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"and even borrowed the game from my friend and played it to the end"

sure you did

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You played the game through youtube...

Honestly don't know why you aggro ND so much, considering your favorite devs love the last of us

Look who else visited ND

Shinji Mikami, btw was a huge fan of TLOU

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Wow... I don't log into N4G for 5 months, and you guys gave j-blaze 4 bubbles.

Great job


Meh, this site went to shit anyways, I typically ignore the comments because of fanboys and the utter stupidity here.

Whatever... Im leaving

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I thought this was a console review... its just the IoS version

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I'm sorry... but Killer Frost and Ares...


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The more I hear about AC4... the more I think it was a new pirate IP, but Assassins Creed was slapped on instead so it would sell.

The weird thing is that the creative director keeps saying stealth is a major component of AC4.

I'm really not feeling this game.

With an abundance of quality releases, and new consoles this year... I'm not really interested by AC4

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The people who still think Ellie is Ellen Paige blows my mind.

Ellie is played by Ashley Johnson.. not Ellen Paige

Ellen Paige is in Beyond

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Can I just ask... who the hell approves these crap articles?

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The vocal minority?

The people who are telling it to stop are fans who have been playing AC since the first one. (Ignore the jaded who never played the games, or think they are overrated)

AC is so unique, that it deserves time and care for these games to be crafted.

Simply put, the yearly releases prevent AC from reaching its true potential.

I don't want them to kill AC, but just slow the releases down. Maybe a new game ...

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What the hell are they talking about?

Almost everyone wants them to stop the yearly releases.It effects the quality of the overall games and feels stale.

But im guessing they are talking about "sales" and not actual opinions

sigh... they probably have AC5 and 6 in the works already

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I think this is going to be like MGS2 with the scenarios (Tanker/Plant)

With Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes being two different open worlds

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Weird thing is he is doing the voice for Metal Gear Rising dlc.

So maybe this was done because Big Boss is getting older

But yeah, it doesn't feel the same with out him

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Lol... I spent 2 bucks just to see if its legit

Its just that edward kenway trailer

Whatever, filled a report and got a refund in less than 10 minutes

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I think they are trying to sell it as an upgrade from the wii.

Kinda like how when microsoft compares the different versions of windows and office

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But its not supposed to be a horror game, its a survival action game

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They both enjoy it though. They keep calling everyone who comments to them white and fat, that rape is regarded well in society and calls everyone who asks them how they got a rape joke out of a roofie joke an idiot

Nothing changed, just people looking to annoy others

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Almost every modern stealth game has a mode that lets you look through walls and spot enemies


Assassins Creed

Batman: Arkham games

Hitman: Absolution

Splinter cell

and a lot more

And besides, using listen mode hinders your movement

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Oh my god... reading that chain made me despise people.

Both gamers and feminists

Gamers for being retarded for telling women to get raped, and feminists for generalizing gamers as white and fat

Seriously, you called Ken Levine porky?

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Lol.. the ending

Thats sniper ghost warrior bad

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I find it humorous how some of these critics are spinning that "kratos stomps the face of a defenseless woman"

and then start faulting SSM for being misogynistic, despite

1) The studio head is a woman
2) The games have been written by a woman
3) SSM has a close to even male:female ratio

and don't get me started on the defenseless BS

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