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Sorry bud but your reading of the ad isn't correct. The gift says "free when you buy this Xbox ONE." Generally speaking ads do not use the "$xxx value" because that is typically deceptive so the price listed is the price you pay. If you look at the Xbox One it has a listed price of 399.99 and at its beginning says 70$ savings. The $120 value is the value of the 2 free games (they assume $60 msrp)So no the 50$ gift card is not tacked onto ...

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So you are saying there is something wrong there just because you feel you have to defend your credentials as a gamer because you went the grind route and someone paid?? Come on man it's video games. If you choose to grind to get a car, its just that, your choice. If you choose to pay for it, maybe you felt your time was worth more than the constant grind to get the car you want....again it's your choice. Also, buying the car doesn't make the person a be...

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So you validated that what you are referring to is a purchase of either credits or tokens within game in order to circumvent the grinding that would normally be necessary in order to purchase some of those more expensive cars. So i am curious, why wasn't it a big deal to previously have to grind for those cars, before PSN or XBL, but now its a big deal that you can pay to skip that grind? That is the real issue I have, specifically when you start talking ab...

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I'd simply avoid the game then. If a Soul Calibur game isn't going to follow the previous model, then i have 0 use for it. Its an SC game with no multiplayer, why would you even look at it in the first place. Also, frankly I'd give some credit to the developer since they realized that adding the MP would make the game less entertaining for folks as a result of the model, most likely realizing it was going to alienate a number of players. And please don't get me wrong. Frankly ...

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So just curious but the costs that you are indicating for both Forza and Grand Turismo.....how exactly are you coming up with the 80 and 120 dollar figures? I have never seen a car pack cost that much as far as DLC. With Forza, yes you can buy tokens to purchase cars on the quick for actual use, but that is in no way a necessity. It is simply a shortcut to bypass what would have been the normal process of getting those cars in racing games before that model arrived. In older non connected gam...

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So the choice here is pretty clear. Unlike last gen for me where the 360 was used for first party and third party with the PS3 used for first party almost exclusively, the roles now have shifted and the PS4 will be the primary system with the XB1 used for exclusives. The comments about the extra hundred dollars are sort of ridiculous. The reason for it is the inclusion of Kinect. Its almost a given that at some point here Kinect will be removed from the equation and bring the price down to pa...

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Absolutely plausible. Its basically Sony's PS2/PS3 plan without the benefit of a PC OS to play your games on too.

I'm not sure about Halo 4 on both systems. I mean it makes sense without question, but you are left to weigh the possible scenarios:

Halo 4 only on the next xbox to try and drive sales of the new hardware.

Halo 4 on both systems that could potentially cannibalize sales of the new system but would post serious numbers.

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The original Xbox live went offline because there wasn't going to be any device left to use it. It wasn't built to grow, which is why they completely retooled live moving forward. It was made to encompass new devices and to expand.

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What exactly is wrong with the Kinect stuff? So called "core gamers" really need to come off that high horse about the horror of Kinect. That being said, I do agree that MS does need to step it up on the Exclusives front. You have Sony buying up studios it seems like every year. MS hasn't added anything outside of BigPark recently. I can't think of any recent breeding grounds for new ideas in house at MS. This will hurt in the long run. If nothing else Sony always has a mass...

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Even if they did kill off the 360...which they won't....what would that have to do with Xbox Live? They wouldn't shut the system down. Everyone who owns a 360 wouldn't just have them stop working one day.

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Is anyone really surprised at this? It would be completely stupid to kill off the 360 when the new system releases.

And for those that say, well they did it with the OG Xbox, its a point that has been discredited over and over. The reason for killing off the OG Xbox had everything to do with the cost to continue making it. There is a big difference when you rely on another provider to continue to maintain a product line for you and owning the design top to bottom and being a...

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He's driving a slower car in the exterior view. That always seems to make racing games appear slower. Also with GT being a very serious sim, it doesn't attempt to exaggerate that appearance. GT 5 Prologue is very similar in this respect.

As for the game, it still continues to come across as just gorgeous. I am a Forza fan because it introduced some concepts that make it easier for someone that isn't a gearhead to truly enjoy racing sims. G...

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My comment wasn't really for you it was for Dlacy13g. Parenting is tough, no question. And what you say is really all you can do. Hope that your guidance is taken to heart. If you are doing that, but still keeping your eye open, you're doing all you can :).

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Actually my purpose wasn't to reaffirm your point but to clear up a misconception you are putting forth about Conservative justices. As a Conservative myself it's sort of cynical to state that its just about business when every politician in Washington totes business.

Good conversation though.

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Again I am going to state, where do you stop? Are you going to fine Best Buy, Walmart, your local library, barnes and noble, cable companies, radio stations, the internet, etc, etc, ad nauseum. Each and every one of them sell something or another that is objectionable for a minor to see. I for one do not want to live in a Nanny State. I have 3 kids (my son in my avatar pic) and I trust in my parenting skills. Will they see stuff I would prefer they didn't.....of course they will. Hell I s...

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If you do institute what you are discussing then you have to extend it to cover every single medium that could present a minor with something that is "Adult" in nature. You need to fine book stores, libraries, movie theaters, etc. Do you see how that becomes a problem? And where does it stop? You can have those people then complain about the free availability of questionable material on the internet. At what point do you stop babysitting?

It actually makes me think ...

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Why would you think the conservative justices wouldn't stick up for the first amendment rights of Game Developers and are only doing it for business? Scalia is a conservative justice and he is the one who brought up Grimms Fairy Tales and Rap music.I think people have this strange misconception about what a conservative justice would fight for. in 9 of 10 cases they would be constitutionalists. And aside from the "fire in a crowded room" argument against the 1st amendment it is ...

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Comparing what MS did with the Original Xbox to what they will do with the 360 moving forward is apples and oranges. MS did not own any of the chip design for the OG Xbox, every component was essentially an off the shelf PC component. In order to keep that system alive, they would have had to pay companies such as intel and Nvidia to maintain production of components that they would have wanted to move away from. Fiscally it simply made more sense to drop support for the OG Xbox and put all o...

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You're making an assumption that there is no way to integrate Kinect with a controller interface to utilize both. I don't quite get why people gloss over this when they discuss the future of Kinect. Naysayers always lead and end with its a casual control scheme and it will never have core games. That's an impossible prediction to make and it goes completely contrary to what MS themselves have said is possible with Kinect.

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As a hardcore gamer I can see where you might come from, but from a business standpoint your suggestion makes no sense. There are a finite number of hardcore gamers out there. If all you do is rely on those gamers for your user base, it will stagnate. That's simply true. Things like the wii, facebook games, and pop cap games, along with gaming on the iphone prove definitively that the casual gaming market is huge. MS would be stupid to not try to cut into that market. This is the problem ...

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