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"Dafoe is love, Dafoe is life."


Lol at counting rare replay as 30 games and thinking bc titles should be included, did you include ps now titles? #2.2.1
"Last night, I experienced two chapters of game in which I literally did nothing."

Why do people always go on about this? A couple of cutscenes are considered their own chapters, why is that a big deal? It's just some text that appears on the screen and fades away again.

I liked The Order quite a bit, it had problems sure but they weren't enough to ruin my enjoyment. #12.1

And I'm lucky enough to be able to enjoy these 'cinematic' genres as well as traditional ones. #2.3
Preemptively talks sh*t about Uncharted Remaster because he knows they actually put effort into that one and it's not on his favourite box. #11.1
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When you're being asked to buy it again. #6.1.1
Clicking WTF and No never seems to do anything. #3.2
The ones without the spoilers? #6.1.1
It's not a EU made game either but we get it. #2.2.1
Me too, gonna trade in my current PS4 to get it for only 150. Will also be picking up the collectors edition because MGS is my jam and I'm a sucker for it. #1.1
How do these people survive going to a beach and seeing women in bikinis? #1.8.2
Best to worst

MGS1 (very nearly in 1st place)
Peace Walker (which should have been called MGS5 and released on consoles instead of handheld)

I don't want to put GZ on the list because I see it as part of V and that won't release till next week so I can't add it, but I suspect MGSV will be near the top.

Also I don't see Portable OPs and Rising as being canon... #11
MG1 better than every other MG game bar MGS2?

WUT? #2.4
Where is my PS4 release date? #3
I'm terrified of spoilers. #2
Until Dawn
Fallout 4
Just Cause 3
No Man's Sky

2015 is sexy. #6
201V #1.1
I mean they should be selling COD-like numbers. #1.2.1
MGS2 is underrated, I mean, I think they're all underrated, even though they usually rate very well.

What I'm saying is that the MGS series is THE best series around and Kojima deserves all the recognition he gets. Go play MGS2, a game that was released 14 years ago and see how accurate his predictions were. #1
@ Ck1x

In Elite Dangerous can you land on every single planet like you can in NMS? Can you explore every nook and cranny on those procedurally generated planets like you can in NMS? Is your ship procedurally generated? Is there an infinite amount of unique life to discover on billions of planets like there is in NMS?

NO in Elite Dangerous there is flying around the blackness of space with some planets in the background as window dressing and if you're lucky... #2.4.2
Crackdown is impressive for sure. But No Man's Sky is on another level, it is truly a new type of game and the only one that is doing something completely new by taking procedural generation to such a crazy level.


It's hard to grasp. You could argue that the gameplay may bore you but that's not the 'next gen' part of it, No Man's Sky could be the start of a revolution. #2.4
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