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The rumour that never ends
I mean come on. Will this rumour ever end? MGS4 coming to xbox 360? #1
There shouldn't be any double standards
They were both very lame #4
You are forgetting that blue dragon was supposed to be one of the greatest jrpgs ever made
That and lair are probably the biggest flops in gmaing history if this is true #46.1
For this sku
They will announce another sku is my bet. At 400 $'s. #2
Broken link
Was this an editorial or a fanboy rant? Because I am thinking the second one for many reasons, 1. Gametrailers didn't state that ps3 had an unimpressive showing, but that the price drop was limited sucked. and 2. THe site is broken link, and cannot be seen. #1
Will be awesome if sonic is in #3
I guess everyone is ps fan droid
If they think gt 5 looks visually more impressive then pgr4, or forza 2 :(. I don't care about racers, but I find it funny how the xbox 360 fans, and ps3 fans fight about their preferences in gameplay. GT5 had the best grraphics out of the 3, but now it has sucky gameplay? #95
Number 21
I withstand 100's of your rants, and have finally ignored you. Congratulations, you, videogame4life, and bill gates are the 3 people I have ignored. #11.1
NO $hit they did
Eight days, killzone 2 walkthrough, heavy rain, and getaway 3. #1
they should sue epic
just like silicon knights #21
Epic will most likely
Refuse to license them the unreal engine 3 now. It is going to restart their whole development on a different engine. #5.1
Why did you state the psn game tag for 2 people?
It is just pure spam. :(. anyways, mine is
nhh123 for xbl
nhh1 for psn :). #6.1
This just means that too human
Will be delayed forever. I don't see this game coming out before 2009 now. #1.5
I guess you are forgetting about 2 games
Mass Effect and too human. Both are supposed to have 3 part trilogy, and neither have come out. #6.3
If this is true
Then there would be no use getting a pc for this game. I would be able to play the better ut3 players with kb/m on a ps3. Now only if crysis, and starcraft 2 implement the ps3 kb/m, I would never need to upgrade #14
Congratulation I think this is the first news report that got approved
with over 35+ reports. #25
That is alot of planets. So much value in this game. #2
So The wii suddenly won the war in 8 months? Isn't it a battle for 1st place between each 3 systems still? Am I missing something? #1
I like the way he talks
It makes him seem more realistic, when he speaks his mind. He is unlike most other developers in that way. HIm and peter moore are my favorites because of this. They seem more human like, and seem to be able to talk to easily. I know fanboys will hate him for being a sony employee that speaks his mind, but in my opinion that is what makes him such a great member of the gaming community. He shows his frusteration publicly, and gets alot of news attention because he is one of the best developers. #9.1
Who created this?
I'm just wondering #1
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