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and the gamecube adapter, and amiibos, and the NES classic.

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sucks since most switch games could easily come to it. Feel bad for WiiU owners.

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And they lost a sale

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depending on the price this could be a huge joke

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This is everything I've wanted mario to be since sunshine. System seller for me, will definitely pick up a switch this holiday if it doesnt get delayed.

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I feel they should stick to pc now, this is ridiculous. That was the only game that would have tempted me to buy an xbone.

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oh, NOW its okay

these articles, man lol

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incineroar pls

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All I want to know is THE RELEASE DATE

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yeeaaaaah definitely going with the original voices with this one

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They didnt even need to do this, the conference was good enough

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We all know they will be unchanged for release. Bioware cannot animate.

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Did they add monkey king yet? Fall is almost over...

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Persona is one of very few games I NEED to play in japanese, along with yakuza. It just fits the setting so well it would be a crime not to include it. Very glad they're adding it in, makes the delay sting less.

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As sad as it is I have to agree with you. Take pokemon out of that direct and it was abysmal. Just pure shovelware. They've been like this for at least 2 years. NX better blow me away because to me it just looks like they're dying.

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Damn I feel bad for the people who payed for this.

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This isn't true at all. Clickbait at it's worst.

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"pokemon's" isn't correct, how did this even get approved.

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The granpa dragon is amazing. Definitely one of my new favorites.

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These are extremely simplistic. The owl is adorable. People have been saying that same thing since gen 2.

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