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"... with indefinite graphical improvements and adjustments just the way EA does. It undoubtedly will look fantastic with the new reconciliations."

What does that even mean? #2
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Don't forget that Driveclub was built from scratch in this 1.5 - 2 year time frame. Forza has tons of pre-existing models to copy over to new games.

Not saying Driveclub isn't disappointing me a bit, but it is much easier to make a big sequel than it is to make a new IP. #5.1.3
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I remember buying $5 magazines just so I could play a certain demo on the included disc. Gamers have it so much better now and still complain about it. #13
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I still don't think it's that bad considering what they had to do. Decent amount of content (and looks great!) for a new IP made in around two years. #1.2
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How is it a downgrade if the PC version actually looks like that? It's not Watch Dogs where the best version available still doesn't look as good as they originally showed.

Granted, I don't believe the console version will look quite that good, but the "downgrade" term is getting thrown around where it shouldn't be sometimes. #3.1.2
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Head-strong, you're barking up the wrong tree with that "fanfools" garbage.

The plain fact is that both systems slow down during that brief second of loading and it has nothing to do with graphical power. It's simply that the X1 loaded a bit better, which the article plainly talks about elsewhere.

Regardless, that second is largely irrelevant in the context of the overall ability of the systems to run the game. In that case, they both slow... #5.1.3
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Does a one second drop in an obvious loading area really warrant mentioning? #5.1
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Of course not, but they do throw out C4 from helicopters. #7.1
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Got mine, but I'm at work until midnight. NOOOO!!!! #1.1.11
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Backbreaker had the base of what could have been a great football game, but camera angle made it very difficult to play at times. Couple that with not having the NFL, it was never going to go that far. #5.1
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I would play the hell out of that. #3
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You can't really remaster games that old in the way it's being down with these games, especially for PS1. They were made before the times of super detailed textures and such. It'll just be going from blurry looking pooh to slightly sharper pooh.

If you're talking about remaking them, then I'm down for that. I would pay double for a new Bushido Blade. #4.2
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While a couple of them I might well buy, my complaint is that the time taken to make these remasters could have been spent making a new game. #1.1.3
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No, they discontinued it permanently several years ago, best I remember. Series kinda went downhill before they did, anyway.

Besides, like EA or not, they've made some pretty good NHL games. #2.1
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Did you have trouble reading or what. He said the official announcement was hyperbole, but the GDC had more to it.

Besides, this isn't a Naughty Dog statement, and neither of them actually criticized DX12, specifically, but said DirectX itself slows you down because it isnt as low-level access. DX12 is specifically designed to cut away overhead and give developers more control to load balancing and such that lower lever APIs already do. #1.1.7
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I don't think he's saying as much role-playing as he is situation-playing. I can dig that. I have no desire to be other people, I personally like who I am. However, I do like the idea of being in different worlds. Because of that, I make my customer characters as close to me as I can. That lets "me" go out and explore new places without having to worry about a character's motivations. #1.1.15
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I assume there is a disclaimer saying, "No proceeds will be used to fix this game." #5
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- MrTehDiNGO

Really? That's what you're wanting?

I'm hoping for both companies to do well so there will be more great games for me to play. #1.1.2
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And even before Kill Switch there was WinBack. #1.7.6
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