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We like to be very optimistic with our predictions :) Nothing is too far-fetched for us.

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Unfortunately, no. Maybe it will be in DLC though ;).

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Because the idea of telling a story in the second person probably would not work, unless you were playing as a character watching your character while narrating.

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The game tells you what score you need, but not how to improve it.

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I have mostly been playing through the game single player, and it is still enjoyable.

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If you read the review you will find it's much more.

But hey, it's your loss.

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honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if the graphics are barely mentioned in reviews. It's all about the gameplay.

As for "unoriginality" I see plenty of originality.

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That's a good point. The lead up to the release has been dragged out quite a bit by Xbox and Respawn (and us I suppose), but I'm still excited. :D

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going by my definition of new and original, I think Titanfall is a new and original game. Just because you shoot stuff, does not make it unoriginal.

Hey, I can walk about and fight stuff, how unoriginal...

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For some reason, it reminded me of GTA, with the only exception that you cannot get out of the car.

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I wrote the preview, and I actually had no idea what people were saying about Gran Turismo 6 prior to writing the piece.

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Haha, that's true. I should have just made that the whole article, one sentence. *not sarcasm

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I never said I liked tacked on multiplayer.

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Don't take the picture on the article as the subject of the article, I just wanted that picture to have PCs and Consoles in it. This really is nothing about which is better.

I definitely agree with you, though, it's the games that matter.

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Dark Souls is actually I good example I forgot about. Don't quote me, but I believe the highest resolution was 1200x720?

I agree that the PC community has some very talented people who take time out of their busy lives to create mods for higher res textures, etc, it's awesome!

Thanks for reading.

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I completely understand your point. I understand PCs vary in performance and capabilities, but let's think about the guy who spends $5000 on his PC. Even if he can play his games on the highest setting, he still is not getting visuals that are equivalent to what we saw with the PS4 trailers.

Your argument is very valid, and I know there are so many different factors to take into account when discussing the topic, but I decided to examine it by generalising PCs.

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Great find, can't wait for BF4!

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While I understand your reasons for why you liked the game, a lot of those reasons were why I didn't like the game. The original mechanics don't hold up today and gamers will find the game boring if they play with the updated control scheme. The best way to play this game is with the original control scheme of only being able to shoot what's infront of you. This is mainly because of the way the AI moves.

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I do know about pins, but you can't pin the whole Games Marketplace to your home screen can you?

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I never said I knew anything about next-gen.

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