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Yeah because you can't possibly manage to pay $40 extra for something that gives you more value.

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Last of US doesn't have a huge ass world like watch dogs.

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Dahell? this is currentgen footage.

And when did this "happen" before?

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I went to look at what all the fuzz was about.

You people are exaggerating,It doesn't look that bad for a currentgen openworld game. Maybe you saw so many Nextgen openworld footage that you forgot how currentgen looks like.

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Yeah killer instinct on PS4.

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Except this is something you want to look at. and you can always turn it off.

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Exactly, I expect them to come up with a way to install from the disc and play discless without the DRM.

Gamescom maybe.

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Xbox Live will be the superior online service once again.

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I think it looks great.

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The cell didn't matter. and it still doesn't matter. All ps3 exclusives could have been done just as well on the 360.Halo 4,Gears:Judgement and Forza 4 could stand toe to toe with any PS3 exclusive. The real advantage the PS3 had was Bluray.

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Yeah both will have a lot more to show.

Microsoft has only revealed 6 out of the 15 promised exclusives. They were to be only on Xbox One, so no 360 or PC versions.

And i bet my ass they are all triple A. Since Microsoft has a lot of first-party studios working on Unannounced projects for years now.

Unlike Sony's exclusives which probably includes OctoDad and some other Indie titles.

"Anyways, I could easily say tha...

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Microsoft does that too. They even have a studio dedicated to doing just that.
The studio is called Sentient Team.
They even bring in code from other studios outside of Microsoft i think.

lol @disagrees arguing with fact. Can't take it that Microsoft does something better then Sony huh?

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it would require an update. but most windows store Xbox games already support Xbox 360 controller input.

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