and feel amazing.

Then the multiplayer has a different standard, why? multiplayer games can be hectic and unpredictable and also relies on internet con... #75
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Indeed. I hope they pursue developers a bit to realize a physical version for digital only games. I already have gotten SOMA, but I was upset that it didnt get a physical release so maybe one day it will happen. Id pick up Soma again on disc for a pretty penny. #1.1
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I heard PSVR requires the game to run at 1080P 60fps for the best experience but rest assured that GT sports most certainly will run 1080p 60 anyways. GT5 and 6 where 60fps, and if I remember right atleast GT5 had a 1080p option and they still look gorgeus. GT sports is going to look sick no worries man. #38.1
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Wait they werent good? lacked features? and had a few PS2 models but you know N64 called and wanted back baked lights in Forza 5 and the static shadow texture underneath each car in Forza 5 and 6. Powah of da clewds! :D
Static shadow under the cars... see for yourself, be warned cannot be unseen!

Seriously though even if GT sport is only half the cars of... #14.7
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Gearbox is making this??? #5
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Cancer can really be a wicked thing and it can hit pretty much anyone at any age.
A girl I knew got diagnosed with cancer when we were like 11 years old. She got really sick and I didn't see her for years until she came back to throw us a party for all the support and to have one last good time.
She passed away shortly after, at an age of like 15.

Its an awful thing to hear that TB got inoperable cancer. I like a lot of the things he put out and he seem li... #1.8.1
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