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Now if Microsoft will put out a nextgen wheel, with better FF torque & pedals, than the current wireless one thats been out forever, Ill be happy. I would be happy if it performed like my old Logitech Driving Force Pro even, and not have to spend $500 for an Xbox compatible one. #20
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Yep I would rather they go back to true sim as was TOCA, given Polyphony Digital isnt making the Gran Turismo I once knew and loved, anymore.
TOCA was awesome, despite not so great graphics even at the time.
If GT would just spend more time adding some of their classic tracks back, and less time on modeling an inordinate amount of crap cars... #3.2
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original FarCry was badass. #10
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No offense as everyone is entitled to their own preferences, but, I couldnt disagree more with your comment.

The original Alice game is on my top 5 list of all time great games. Just to clarify, it used the Quake III engine, not Quake I if thats what you meant.
Playing it on the PC with higher rez and better controls was the way to go. Level design was amazing. Storyline was so well written. Character development along with weapons and the variety of enemies and bosse... #22.1.1
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I suppose I would choose Giants:Citizen Kabuto, which aside from comedic moments, was a great game on PC, playstation not too much. #37
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An older thread, but, explains maybe what you were thinking. #23.2.2
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Im a Forza fan too, but, my main problem with Forza in the past, is that the Microsoft wheel is so inferior to Logitech or any of the high-end high price wheels.
Logitech doesnt offer a wheel thats compatible with Forza. Not sure which wheel youre talking about.
The G27 is PS3 only. #23.2.1
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Im not saying I agree or disagree, but, what specifically Dan Greenawalt, are your reasons that Forza is that Master, other than the very vague "immersive,executed better, offers more" response? #27
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Crap selections for the most part, imo #3
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Too many prior series ESSENTIAL tracks left out of 5. Thats my biggest disappointment. #12
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If youre gonna spend the $$ on a decent wheel, you cant hook it up to a freakin barstool. You can do it right, and relatively cheap.
My first racing rig. #4
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For Calendar year 2012, I would say the Astro A-50 wireless headset. I normally wouldnt have spent $300 on a headset, but, it was a Xmas present to myself, and I read some real positive reviews. I play a lot of Bops Zombies, and although the clarity was there and the comfort was like wearing comfy slippers, the sense of direction was way off for some reason, so I took them back. Couldnt tell if a zombie was behind me or in front of me. #89
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I agree with panitkqb.
I own both so Im a fan of both consoles. The article appeared to be written by a 12 year old--no offense to 12 years olds. #1.1.27
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-- Reported by the community --
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What a poor list. How can you not mention Undying. Must be under 20 yrs old I guess #9
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I like the other one #3.1.1
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Yeah, that design looks extremely badass. #2.2
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Im pretty old too bro--47. Btw, if you havent checked out this free site, and you still get a kick out of the old 8bit Nintendo games... #43.3
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or Sony could come out with a PS3 model that plays PS2 games, like the original PS3. That would sell #47
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Well thats a shame if it in deed is a departure from its Sims root, and leaning more towards an arcade racer. I didnt even know Turn 10 wasnt doing it. #1
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