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they've had them at a best buy near me since launch. Helps living in the middle of nowhere.

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buying a switch when this releases

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most of it is multiplayer sadly, which is identical to uncharted 4. There is overlap.

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of course not, pokemon wont either. They've got kirby, yoshi, smash and who knows what else for next year.

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thank god. I hope its as good as the other two

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too many better games coming out this year to even care

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gotta love reused assets! This is the worst kind of cash-grab

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to be fair the game is almost a year old in japan

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Lmao a bait article at it's finest. That quote is not in the game, it's a meme on 4chan. The writing in last of us isnt THAT bad.

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How does this garbage get approved. Tired of bait articles.

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just stating facts, bud. Don't want people to be disappointed.

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ruined paper mario series, and now the star fox series with Zero. The fact that he thought people wouidnt like this new game is icing on the cake. Guy lost his touch.

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Keep in mind all they've done is a kinect game, so it doesnt mean much. The team that worked on the good rare games left long ago.

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dude needs to retire already

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They just want people to know the gimmick is CAPturing enemies. Little more clever than calling it possession.

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yeah terrible load times and the gross aesthetic really put me off after i played it. I swear MvC3 looked better than this. Dont even get me started on the roster.

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better for the debut pokemon games on switch to be a brand new generation built for the system than a port of a 3ds game i feel. It's a smart move in the long run.

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Yeah if the other games are anything to go by, this one's getting delayed. Animations looked very rough from the trailer and it didnt show any combat at all, it's clearly still early in development. The 2017 date was just for switch marketing purposes.

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They nailed the artstyle! Looks like a fun beat-em up

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and yet all i wanted to do when i finished it was to play more

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