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"Pretty hyped for shadow fall ATM."


Rocket league should be fun, played the previous game a bit it was an awesome time playing it with friends. #8
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Horizon is completely different. The main series is more comparable.
Havent played a Forza since 3. 4 I heard was good, but 5? meh.. 6 seems like the real deal again so I cant wait to see more of that actually.

And Horizon 2 looks fun, Sony could do something like that with a spin on it.

Actually I would love Motorstorm to have its spinoff open world game, that could be really fun with the theme of past motorstorm games and the wild nature of them.... #4.1.5
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two quite different games I think, so someone will care and someone will not. In other words nothing really different from before.

Like just because Criterion stopped making Burnout I still want a new one... Not to mention I still want more FPS games from Criterion, Black was a dope singleplayer fps. Don't think it had
co op or anything, but I loved it nonetheless for its singleplayer. #18
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Actually Forza 6 from what I've gathered this far will be pretty good.
5 I think was bullshit, I guess because MS wanted to conform it to their vision at the time and rush it out and have lots of paid content that that perhaps should have been included as the game seemd a bit watered out compared to F4.

I have to say that after this E3 I am actually tempted to get an X1, Microsoft had a really good E3 conference this year.

Also I was a bit dissapo... #10
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Whatever man, millions of people are currently eating at MC Donalds too. #14.2.2
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To me Horizon was game of the show.
So fresh, beautiful, epic and interesting.

But looking at Uncharted it is something else, the lighting, physics and details are mind boggling to say the least.
Not to take anything from Horizon as it looks really amazing too, but what we saw of U4 is ND strapping the bar to a missile and firing it to new heights. #2.1
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Wait... it is this guy. :D #1
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Because frames = gameplay./s

A constant 30 FPS aka locked is perfectly playable and smooth enough. sure 60 fps is even smoother and snappier.
But input lag alone doesnt dictate how well a game plays or how fun it is to play.

KZ2 > COD every day of my life. 30 vs 60 fps.

Nice immersive weighty controls to complement an intense, gritty sci-fi shooter with amazing physics, amazing details and amazing impactful weapons and grenades! <... #14.2
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When is the last time they got a free pass and why would we have a problem now?
Did they promise that the game would be 60FPS in all modes?

I missed that one, they just said they would try/aim for 60FPS as far as I know.

As far as Im concerned the game is going to be great and play just fine, the gameplay last year never dropped a frame running at 30 and I don't think it did this year either.
Its gonna be a sturdy rock solid game.
... #53.1
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Characters are characters, I don't care if the lead protagonist is female, male, inuitt, gay or a plastic bag.

I just play games that look like they are worth my time, and Horizon looks sweet as fuck. Can't wait to play it. #26
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"Backward compatibility is hard," he said. "I won't say we'll never do it, but it's not an easy thing to do.

"If it was easy we would have done that."

I don't think Ps3 games are possible to emulate with a Ps4. I don't think the Ps4 has the brute force to run an all software emulation. they are two wildly different systems.

However PS1 and PS2 should be easy to do but Sony shot themselfes in the fo... #37
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Need some soundtrack to go with those pics? BWAAAH! #1.1.9
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More power for each frame to thicken the "plot". (⊙.⊙(☉̃ₒ☉)⊙.⊙)

More frames to power the player. ᕙ(`▿´)ᕗ

Sounds right, fine by me. (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)👌 #36
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They are remaking it, not changing it... much.
IF they were changing it it would be a reimagination.

Better models and textures and some bells and whistles that come with the new engine, new shaders and lighting.

It will play more or less the same and the layout will be pretty much the same. from the looks of it the layout is exactly the same.

In other words they have remodeled the game and slapped it into a new engine and it looks pl... #13.1
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Ill Hold on to my 360 until HALO 5 at least, but if my games work and run properly on X1 then Im getting it. Halo and Gears! and ReCore trailer was cool so Id keep an eye out for that! And that new controller looks beast!

My reaction to Microsofts E3... #84
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I thought Bethesda's conference was pretty damn good for a first try. Straight to the action, no unnessacary filler, some good fun moments from the guys on stage.

Im not a fan of any of the games except DOOM, and Fallout looked better than I expected, I mean the improved animations, dynamic dialouge and new features were nice too see.

What I didn't like was the cockyness from the guy with the hair.
Going on about quality and how Fallout is t... #34
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I agree that that one is WAY prettier and more usb ports is great. but it is an external usb enclosure whereas the Data bank is an add on "internal" enclosure. it connects to the Sata interface inside and not to a USB port on the outside.

At this time PS4 doesn't support external drives for game storage and the way the current ps4 is designed they cant make a pretty one either that is to contain a harddrive.

I'm probably getting the databank... #6.2
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Heat isnt going to be much of an issue with this as I cant imagine a 3.5" drive becoming much hotter and being on top of the original location it shouldn't be restricting airflow either.

And it has its own power supply so don't worry, it pulls power from the wall through the PS4's power chord. it would virtually be the same if it had its own AC cable and you plugged it into the next socket, makes no difference for the PS4 as its not leeching power from the DC... #5.2
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So its called Gran turismo Sports?
That sounds like a spinoff, maybe something that just has Sportscars.

Maybe its a streamlined GT spinoff with Rally, sportscar circuit racing and possibly underground racing?

Actually I would like a GT game with heavy focus on realism and physics, but takes out all the less exciting and slow stuff. Maybe it gets some extra flare to it like the festival aspect of Motorstorm. I mean sportscars, challenges and exciting... #14
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Horse armor confirmed./jk #14
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