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Awesome looking game! Holy crap!

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Not sure I agree that the series was any more fun to play then than it is now. I guess it's gotten worse, but the Sonic Adventure series sucked when compared to the 16-bit titles (the Sega CD gem . . . untoppable). The Sonic Adventure series, for many of us longtime fans, was the first sign something was seriously wrong with the direction of the series.

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Finally someone says it. The action crap (car chases, explosions, and distractions from the sense of isolation and fear from that rickety old decaying mansion) started with the "legendary" Resident Evil 2. Resident Evil is a one game franchise to me. The other releases I ignore, save for Resident Evil 4. But, again, that's an entirely different game. Stop whining! They got it right in Resident Evil 1, so play it.

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My fingers are crossed, although I didn't really like either Sonic Adventure.

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I'm still wary of this one after Resident Evil 5. The series took a major dive after the first release on PS1 and became an action film with car chases and big explosions. I miss the rickety, creepy old mansion and sense of isolation. Capcom clearly don't understand what made the classic first game so good.

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Talk to a store manager sometime then. Also read up on the Dreamcast. It's very common.

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Is the most important question really whether games should be allowed in prison, or where the money to pay for them should come from?

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Most of the companies lose money on console sales. The stores do as well. Any merchant will tell you the money is made up by merchandise and game sales.

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Amazing game, and one of the best on SNES. So many combos. Underrated!

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Great take on the series' direction. Not sure I like the direction, even for a spin-off, though the graphics look nice. I'm interested tro see what Hideo would do for the series. His entry in the Castlevania series was, I hear, much overlooked.

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Actually, they have moved on to better things. Six key members of the team formed Human Head Studios back in 1997, likely out of frustration with the company. Human Head has produced some great games, including Prey and Rune.

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Crazy looking game.

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Nah --

No console fanboy-ism here. I was weaned on an Amiga. No idea how long you've been a gamer, but compared to the glory days of the early 1990s, PC gaming is not at all what it used to be. No one said it's "dying," either. It does need to be revived to ba able to compete with console/mobil gaming, however. Also, Microsoft needs a nice product and campaign to keep up with Apple, particularly in the hardware market.

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Fails huh? Does it "epic fail," too? Interesting that you say the game is available at thge Windows 8 store since it has a release date of October 26th.

The cmpnay has been very secretive, particularly with screens, until the Penny Arcade expo, at least.

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Nice article, Nan!

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