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"Dafoe is love, Dafoe is life."


I was hoping for a new-gen only cheat. Not the same old Skyfall one. #3
If they did to Undead Nightmare style they could do it where the trio make a heist on an artifact (the same one that rose the dead in undead nightmare) and sell it for 1 billion. But then the zombies rise and they have to buy it back so that you can't have any money at all really because that's how this game rolls unless you mess around in the stocks. #5
I knew someone would make this comment, someone always makes this comment every time PS4 hits a new milestone. #3.8
"One of the best features of GTA in this game is the online aspect and unlike the original release it is ready to go and Heists are available to play out… phew no more silly races to kill time. Plan a heist with your gang or just join some random noobs and steal away."

Such lies. #1
Before release, everyone: "Oh wow, look at all the grass they've added, it makes it seem much more alive"

I preloaded, downloaded the patch the day before release, played it at midnight, had fun online, wake up this morning, it's asking me to install the same patch again, it fails to even begin downloading the patch. I get mad.

What an age we live in. #1
The only other game that comes close to touching MGS3 is the original MGS. I'm hoping MGSV can reach those heights. #11
You are the hero that deserves, but not that one it wants. #2.7
This is not a review, it's a preview. #4
It's "put another shrimp on the barbie" #1.5.1
It's not as simple as that but even going by your logic it'd be:

Fallout 3-2008

So that's a gap of 2 years and then 3, so their dev time increases with every game, meaning a 4 year gap this time meaning a 2015 release, so it's not overdue. Add in the fact that they have to get used to new hardware and that adds more time.

If we're lucky they may even give us a new engine that impro... #2.6
"Note that they only announced it on the EU blog where people are most unhappy with how PS+ has been since the pS4 launch"

What do you mean? Our offerings have been the same as the Americans. #13.2.1
It's ridiculously slow, I hope they are aware of the issue. #1.5
"You will not see things done on the PS4 that are just IMPOSSIBLE on the XB1."

Ha, perhaps not until Naughty Dog step up. #2.2.1
I just came here to make sure I hadn't lost my reading comprehension. #6
Dat salt. #5.3
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Do that thing where you ignore the fact that tonnes of people are waiting to try out the free plus version before they buy the game.

Yeah, that's it, like that. #4.1.4
Wii U owners didn't play it last year. #1.14.3
Surprised at Shadow of Mordor's score. #9
I thought SoM aligned with Sony, why is this on X1 first? Unusual to switch like that. Oh well, nice that it's free, excellent game. #12
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