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Yes, directly from the game.

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I'm excited for it simply as a gamer. I love to see the fresh ideas and all around good vibes from a fresh new console.

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cortana fail.

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our embargo notice reads:

"Please note the review is under embargo until April 19th." Makes no mention of PST or EST. It's April 19th here.

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Do you think Onlive and Steam can co-exist peacefully on the TV-PC scene?

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Lol nice misspelled quote

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Would you prefer if all reviewers thought/said the same thing? We aren't that kind of site.

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Actually, black ops received an 80. Look past hype, folks.

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Its funny, the reviewer says he enjoyed the game overall and even said it will stand out amongst other shooters. Yet it seems some people can't get over the fact that a console specific game -could- have issues. I love my ps3 but after playing the game myself I have to agree that kz3 has issues with cover restricting gunplay and causing cheap deaths.

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Considering the review copy came in this past week, probably not.

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looks like the sale ended. rats!

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I am the writer of this article. It was written on April 28th. It took awhile for it to get posted because the editors were away, and everyone was basically busy readying for E3. We aren't a big company, so these kinds of things take time.

I am stating that this article was in no way plagiarized. I would appreciate it if the original poster retracted that statement.

Sorry for any confusion the date of the post may have caused.


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