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Git Gud Scrub

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Resident Evil 7 was one of my favorite games of 2017. I’ve replayed it 4 times and I’ve done the speed run trophy. I plan on getting the platinum when I get time. Everyone I know who’s played it loved it.

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It's not A song. Its many Songs and almost a full Station. A part of GTA is the Music if it is taken out they have removed more than just some "songs" they removed the soul of the game.

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Me since its the best GTA to date.

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I just popped in GTA4+EFLC and there was no update. So disc based versions may be safe. For now..

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So spring can be GTA 4 Remaster for the 10th anniversary. Please?

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I hope it doesn't happen. This wouldn't be good for gaming overall.

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Disney would probably end the contract if this happened. They aren't too pleased with EA.

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That's honestly different. Sony bought companies who had been making exclusives for PS. All this would do is hurt the gamers and the companies MS buys. Pubg Corp is the only one of these that makes sense. Unless MS Buys EA or valve and keeps it multiplatform it kills those companies.

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This wouldn't be good for any gamers.

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All jokes aside this update has blocked me from logging into PSN. Can't do anything.. Thanks Sony.

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PSX is the weekend. What you are talking about is a Conference/Keynote something Sony Announced they weren't doing this year. It's your fault you got overhyped even after Sony said they weren't doing anything like that.

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This wasn't a keynote this was just an opening ceremony. It's your fault you got hyped after Sony said they were not doing a conference and it would be more laidback.

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Chris Avellone isn't with Obsidian anymore. Latest games he worked on were Prey and Divinity: Original Sin 2.

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I had no idea this was only on PS4 and PC.

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Not really. It doesn't have any games. Anything that comes to it that is "exclusive" ill buy for my PC. Really no point of owning an Xbox One or any iteration of it.

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Sorry ill be supporting this I like it. When R* starts getting the same backlash for how they treat GTA V from the gaming press and gamers maybe ill change my mind.

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femini...... Nevermind.

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Should have saved The last of us reveal for E3.

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