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Honestly, I would consider NMS a AAA title at this point. It's huge, it's fully priced, it's super hyped (so hyped that a delay led to death threats) and has been featured heavily by Sony in past conferences as if it were their own first party title.

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The man didn't become one of the best known game devs in the world by being bad at what he does. He puts his name on the box because his name is like a seal of quality, his name sells games. He is loved by his fans because he is often genius. People are only recently appreciating what he was telling us in MGS2 because it's only now we realise he was right. If you don't know what I mean then watch this, it's spooky how accurate he was:

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If by 'bold future' you mean making your current console absolutely obsolete by both taking away all its exclusives (despite what this author claims, if I don't need an X1 to play it, IT'S NOT AN EXCLUSIVE, although nice back-peddle by then claiming "exclusives are bad m'kay) and then really killing it by announcing a new console (or half announcing), then sure, a bold future indeed.

In reality it was MS admitting defeat. They're saying, 'ok...

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Didn't this same guy (or at least website) have this same article here a day ago, only reworded? Something like "MS won E3 but gamers don't care" or something.

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B-but PS4 has no games coming in 2016, as long as you don't mention NiOh or GT Sport or The Last Guardian or NMS or The Tomorrow Children or ABZU or Bound...o-r all those PSVR games like RIGs. P-plus we all know games released in the first half of 2016 don't count so don't you dare bring up U4/R&C/MLB.

A-and Sony lost E3 because they didn't show these above games we already knew about, instead they only dropped huge surprises, but because I don't kno...

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So disappointed that it's not coming in 2016 but this game looks worth the wait.

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@unholy one

"I'm not sure what the deal is with them and the PS4. It doesn't add up."

This is why I say they are poor at making games technically. Oblivion, Fallout 3, Skyrim. 3 games and they couldn't figure it out. No with this gen with PS4 and X1 being much more similar dev-wise (many saying PS4 is even easier than X1) but still Beth put all their effort in every other version before the PS. I'll definitely be waiting before I...

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Yup, last gen they had an excuse with the PS3's complex architecture but this gen they just show off how poor they are at making games from a technical standpoint. Far Harbor should not have released the way it did on PS4, not acceptable.

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Expect to see more comments like yours following the revelation that X1 will not have any exclusives anymore. The people bragging about x1 exclusives will change their tune to 'exclusives are bad'.

But we all know that most of the greatest games ever are exclusives and that's what made them so great.

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"To be fair, the difference is that God of War did an almost complete break from what made it so beloved by fans of its hack-and-slash nature by becoming more like The Last of Us"

Other than having the child, I don't see the similarities. The over the shoulder camera isn't exactly a TLoU, RE4 comes to mind but there are many others too. The brutal combat that we know and love is still there.

"Whereas Zelda is merely returning to the...

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The point is God of War has changed from what it was. Just like Zelda, the difference being fans are gushing over things that are old hat by now because of the Zelda name. Open world with survival elements? That's a saturated market on steam but it's apparently the second coming with a Zelda skin.

And that horizon thing might be lame to you but it's not done in any other game. It's real innovation on top of an already fantastic looking game. The enemy design...

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I think Zelda is getting a bit of a pass here, I dunno if it's because it's a brand with a huge fanbase that brings with them a certain level of hype regardless, or because it was the only game Nintendo showed. Sure, it looks good or even great, but the whole time I'm watching it I'm thinking it looks like Zelda has caught up with the times. It's being lauded for not following the usual Zelda formula and while that's worth praising, it's not worth 'biggest game...

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Dude, some guy on Kotaku was telling me that Spider-man PS4 looks heavily influenced by TLoU, I asked him how and he said 'the lighting'.

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Many reasons, one reason is because Oblivion was my first Beth game ever (you'll find people will pick their first Beth game as their favourite a lot) so everything it did felt new and blew me away.

But one area that I don't think anyone can deny is that Skyrim had REALLY shallow guild questlines compared to Oblivion. The Dark Brotherhood was my favourite but the Thieves Guild was a close second (the final quest for the Thieves was super...

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But Skyrim can (just about) get away with being remastered but Oblivion would need a complete overhaul, it's gameplay has not aged well. And I'm speaking as someone who thinks Oblivion was 100x better than Skyrim. But Skyrim makes more sense and I understand why they did it.

Would pay many cash for an Oblivion remake.

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Lots of dismemberment

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Hope you're ready for your post to make it to the top of N4G

If I was a reviewer who desperately wanted attention on the internet what would I do? I'd look at Washington Post.
I would find a game that is universally acclaimed and I'd wait for every other review to come in, then I'd lowball the score on metacritic in hopes of lowering it overall. Unfortunately for this guy he wasn't able to lower it, he should have went for a lower score.

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I think it's just a tad bit too early to presume to know anything about TLoU, for all we know it could take place in a different time period or in a different continent and it'll surely have a different cast. And you say they played it safe with U4 and yet call it the best achievement in games? I think ND have more than earned us giving them the benefit of the doubt no matter what they do.

As for Dark Tower, that would be an awful game and the last 2 books were pret...

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I've never understood why UK(and Ireland, they never say Ireland but it includes Ireland too even though we are in the EU and not in the UK) gets games dead last. When it comes to NA/EU/UK somehow UK is last, I don't get it, NA and UK both use English so you'd think EU, with its multiple languages, would be the one to come last but nope.

NA and UK should both have the same release dates, why do games have to release on a Friday over here? For games that do wor...

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No he didn't.

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