Pretty hyped for shadow fall ATM.


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I hope CA makes a another Alien game. Alien: Isolation was amazing.

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Since the release of Colonial marines I have despised Pitchford.
Gearbox should do away with him and his practices, he is a despicable twofaced cancer balloon and I won't buy a single gearbox game as long as he is there. Borderlands might be good games, but I cant support that scumbag and he deserves whatever backlash that comes his way.

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Wait have MS turned their strategy around for Scorpio?
When announced they said Scorpio would be just a beefy XO SKU and the old XO would be forward compatible with all MS games. Have anything changed in the last couple months?

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Made me think of the troll hunter. lol.

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Joel or in fact Ellie might die at some point in this game but we dont know and I dont think the trailer is any indication at all that Joel is dead and imagined by Ellie in the scene of this trailer. *Slight spoilers for TLOU ahead*

In the beginning of the trailer you see a tree with cuts in it. The cuts match up with a machete I think and Ellie has one by her feet. she could have made the cuts as a trail of cues for Joel to follow.
while in the house you cant see...

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Add to the cues that a imaginary Joel wouldnt stop to look at a dead person and checking if the place is clear.
Some have said he is a ghost because he appears from thin air and passively interacts with Ellie. I dont think so, I think it is clearly artistic lighting with excessive bloom that makes it appears as he if "materializes" right outside the house. In the trailer bloom is used elsewhere, not only the door from which Joel enters the place, the window in the room she...

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Well running games in 4K should be easy with 6TF when all you have to do is render games made and designed for running on a 1.3TF machine in a higher resolution. TRUE 4K! look at dem 2012 graphics, now in crisp 4K.
Forward compatibility is trash, the 4K models that are coming up are nice, but honestly some people pretend like they are a big deal when honestly they are refined current gen machines on roids for better VR and 4K capability.

Im saving my money for nex...

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It was obvious from the Ps4 pro reveal even that Sony is working on the PS5.
Ps4 pro was stated to be part of the ps4 generation existing alongside the base ps4 as an optional sku for new users or hardcore gamers who have 4K tv's. The way they talked about PS4, the future and generations implied they are working on the ps5. Its probably 2-3 years off, but I cant wait.

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I like it. if it were white it would look dirty pretty fast from carrying it around and holding it.
Having a white colored option would be nice though, but dark grey looks nice to me.

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*Opens my empty wallet*

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It is to be expected that graphical sacrifices will be made but this?Who put this vr spinoff together? looks like the most blatant rush job I ever saw.

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As long as it keep it real and accurate Im sure Ill love it. if the game is going to tell me global warming is racist, or racism = prejudice + power or something Im going back to get a refund.

The game have been shaping up nicely and with a serious tone so Im not worried.

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The old games doesnt stop working on old systems, but backwards compatibility is a hardware/system issue.
Remasters take time from game developers that could have been spent on making a new game, where as BC is implemented into a console hardware and software by the manufacturer.

I hope that Sony will stick with x86 for a while to ensure backwards compatibility with ps4 and future systems and hopefully implementing a functional PS3 emulator one day....

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4K version? more like a 4K patch that enables the existing game to change settings that are enabled if you have it installed on a Ps4 pro. Ps4 and Ps4 pro is virtually the same system and plays the same games developed for the base system.
Because the pro is more powerful it allows developers to offer visual or performance enhancements to be enabled if the game is running on a Pro. I dunno but refering to it like a Pro or 4K version sounds to me like it implies the Ps4 pro has its ow...

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Or it is just fog.
The fog is placed near the ground and foliage and it is creeping up along mountains like they would in a humid climate.
The game can clearly render things far away as not all far away objects are fully covered in fog.

If you have walked outside in real life youd see that far away things appear blurry due to humidity and the nature of particles and lighting so having everything look clear and crisp would look more awful to be honest than ...

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When society produced Infantilized upper and middleclass people who have topoint fingers and defend what doesnt need defending and making issues where there isnt any to the detriment of anything logical.

In this day and age air condition is sexist and global warming is racist... because reasons.

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I would love it, a whole remastered trilogy would be badass. Kz1 would probably feel quite dated, but Id play that too.

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I find the Killzone universe interesting. Killzone 2 is the most immersive FPS Ive played.
the AI was impressive (Companians could be a hassle sometimes)
Physics were amazing and probably still better than most games.
Controls were different, weighty and physical. all weapons handled significantly different.
Lighting... that game have some sick lighting and effects.
There is so much to love about Kz2.

Have a look at some of thes...

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Sony have been clear that PRO is a sidestep and an option to exist along side the regular ps4.
During the PS4 Pro conference the terms current gen and next gen was thrown around a bit, indicating that Pro is a current gen system to exist alongside Ps4 as Sony also have stated and that it really isnt an extention. its an option for new users and the niche market of people who has a 4K tv or want a better VR experience. Pro is a nice system, but it isnt that big of a deal, its not a h...

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