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Yes, I don't want to play a cardboard keyboard.

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Except none of those things are comparable to being overweight. Belief systems and sexual orientation and race are usually things you are born into and don't control.

Being overweight, for 99% of people, is a choice.

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Agreed, u3's story was easily the weakest in the entire franchise, felt all over the place and unfinished.

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That's a good point, in an open world game with dozens of hours of content, even 4 hours of cutscenes doesn't feel like a lot.

I never felt like horizon has lots of cutscenes anyway.

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There is no date or year for either game. You're staying exactly zero facts.

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Do you have a credible source for that? It's 2018, if it wasn't for GTA Online, there would be no DLC releasing this long after launch.

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No, I mean PSN trophies, it had a level system in since it launched. Bronze, silver, gold and plat are all worth different % as you level up.

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"I don't play that trash"

Then why should anyone here care about your opinion on it?

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It's a remaster, not a remake, that's pretty standard improvements for remasters.

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Easier to have a higher average when you have a lower sample size.

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"It's a cartoony knockoff"

Your avatar implies you enjoy cartoons.

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"Bet you win every match"

So you win every match of Fortnite then?

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If only PUBG played as smoothly as Fortnite, you'd have the best of both worlds.

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A level system? Why not, it works well for PSN's trophies.

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Actually MGS2 was literally genius story-wise and shows that Kojima is almost prophetic. Watch this video to see why.

Also don't listen to cleft5, it is not blind loyalty that makes people like MGS1-4 far, far more than the trash NES 'port' of MG2.

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I'm guessing it's because instead of simply clicking 'agree', you typed out 'same here'.

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Man, I don't think I've ever been as hyped for a game as I was for MGS4 back then. Not the best in the series, but I still loved it and it really showed me what the PS3 was capable of at the time. Act 4 in MGS4 was a highlight for the whole series though, never felt that much nostalgia before.

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How many Xs were sold?

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5.0 already?

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Nobody cares what you think it is, Nintendo say it's a home console therefore that's what it is.

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