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Does anyone think that this game is coming to the Wii U?
I liked the demo, but cant's stand the poor resolution.

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If you get it on PS4 you get the PS3 version as well.

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Seriously, I think gamers should start a refund petition, at least we can get the games that are on sale right now, then we'll get the game after episode 4 or 5.

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Is this going to be released quarterly or what?

So glad I didn't' buy it back in October, for now, I'm going to hold on all of Telltale games until they release their episodes faster.

Anyone played Back to the Future? is it any good?

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Drakengard 3 is coming next year, just sayin.

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Currently I am playing A Link to the Past, and it's my first Zelda game, but what is the Four Swords? is it a completely new game or what?

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I get the sense that everyone reviewing this game is looking for it's flaws, knowing that Rocksteady didn't make this one, although no one could come up with a deal-breaker, which to me points at a great game, because I'll judge it for what it is.

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Just finished playing Wolf Among Us demo, and I'm sold, anyone knows if episodes are coming every month or more? I don't want to take 10 months to see the whole story like what happened with the Walking Dead.

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Why so serious? It's Watch_Dogs that has been delayed, not Dark Souls II.

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LOL, I can see why, actually, one of those games shall be only compared to Need for Speed and Paradise City, but I can't say which one.

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In the name of the Heaven ,,,
I'm getting the armored edition ,,,

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Well, I've to disagree with you on that, next time when you play TLOU try to hide behind a bar or on one side of a car, then when u see an enemy coming towards you, let's say he is in front of the car now, try to switch sides by sliding on the car, at that moment u will be 6-7 inches away from the enemy before u go behind him, but guess what? he will keep moving like nothing, then u can easily kill him, so if that was not "forgiving" I don...

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Sir: never lose that spirit.

First of all, my favorite games which I gave them 10/10 this generation are Metal Gear 4 and Uncharted 2, but 10/10 for TLOU? common guys you're just caught in the hype-storm like everybody else, the action and the story were excellent but the stealth mechanic were just okay, just go back and play Batman and try to stealth-kill someone then try TLOU again to see what I mean, also the bullet-free enemies after they have been shooting u for half...

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Played the demo and I didn't though that it was much of a deal, game is full of bugs and the resolution is too low, it seems it's 480p but up-scaled, so glad I waited for updates, I think I'll check it again after I finish The Last of Us.

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A sane article? I must be dreaming, all I have been hearing in the last 24 hours how bad the Xbox conference was and how great the PS4 is.

Personally i liked the games that Microsoft showed more but sorry, I have to go with PS4 on this one.

RIP Xbox One.

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Microsoft bought themselves a death sentence.

btw, I'm a big Xbox fan but I had to say it.

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I bought the game 2 days ago, didn't finish it yet, simply amazing.

bty: official release date is always broken here where I live, so probably it will be available 2 or 3 days ahead of it's launch date around the world :)

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Time to buy a 3ds.

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