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PSX is the weekend. What you are talking about is a Conference/Keynote something Sony Announced they weren't doing this year. It's your fault you got overhyped even after Sony said they weren't doing anything like that.

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This wasn't a keynote this was just an opening ceremony. It's your fault you got hyped after Sony said they were not doing a conference and it would be more laidback.

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Chris Avellone isn't with Obsidian anymore. Latest games he worked on were Prey and Divinity: Original Sin 2.

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I had no idea this was only on PS4 and PC.

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Not really. It doesn't have any games. Anything that comes to it that is "exclusive" ill buy for my PC. Really no point of owning an Xbox One or any iteration of it.

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Sorry ill be supporting this I like it. When R* starts getting the same backlash for how they treat GTA V from the gaming press and gamers maybe ill change my mind.

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femini...... Nevermind.

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Should have saved The last of us reveal for E3.

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They said it was coming and we would hear more info about it and nothing ever since.

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Hey R* i'm still waiting for the Single player DLC you promised and teased.

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I don't get the same joy as I once did. But that may just be me I see many of my friends enjoying games and such more often than I. Even though I buy more games than they do. I've been trying to get out of this funk I'm in about games.

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GTA V isn't as good as people remember it. It took many steps back and this is coming from a grand theft auto fanboy.

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I believe this is fake. But if you are saying its 100% fake because Ellie's scar is on the wrong side you have too much confidence in magazine editors. For all we know they could have just flipped the image to fit the page better.

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Honestly, I don't really care.

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I love the look. Such a cool cover style.

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There is a ton wrong with G2A you guys need to look into it. I would recommend not ever using the site.

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Solid showing of games we already knew about. Aside from a small select few. But I really want to know how the Xbox Fanboys feel about MS up and jumping ship to PC. What's the point of owning a XB1 if I have a good PC?

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No Fanboy here but you do know PS4 has way more exclusives than XB1 right?

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I agree I just played through the first mission and was actually having fun. There is also a lot of meat to the game so you can play for a long time at least that's what it looks like. I also think it should have been 2D and not 3D.

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