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Surprisingly it appeals to a lot of people. My friend goes on home a lot, personally I didn't realise why, but it does appeal to more people than you might initially think.

Don't underestimate the power of 'Free' and 'Social'.

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- Game is nothing like Dead Rising or Left 4 Dead in all honesty.

- Shaun of the Dead, last good zombie film? I'm a huge fan of zombies and I seriously can't believe you did not include Zombieland. Each to their own I guess.

- I think it's unfair you putting this article out so early. You don't know what the film will be like. I'm actually getting a feeling it'll be what the trailer was and in some small cases, 'what the game shoul...

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Grow up. Just because you want to marry and have it's babies doesn't mean I do. I prefer PES, always have done. I've tried Fifa, and I didn't like it. Stop being a patronizing jerk and realise people are different.

PES Lost it's way the past few years, but the 2nd demo for PES 2012 was simply great.

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PES get's a lot of hate from the FIFA fanboys. They literally defend FIFA like it's the holy grail of everything to ever have importance. One of the comments on the site says 'Fifa is better in every aspect', No. I personally prefer PES, but I'm not gonna say Fifa is a bad game, just doesn't match my tastes. But Fanyboys who make these comments need to grow up.

PES will continue to get slaughtered from all the Fifa fanboys and it's sad to see. PES2...

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Great article, after reading it there's not much I can say other than not everyone is like that. Some people actually have respect for one another online. Sexism and Racism is socially accepted in online gaming in most cases, and quite frankly it's disgusting. Even if it is 'only the internet', you still have no right to degrade people so bad that they feel victimised.

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I'm not a PC Gamer at all. I've always wanted to play a Diablo game, as a solid RPG fan I always felt like I was missing out a little not playing Diablo 2. If Diablo 3 makes it way to the PS3 then I'm going to be happy for the sole reason that I get to experience the game too (:

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It's not even been a month and you've lost interest in this great game? Your loss, I'll be here with my Wakizashi plowing my way through zombies whilst you miss out 8)

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I understand that... but is it really like that? The reason I said it barely effects it was cause I was hoping the pop followers weren't as brainwashed as that. It's sad to see when pop culture literally decides what games you buy as well... I know there are a bunch of people who only buy what's introduced to them, but honestly, I didn't think the number would be all that big in terms of sales.

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They don't neccessarily sell instantly, but they do grab in a whole lot of attention. As a zombie lover any zombie game that looks half decent, I look into it and then see if it's worth my money. There's just something about zombies and killing them which is incredibly fun and satisfying for reasons unknown.

I think some people do buy games as soon as they hear zombies, but I also thing many people look at the game at hand first. As a zombie lover, we have high st...

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Gears is a First person shooter? News to me. And what other exclusives first person shooters do you have? And that right there is why they sell tons.

Ah well, what do I know...

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This is ludricious to say the least. 360 games sell more because of pop culture? I'm pretty sure when you look at the games you don't think 'If a Hip-hop star is in this game I'm definitely getting it!' you usually look at the gameplay and the game itself...

I might be missing something here, but how can you even say this is the reason behind 360 exclusives selling more?

Pop culture is huge and sure this happening is going to be cool for...

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Great article on Dead Island right here. Whilst most people are complaining about the bugs, it's actually nice to have someone talk about the beautifully designed game. The only thing I can add to the article is personally I find the weapon system to really be immersive, in the aspect of hunting down them boxes with weapons inside, you never just know when that orange weapon is just around the corner. Which is strikingly similiar to Borderlands, but it's rewarding and really fun becau...

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They deserve each and every sale, great game. Just need to iron out the bugs.

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I'm pretty sure they're playing on the 360, so they will be using a HD PVR to record.

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Answer = Hardly any different.

"It looks, plays and feels like MW2" - Hutch

Though saying that, I'm not saying that's a bad thing. But holy hell there are far too many killstreaks this time around...

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Skip it, and 2/5?

Wow... I actually expected a review of this y'know? In turn I found myself not finding an opinion, but you listing all the games bugs.

The first 3 paragraphs are talking about purely the games back drop and 4 characters, in my opinion reviews should only have this in them if they are long enough and mention enough about the actual gameplay too. But the fact 3 of the paragraphs are on the backdrop, the next one talks about how the syste...

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Isn't unique?

Name one open world RPG zombie game with 4 player co-op.

Each mechanic isn't unique, but the collaberation of all the mechanics in one game with zombies? Can't go wrong.

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People keep talking about this, but I have yet to see it. Where the hell is this difficulty button? I've been through options numerous times and don't know where people have seen a difficulty option.

This is ruining co-op completely... what's the fun of the game when you have a full inventory of super rare weapons with amazing mods? The game will simply not be challenging at all... Nor will it make the game more fun... At least if you're gonna use this stick ...

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All you have done is moan about this game, past comments include you just listing these bugs over and over. Instead of constantly moaning about this game and trying to make it look bad, try focusing on some of the positives.

If it's so buggy for you, why are you still playing it? If it's buggy is it not wise to play another game and wait for the patch that fixes these problems? Fallout3 froze a lot... a hell of a lot, Dead Island for me playing strictly co-op has froz...

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Mystic, I have the PS3 version with the update and I haven't once came across anything like that, and I've strictly played co-op. I can definitely see how annoying the lost weapons would be considering it does take a while to get money to upgrade and repair. But I am halfway through the game, and the only bugs I've encountered in DI are freezing bugs and the save one. The save one has only happened once and I lost 10 minutes of gameplay, but yeah, you do know there's a way to ...

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