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I couldn't agree more. :( What's sad is that she clearly loves the character and wants to do him again, but they just won't call her back.

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I honestly believe that at $10, we're going to see lots of content coming. This game has a ton of room for growth, and I think could potentially be the new multiplayer game of 2013. That 'old reliable' that everyone falls back on when they run out of new games to play.

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Yes. Just yes.

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I think that most of us would agree that if we loved MGS, David Hayter would be on the top five list for sure... maybe even top three.

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Anything to squeeze another dime from you. :)

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What would you rather see? Or what makes videos of other people playing the same game more fun/entertaining?

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I agree 100%. Breath of Fire may need a little refreshing, but it certainly still has a place in this world, especially among its fans.

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I disagree with those who have mentioned that these games are not being talked about. They are, but only when there's new stuff to say.

I mean, how many people are honestly going to go "Yeah, remember that game Deep Down? I still like it and still think it's going to be awesome."

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My, aren't we witty?

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What a fantastic read. It was quite amusing.

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I think you nailed why this is an issue in the first place:

"...I also know that female and other minority protagonists are relatively rare in gaming, especially if you're looking for legitimately well-developed characters."

This is exactly why Luke wrote this article, and why it is an issue in general.

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Only a select few knew she was actually a lady... :)

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This is what I'm worried about most, especially with all of the murmurs about PS4. I'm worried that $70 will buy us a 5-6 hour game only, with DLC and micro-transactions 'completing' the experience for us. I'm not a fan of the episodic game play either.

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"Have some extra cash? Why not spend it to expedite your progress in your game!"

I get that life is all about moving quickly and technology and speed, but goodness what happened to just enjoying a game the way it was meant to be played?

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Only if you aren't using them, it isn't. For me, it certainly would be.

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There is a lot of confusion about BC, and frankly, the topic gets me heated beyond belief.

I will say this: there are people who believe BC isn't important to a consumer purchase, and maybe it isn't, but I can say that the convenience certainly isn't something to take lightly.

There are people who say that BC wasn't always available, but they've been doing BC for a long time, and it became more prevalent when we moved to a disc based media...

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Thank you for creating valid and accurate conversations based on facts and not on asinine opinions of feelings.

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Coming from someone who reads these 'douchy' articles, I'd rather see someone's opinion than 45 people post the same piece of news over and over again. :)

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I can be on board with this.

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It wasn't a duplicate. I used the title from where I pulled the article by mistake instead of using the source title. I have fixed it now. It doesn't change what the article says though.

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