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Such a badly made video, with a crap title.
Who approves this stuff?

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Such a waste of space for N4G, articles written in that way.
You can send the same message but in a better way.

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Mechanical keyboards are GREAT. My razer one is nice, even if I now HATE razer customer support.

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I won every single item, so stop commenting for your mental sake

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I love N4G initiatives, they are always GREAT!

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"Review" is a big word for that---

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Too long for 120 mins? :O
So taking the powers and beating the boss is too long for a movie? Come on, that would've been a so boring movie, just a "fabula"!
And plainly generic.

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Please, some Grammar Nazi Hacker on this website.

Anyway, the game needs singleplayer contents. Story, or something like it, is needed in a not-always-online game.

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Cheap Plastic Game.

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Useless list. It lists, along with clear "narrative idiocy", only clichés. "Tutorial crouching and jumping blah blah", that's a game mate, tutorials are NECESSARY for newcomers. Maybe 10-15 items in this list are worth, the rest are TOTALLY useless.

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"We Ti Terun" does not means anything in Italian.
In one of the many dialects we got, without the "We" can mean "You are a southern folk".
So, definitely not linked to italian language as the article says. :O

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Even typo gets approved here? :O

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Top 6?
Are there more of 'em? :O

Just Joking! :)

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Well, bad article, with not a single good argument.

They're cashcowing every series they can, Developers. :)

And AC is one of them. Differences between AC and CoD are to be found in the core of the game. For AC is Storytelling-Singleplayer, for CoD is Competitive-Multiplayer.
So, a comparation is useless.

AC, I think, will be like any CoD, Madden, Fifa or Pro Evo Soccer: yearly re-booted.

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Wait, Kingdom of Amalur is a mediocre game in every way. Play the Demo. Then come here comment about it.
Come on, KoA devs and pubs , there's no needing of crap-talking Skyrim to "look better".

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OMG, For real?
Let's go to the FLAME-MOBILE!
The Flooddynamic-duo must flame every single X360 post with some "X360 CAN BE HACKED! OMG! "


Jokes apart, sorry for who had lost some personal info and accounts. It happened once to me, and it has taken months to get em all back.

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Translate in english, please.

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Who the hell approve those ADVERTISING articles?

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You know, a 3D model isn't a statue. The devs, if they want it, can fix the place, the form and movements of any 3d model in any game. So, after a couple of stunts recorded with this tech, they can use it even for a Skyrim Like Game: main character with this tech, rest of 'em modified by a procedurally generated algorithm.

This tech is WAY TOO expensive to be used in games, at the actual stadium. Maybe, if the people buy a lot of games with it in, it can drop the pri...

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The point of your whole article may be or may be not a nice one, I'm not arguing about this.
What I totally dislike is your way to "do" Journalism. You think you can write anything you think, without doing a little research.
I COULD understand the "hookers" defaiance, if only you have made a little, one sec google research for the dev name.

The things you are talking about are, for someone, interesting. I'm really interested in read...

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