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"I post Xbox news"


Video is viewable here, I reuploaded it to fix that issue #3.1
There is the app in action, The video that was embedded was removed by me because of people complaining that my voice wasn't heard over the music in the video. I have reuploaded the video and you can watch it here #8
When you get a corruption message don't delete the game just close the game and relaunch the game it will save you time so having to redownload the game all over again #11
Sony don't care about the users, all they care about is sales #28
I think it is better to choose 30fps for open world racers, The same happened with FH2 and that is 1080p @30fps #12
The console hasn't even launched in all countries yet so how do we know it is a failure. #6
I am probably guessing they are laying off the people who messed up the Xbox One marketing and getting fresh people to do the job. #2
If everyone didn't complain about the digital policies MS would of probably added preloading and digital preordering from day one #4
Xbox Live

1. Better Security, may have been hacked but not like the PSN hack
2. Better Service, monthly updates, dedicated servers on games
3. More Reliable, service not going down for maintenance for 8 hour periods while Xbox is back up within 30minutes #10
When does the June NPD get released #1.2
No Sony has proven to Microsoft not to have ridiculous prices and kill the service before it was officially launched. #1.2.2
For people who are wondering the game is still going to be free on Windows 8.1 and Xbox One. The Project Spark Starter Pack will be available for $39.99 and will include

The “Project Spark Starter Pack” is loaded with great content, including starter packs filled with sounds, effects, animations, and props, plus advanced creator features, offline content, and experience boosts which allow players to unlock new content that much faster. #2
This article is saying that the July 1407 Xbox One dashboard update will be rolling out in the next few days to all Xbox One users #1.1
For Xbox One it will probably go up when

- The console is released in more countries later this year, remember the Xbox One has only been released in 13 countries compared to 40+ for the Playstation 4

- When Halo Master Chief collection is released to the public

We don't know who is the winner of June until June's NPD is releases later in the month #12
But but I thought Sony Fans said that the Xbox One wouldn't do well in Japan #32
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They are really desperate on that timed DLC haha #3
The New Xbox console will probably just be a slim Xbox One or one without a blu-ray drive for a complete digital experience #15
It will probably be Windows 8.1 and Windows 9 that will have DX12 support. You can tell that it won't be out for Windows 7 because the last 2 versions of DX hasn't been released for windows 7

DirectX 11.1 came with Windows 8
DirectX 11.2 came with Windows 8.1
DirectX 12 will probably come with Windows 9 and could be supported on Windows 8.1 with Update 2 #1.1.2
Technically the X1 is a PC

- The Xbox One has 3 Operating Systems, In which 1 is a modified version of the Windows 8 kernel

- The Xbox One has an AMD Processor not a PowerPC like in the 360 #7
Apperently it also includes a new look store #16
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