Pretty hyped for shadow fall ATM.


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4K version? more like a 4K patch that enables the existing game to change settings that are enabled if you have it installed on a Ps4 pro. Ps4 and Ps4 pro is virtually the same system and plays the same games developed for the base system.
Because the pro is more powerful it allows developers to offer visual or performance enhancements to be enabled if the game is running on a Pro. I dunno but refering to it like a Pro or 4K version sounds to me like it implies the Ps4 pro has its ow...

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Or it is just fog.
The fog is placed near the ground and foliage and it is creeping up along mountains like they would in a humid climate.
The game can clearly render things far away as not all far away objects are fully covered in fog.

If you have walked outside in real life youd see that far away things appear blurry due to humidity and the nature of particles and lighting so having everything look clear and crisp would look more awful to be honest than ...

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When society produced Infantilized upper and middleclass people who have topoint fingers and defend what doesnt need defending and making issues where there isnt any to the detriment of anything logical.

In this day and age air condition is sexist and global warming is racist... because reasons.

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I would love it, a whole remastered trilogy would be badass. Kz1 would probably feel quite dated, but Id play that too.

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I find the Killzone universe interesting. Killzone 2 is the most immersive FPS Ive played.
the AI was impressive (Companians could be a hassle sometimes)
Physics were amazing and probably still better than most games.
Controls were different, weighty and physical. all weapons handled significantly different.
Lighting... that game have some sick lighting and effects.
There is so much to love about Kz2.

Have a look at some of thes...

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Sony have been clear that PRO is a sidestep and an option to exist along side the regular ps4.
During the PS4 Pro conference the terms current gen and next gen was thrown around a bit, indicating that Pro is a current gen system to exist alongside Ps4 as Sony also have stated and that it really isnt an extention. its an option for new users and the niche market of people who has a 4K tv or want a better VR experience. Pro is a nice system, but it isnt that big of a deal, its not a h...

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Because I dont have a Ps5? it will probably be a huge improvement?

The difference between pro and Ps4 is not enough for most to justify the upgrade especially when PS5 is likely to hit within 3 years from now and will not be twice the power and half optimized... but MULTIPLE times more powerful and run new exclusives made and optimized for it and its new hardware.

If you have a 2016 "Insert car make and model" would you take the loss and uppgra...

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No it shouldnt be coming any later. its already too little too late and Ps5 is coming.
If anything the pro is what the original Ps4 should have been, now it just exists because of VR and 4K screens.
Pro is a niche system. its nice, but it isnt for everyone and it doesnt make sense for many to run out and get it.

Im going to wait for next gen. Ps5 surely is coming and I wouldnt waste money I can barely scrape togheter on a slight uppgrade when I can wait a ...

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Now waiting for Nyko Trophy printer attachment. little printer printing my trophies on to paper bussiness card style so I can hand show them off at the break room. "Do you have the 10 000 kills in Resistance 2 multiplayer?"
"Heeell yee. check it out, got it printed here in my pocket. Hey David do we have doritos?"

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"The bad news is that Sony has denied that they are not releasing annual or bi-annual upgrades for the console as the two will be the last upgrades for their current PlayStation 4."

This makes no sense. "Denied that they are not." So they are doing it?
"but the two will be the last upgrades for PS4 gen." but not doing it?

The difference here is Microsoft is going to stick with 8th gen forever, after scorpio there will be a another more powerful or different XBOX ONE. They are admittingly forcing forward compatibility for the unforseeable future and Sony most likely wont.

Neo is going to be a premium Ps4, I dont like it if its faster or more powerful but its not the end of console cycles or generations. after neo there will be probably be a PS5.
A next gen system is all I want at th...

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Not the best server message?
Well the game is down and that is inconvenient, but that message is a little bit funny I think.

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Femisis going to cry and try to rule over creative and expressive freedom once again.
Feelings trumps freedom, facts and rights any day right?

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Ill skip both of these.
My next console will be a next gen one, probably PS5.

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Wizzard developers. Its running off a good engine, Im guessing ND's engine.
The power of optimization, streamlined API and probably a chunk of low level coding here and there.
The results?
Sony games, usually technically excelent, usually comes to life with greatly detailed and animated characters and environments.

Set hardware, with exclusive games to it, streamlined API, powerful engines and low level coding.
Thats how consoles do i...

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To me it sounds like a premium XO. not a next gen system.
Choice is good, but Id rather actually have a next gen system getting its own games optimized for it and have backwards compatibility.
This sounds like all xbox games have to work on Xbox one but be forward compatible with beefier systems that ups the native resolution and possibly framerate.

So in essence its still 8th gen, because its not going to be taken advantage of beyond running higher resolu...

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Yeah buy it for one and get access to it everywhere that is all good and really great.
My problem with this is that the scorpio isnt a next gen system, it is going to play XO games but at higher resolution. it isnt getting its own games optimized for it. that is what I took away from this.

I could be wrong about that, but if I'm right its like Microsoft wants the xbox brand to be stuck at 8th gen forever doing away with generations and optimization, and pushing...

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It doesnt sound like a successor, it sounds like a premium version of XO.
If they have to all play the same games then yes XO will hold back the Scorpio. sure games will look betteer on Scorpio for sure, but they still will be 8th gen games, and there probably wont be any games that are truly optimized for it.

I think Scorpio should be its own thing rather than a weird beefed up 8th gen console.
That is what I took away from the reveal. that it is a just a...

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Microsoft had a good show and the scorpio sounds interesting, but Im not sure I like their hardware or platform approach, but with all that power wouldnt it be logical for the Scorpio to just be a successor to Xbox one?

They kept talking about Xbox one family of systems or something, would be nice to know what they are thinking with this, when and what to expect from them doing all these systems.
How long is the base Xbox One going to be supported with new games? ...

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