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Stranger's Rifle, Oversoul Edict, Timur's Lash, Saterienne Rapier and The Calling are all underrated weapons. The ones listed in this article are, in fact, not.

Seriously, Thunderlord? Next thing you'll say is that Gjallarhorn and Fatebringer are underrated.

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Please note that the video itself cannot be embedded since an embed isn't available.

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Title changed for N4G due to length, but means the same thing.

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Title changed on N4G to reflect content.

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Look at the vents and the emphasis on them...the 8 Gig Ram needs a lot of cooling....

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Without a doubt. I'm particularly interested in how Jodie's looks have changed throughout.

Plus explosions. :D

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Anime style novelization...great...too bad never got to see the light of the day...

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There is definitely going to be a Gears game..You have to be out of your damn mind to say this...I just hope its a multiplatform one...

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The controller and its gestures makes it look even more like heavy rain...

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The on with the vein looks awesome...I doubt they should do a DKR videogame...Arkham City will be too hard too beat...

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Holy sheet are those Banshees?

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Can something be old school for gods sake am sick of FPSs and cover based shooters..

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That bleeding cross concept is dark...reallly dark

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I had only noticed the motion capture when I had seen the video once...This is extreme nerdcore...I just play games...

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Anyone remember this....

This thing looks exactly like that except less freaky...

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I agree with you at one level, the lambent locust werent too much fun to play with in the game, however Epic has balanced their section out with the original horde and tight compelling combat situations in the game...

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I wonder how much more can they refine the mechanics of the game...

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They might add the stuff in the DLC that is coming up...

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The resume states started working from 2011, I dont see any outlets report that..

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They were never any good...I played the first Socom on the PS2 and was like this the best Sony's got online...

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