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The "curse" has been broken many times already, it's a BS thing to begin with. Win or lose, if being on the cover gets you all the way to the Super Bowl and lighting up the opposing secondary for most of the game, then I imagine every single QB in the league will happily sign up.

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It does violate canon as much as a wardrobe change, even more so in some aspects. It's just their excuse for being lazy with these games, IMO. They're fun, but EA has no desire to make them great like the old ones were.

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Nah. Replacing progression with loot boxes was a garbage decision, but the core game is still good.

I'd lean more towards Friday the 13th myself. Simple enough premise that sounded great on paper, but it was a horrible mess of a game.

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While Bright Engrams are cosmetic, Destiny surely isn't innocent in its progression system.

DICE/EA locked away certain characters behind hours of grinding but had an option to pay to get there quicker. Bungie/Activision locked away entire gameplay modes until you've done hours of grinding, but didn't give you the option to pay to get there quicker.

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I know it took a lot of flack, but I'm willing to bet that boomerang controller wouldn't have been bad at all. I used to have a similar PC controller and it was all sorts of comfortable.

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The only thing holding me back is the fact that I don't have $299.

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I put so many hours into the Bushido Blade games, loved them both. I'd gladly donate to anyone interested in doing a remake.

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It's in the terms when you sign up for the trial. Not Amazon's fault that people don't bother reading them.

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I may be wrong, but I think he was talking about Kotaku, not GT.

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Disadvantages? HA!

When I see holes, I see increased maneuverability when the wind is blowing, as well as instant viewpoints to check and see if it's still raining. And not to mention the umbrella is lighter overall and is cost beneficial for consumers. If we'd filled in the holes now, we'd inevitably had to charge you more. Now you get to choose to pay to fill in those holes!

See sir, you look at holes and see disadvantages, when they are really ...

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Almost. The last one was a bit better, had EndWar and Double Agent on it. Other than that, it's basically replaced R6:Siege with The Division.

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Seriously, people act like they don't know how Humble Bundle works. They haven't done any evil act, they just threw a beta into a pay level of their bundle.

Some people just turn stupid when it comes to trashing things they don't like.

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Many companies have stipulations in their employee contracts about what they can and cannot do in public, even if they're not officially representing the company. Even though I'm not in the games industry, I can get suspended or even fired for even communicating with certain people or saying things on Facebook that are completely unrelated to the organization I work for. It's all about public perception, and that is almost always in a employee contract to some degree.

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Did you really just make an account to troll DriveClub?

Insecure much?

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Not if you don't read them.

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Had those days off for years. Even disregarding the game releases, life is so much more convenient having days off during the week.

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True, but I imagine a large part of that is that the reviewers may not find a lot of bugs. They have to play it relatively fast, or not really get to play everything in order to get the review out. While Bethesda games always have bugs, you can easily do a playthrough and not find many if you don't really explore.

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I don't think anyone was realistically expecting a super high quality piece of machinery here. You're basically looking at sixty bucks for the Pip-boy and case.

Personally, if I don't like the look of mine, I'll try to find a local artist who can make it looked distressed. Maybe try to match that mini-nuke PC collection I bought.

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Looks like what they're doing across the board, now, though. Seems like they're resigned to the idea of not being able to catch Sony this gen, so they are concentrating their PR on the things they do really well, like having a lot of online users, great attach rates, making money, etc. It's smart.

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Yeah, we may never know the real split, but a lot of different products went into that number. Special edition consoles, games, headsets, controllers, etc. Good to see the franchise isn't dead.

Your right about the sales numbers, though. MS's biggest franchise versus Sony price drop... FIGHT!

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