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Being an Xbox One day one owner the Xbox One has made massive changes obviously one of the most major changes is Phil Spencer taking charge of the Xbox Division since Don Mattrick left.

The Xbox One will continue to deliver another 10 months of monthly dashboard updates which will continue to add more functionality to the console. I am probably guessing that once they have finished adding the features that was in the Xbox 360, they will think more about features that are onl...

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It is quite sad that there is a bunch of twats trying to ruin the gaming community by doing DDOS's on services like PSN, Steam, XBL and other gaming services for the fun of it. This group think they can't be arrested when in fact they can.

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Because it downloads the games updates first, so if the game has a day one patch it will download and install that first and then will move to the game

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They will probably make it where you will need an Xbox One to stream your games to your browser but this feature will allow people to play Xbox games on their phones, laptops, desktop pcs and tablets even if it is an Microsoft, Apple or Android tablet/phone

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That's fine as I have only used 49% of the HDD, Planning to get an external HDD soon

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Greatness Delayed

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You didn't see PS4 users make a big fuss when Crystal announced that LARA CROFT AND THE TEMPLE OF OSIRIS COLLECTOR'S EDITION will be exclusive while Xbox One users only get the Gold Edition

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Remember Sony probably paid Bungie to get Destiny Exclusive Content

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PS4 update 2.0 is a bit of a disappointment compared to the massive update that was announced for the Xbox One today

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Xbox One compatible file types

3gp audio
3gp video
animated gif
avi divx
avi dv
avi uncompressed
avi xvid
h264 avchd
mpeg 1 ps
mpeg 2
mpeg 2 hd
mpeg 2 ts
mpeg 4 h264 aac
mpeg 4 sp

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Or add stallion83 to your friends list and use is hire his dragon as a wingman and you will do beast from the moment you start the game

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Video is viewable here, I reuploaded it to fix that issue

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There is the app in action, The video that was embedded was removed by me because of people complaining that my voice wasn't heard over the music in the video. I have reuploaded the video and you can watch it here

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When you get a corruption message don't delete the game just close the game and relaunch the game it will save you time so having to redownload the game all over again

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Sony don't care about the users, all they care about is sales

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I think it is better to choose 30fps for open world racers, The same happened with FH2 and that is 1080p @30fps

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The console hasn't even launched in all countries yet so how do we know it is a failure.

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I am probably guessing they are laying off the people who messed up the Xbox One marketing and getting fresh people to do the job.

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If everyone didn't complain about the digital policies MS would of probably added preloading and digital preordering from day one

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Xbox Live

1. Better Security, may have been hacked but not like the PSN hack
2. Better Service, monthly updates, dedicated servers on games
3. More Reliable, service not going down for maintenance for 8 hour periods while Xbox is back up within 30minutes

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