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the wiki is nice, but there is a catalogue in the game about the entire franchise, story and characters or was that in something else? I believe it was attached to a mgs game on the ps3.

And the controls in MGS4 is really good, I find the earlier games a little cumbersome, but the gameplay in mgs4 is both deep and quite intuitive and easy to learn and get the basics and then a lot to learn fully to master the game, so much so I was a tiny bit...

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Yeah there is always going to be 30 fps games. Its a developer choice what balance of fidelity and fluedity they want. Half the frames? More things on screen. That has always been the case and wont stop anytime soon.

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Games now look really good, but developement has far from halted.
What is slowing down is hardware. we used to see hardware double in power roughly every two years and that isnt really the case anymore, though it is still advancing.

If we are to see any major jumps we have to get to the point where we develop superconductors meaning circuitry will have lower resistances and run cooler so we may clock up our hardware significantly or we implement or develop quantum...

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The pro is barely a jump and ps4 was not impressive spec wise at launch either so releasing a system between 2019 and 2021 with significantly superior hardware for a at least a somewhat accessible price shouldnt be hard. Companies did it in the past as recently as the ps3 and 360 and arguably the vita which had expensive cutting edge hardware. The ps3 was sold at a massive loss, but given volume and deals along sticking to x86 they could afford selling competent hardware at a small loss or d...

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Well you can wait then the ps4 is pretty old now as it is a 2013 system so the next system is likely to hit within the end of 2020. I bought the ps4 at launch, and I am just about ready for a next gen system.

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Very true. My only gripe with the remake is that while they changed the default mapping of the buttons it more or less feels exactly the same.

The camera pulls and centers automatically so on many occasions I have to fight it and it makes fighting and navigating needlessly difficult, like when you ride on agro and want to shoot the bow it wants to center the camera too look forward and you have to fight it to keep the aim at something on the side or behind you, and when pl...

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I customized my cabinet that I have my consoles in.
I added sponge strips around the doors to keep dust out. removed the glass on the doors and replaced with plastic/plex glass that I made 4 120mm holes in for fans, and wrapped the front of the glass in speaker cloth to filter out dust. in the back I made 2 200mm fan holes for both doors to exhaust air out. and its powered by a PSU I had lying around with a relayed power on swithch for easy access.

Took a loot of t...

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Will we be able to ever store pictures, video and music locally on ps4? I also remember ps3 had many photo programs and I believe it has a photo edit software too. I remember ps3 having a simple video editor. It wasnt great but for a system that launched in 06 that was mind numbing that it would get one at all. Years down the line I still find the ps3 to be a fuller, more intuitive and feature rich system. In only a handfull of areas do I think the ps4 has it beat os and feature wise. Mostly...

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In Norway wednesday is Onsdag (Short for Odins day perhaps). Torsdag (Obviously thor).
These are some kind of remnants of our viking past when we still use some form of their words for things although modern norwegian doesnt sound too much like old norse. icelandic is probably closer to the old norse language though, but I dont know for sure. maybe some icelandic people on here can shed some light on this.

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Like how there were gamepad only servers in UT3 on ps3. bunch them all together and chances are the people with a gamepad and the lowest refresh rate gets a much harder time.

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These mid gen updates could very well have not existed and that would be fine.
The base ps4 gets me by for now with stunning first party games, now if we are talking a worthwhile uppgrade bring on the next gen.

And why ditch pc? I get on the computer every day anyways so why not game on it as well?

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doesnt a few older and simpler games run in native 4K on the pro? TLOU remastered, resogun etc?
THe pro is semi capable and the games look ok with the checkerboarding and little touch ups. its a good choice for those who have a 4K setup and is getting a playstation. Im set with my base model and it handles most games in 1080p30 so why force that on the pro, its up to the developers which is the best way and the way its always been.

Im holding on to my cash until Ps...

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Yeah the Ps4 pushes some amazing visuals, but that is down to optimization and wizardry on the game developers part. I wasnt impressed by the specs when the Ps4 launched, but even if the specs were just mediocre and sort of weird (Sata 2, only 2 usb slots, no CD support etc) it is well streamlined with solid built in features and a dedicated background proccessing unit.

A high end pc today absolutely runs in circles around the ps4 in raw power capability and even back then ...

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The only microtransactions I can sort of get on board with are cosmetic and silly additions that doesnt affect the real content, balance and playability, like special outfits and emotes maybe. you know. 2 bucks for vaders helmet or jar jar character skin. that would be fine or custom laser colors. this is shite.

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Yeah. imagine if you had to gamble 20 bucks everytime at the gas station to unlock the gas filler cap. want to progress? buy our loot box and maybe unlock the gas cap lol.

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yeah talent is key and naughty dog are some crafty dogs with optimising and realizing clever and amazing software solutions and technology... not to mention their animation systems and performance capture that put them above just about everyone else.

we can revisit this trailer closer to the launch of the game when actual gameplay have been shown and see how it compares then. and some analysts have already confirmed it is in engine from ND as usual. no doub...

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Exactly what I thought too.
The ugly violence of this game is a good thing to remind us of the ugly side of humanity and life.
Its in support of the story and universe and reminds us how fragile and precious life is. in a game that was largely about loss, gritty desperate survival and horror in the first place.

"Even with the violence" well yeah violence is part of the point dumbasses. not every apocalypse is rainbows and sunshine, and people are...

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If thats a generational leap now then I am Elvis.
Apart from exclusive games the appeal of a console at least to me is a streamlined multicapable system that packs a lot of punch and features for a fair price. If generational leap now mean a couple sharper textures, some vaguely better lighting and an additional bucket of pixels Ill pass.

Wait for PS5 that will probably show off what a decent leap is.
Meanwhile the ONE S and the PS4 are just fine systems...

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Everything is a problem because they say so.
now that we are approaching halloween we will see articles on how costumes are sexist, racist and culturally apropriative.

Who is going to stand up to these whiners and say that if we cant dress up as an native american or a ninja and eat taco's then they cant eat pizza and pasta, use a cheese slicer or wear seiko watches or drive a prius.
What you use a cheese slicer to put cheese on your sandwhiches?

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I am really impressed, I had no hope that a a ps3 emulator would be this good so soon though i am sure its still far from perfect in the big scheme of things. But these are some smooth and stunning clips!
Some amazing wizardry and effort must have went into the developement of this emulator, I am stoked to see it!
I may have to try it out with my GTX960 and i5 rig and see how it runs on my setup compared to this. pretty amazing.

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