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Damn, might want to check that cloth for glass shards or something. I clean mine with a microfiber cloth that has a very light amount of LCD cleaner applied and it still looks great. Same for my original model PS3. #1.1
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I just hope it's a good kind of long, and not the pointless Assassin's Creed style of long. Open world is great, but repetitive side quests are not. #6
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Silent Hill hasn't sold that well in a long time, though. I don't think any of them have even hit the million mark. Something with Kojima-del Toro-Reedus might do better, but it's still a niche franchise.

While I don't doubt MS or another publisher might buy the franchise, anything in the billions just seems extreme for what little return these games have had. #1.7.2
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I personally like the idea of another super destroying the shield. Personally, I think every super should cancel the others, it would make for a good balance. #1.1
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I got three out of there yesterday. The path behind those minotaurs is a quick trip to a new area. #1.1
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I much prefer shooters to where it's not almost an automatic death if you don't get the first trigger pull. A little back and forth makes it much better experience, in my opinion.

Call of Duty takes the instant death scenarios to the extreme, Battlefield isn't too far behind... and some games like Destiny have redone their weapon damages to head farther down that path. #2.2
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I still have that game back in the closet. I liked it as a kid, but man it has some issues. #1.1.1
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I really liked using Vader and Starkiller in Soulcaliber. A full-blown Star Wars fighting game could potentially be fantastic. #1
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If it's a deal where he doesn't like EA's involvement in his projects, then he won't be any better off at Sledgehammer. They've been with Activision for six years and still haven't made the 3rd person COD they joined up for. #1.2.1
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You actually fight him in both Outer Heaven and Zanzibarland, which is MG 1 and 2, respectively. #1.2.1
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That's some misterxmedia level crazy right there, I love it. #1.7.2
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Why? The framerate is much better, and the difference in visuals isn't noticeable unless you just stop and really stare at details. #2.4
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There are definitely some people who are obsessed with having their box be better. Sad, but that's the way it is. Most people don't care that much, though, as long as it looks nice.

On a side note, The Order's resolution isn't really 800p. It is 1080p cut down to wide screen format, not really the same. #2.1.2
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He said DX12 and "similar updates to the ps4". He didn't say dx12 was going to the ps4.

Not to say I completely agree with everything he said, framerate is an issue on both consoles to varying degrees. #4.1.2
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Sounds like IGN. #6.3
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Freeball, it's even higher than that adjusted for inflation. Something from the earlier 90s is pretty much doubled by today's money, meaning games would be costing well over 100 dollars. Stuff from the 80s is even more. Gaming is much cheaper now than it was back then. #1.1.3
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MGS is fine how it is. If you're going to remake something, remake Metal Gear 1 and 2, not the Solid series again. #17
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Try reading the article next time, he very plainly said they both have advantages. #3.3
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Sold more consoles out of it from the people who replaced banned ones, and people who like me who wanted one for modding and one normal. #10.1.2
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Unless I was getting the "I have lots of money for videogames" edition, I'd definitely wait. Between now and then they'll surely be some good preorder incentives to take advantage of. #7
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