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This isn't true at all. Clickbait at it's worst.

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"pokemon's" isn't correct, how did this even get approved.

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The granpa dragon is amazing. Definitely one of my new favorites.

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These are extremely simplistic. The owl is adorable. People have been saying that same thing since gen 2.

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ZombiU? Really? We're getting WiiU shovelware now? Why do I still pay for this.

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Don't expect too much, this show is notorious for showing literally seconds of footage while screeching over it.

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I find it weird that people want knack when all of these shitty indie games are still leagues better than that garbage.

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big adventure? lol Don't bother getting it if you don't know the source material, it spoils a 20+ year long franchise. The mechanics arent very good either, it's more of a fan game.

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So why delay it? Could have made any amount of copies in an entire month.

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Why are lets plays being posted on n4g?

How is this allowed?

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It is a new pokemon, not sure why this is labelled as a rumor. It's a woodpecker judging by its markings.

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What do you mean "get them back?"

They never left.

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GT was really awful but the past 2 or so years they really turned it around. Love those guys and the shows they made like final bosman and gt time. The last stream they did a few hours ago really made me sad.

They did what they could, only had 9 people left. I have no doubt in my mind that these last few individuals will succeed in anything they set out to do.

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I hope so, I'm tired of my 3ds. Feels like I'm stuck in the past every time I play it.

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Oh sure, a few costumes here, an entire mode there...Where does it stop? Is this game not rated T for a reason? This was never a problem before so why now?

Games like senran kagura were localized fine and nobody cares. Part of me thinks nintendo does this to just keep people talking about their games.

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I really didnt like ORAS so last years break was okay. This year they'll probably do Z but I'm done with gen 6 so whatever.

Give me gen 7 for NX and i'll buy it day one

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aaaaaaaand dropped

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Still unclear as to what this game actually is. Are those AI or people?

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Good choice, they do some really catchy songs.

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Only 1 out of 50 people got it right, so i doubt it's a popular pokemon. Im excited to see.

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