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"Dafoe is love, Dafoe is life."


I don't know why anyone believes this, the previous gen proved that a 7-8 year gen is viable. #6.2


Are, just no, not wasting my time typing anything else. #2.2
Just one month left fellow Diamond Dog. #3.1
I'm pretty sure I'd have it by now if it counted Online play like it should have, although it says 500km it actually pops at 68km or something like that (unless that's been fixed too). #4.2.2
Yes! They've fixed the Far Far Away trophy, the only thing standing in the way of my platinum. #4
I'll wait for someone who isn't an MS employee to say something like this before I believe it.

He may just be talking about today's Rare who are not really the same as the past Rare, in which case, it wouldn't be too hard for the above claim to be true. #1.8
Regardless they initially said 2015 and now it's no longer 2015, hence it's a delay. #1.2.1
Yeah at e3 he said the date was coming VERY soon. Ign first seemed obvious after that, I hope it's still a 2015 title at least. #1.1.1
Supposed to arrive in 2015, pushed to 2016, somehow this isn't a delay? Get outta here #1
Ugh, what a let down. #1
Shame, only big Irish name in Sony that I know of is now gone. Still Sean Murray of no Man's Sky will fly the flag for us in the gaming industry hopefully encouraging more Irish to take part. #7
Well I bet you didn't know you could control your PS4 with a Dualshock 4 controller. #2.1.1
It's a genius idea, people will debate about which game should be voted for which will increase awareness of all 3 games, this will be especially beneficial for the smaller games who need the recognition.

I'm guessing us gamers will be voting on the smaller title while Sony picks out the bigger one because there's no way they'll reduce it to 1 game instead of 2 like some people are worried about. #1.3
I'm going to assume they count Rep of Ireland in their UK numbers and I can confirm that everyone I know who had a 360 last gen has jumped ship. I know that's anecdotal evidence but I'm not exaggerating when I say EVERYONE I know who had a 360, which is roughly 7 gamer friends, all jumped to PS4. It's hard to see the PS4 not winning the 8th gen. #1.2
Not only did I know about all of these, one of these, "Utilise your share button" is not a feature, it's a fricken tip.

Who could possibly not know about ShareFactory when it's on everyone's main menu??

50 seconds of my life wasted. #2
Title and description are intentionally designed to A. Attract defensive fans and B. Attract aggressive trolls.

Don't be surprised when both arrive. #1.3
RL is amazing #2.3
"while letting third party devs develop for the NX aswell"

Letting? They'll be begging, it's their biggest issue. But just being more powerful won't guarantee better 3rd party support, look at the Gamecube. #1.2.8
That is some outdated U4 info, how did this get approved? #11
Actually I'm thinking Until Dawn will help make the last few days leading up to MGSV go much quicker for me. #2.3
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