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But you can already picture message.

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I'd definitely appreciate that feature, pre-loading day 1 patches would be very nice.

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Hope communities become more robust.

Maybe the option to video chat or send short video clips in messages would be nice. Custom wallpapers too.

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The people complaining about cultural appropriation in video games need to get a life.

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You say you've a PC, can't you just get it for that?

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This is just one anecdote, but my bro in law watched me play the order and bought a PS4 one week later for it and loved it.

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Please stop calling it the 'entire package' when only half the package is worthy.

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Something tells me you weren't campaigning for cross play with PS3 last gen.

The idea that they should allow it because it's 'good for gamers' (keeping in mind there is no cross party system so you can't even play with specific friends on other platforms, just randoms) is naive.

PS4 already has a very large pool of players, this would only benefit MS.

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MS turned their noses up at cross play last gen, what does Sony gain by allowing it on rocket league? MS would gain a populated player base, PS4 already has that.

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Would have liked to have read this but couldn't because of a huge advert for mobile strike that covered my screen.


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Yeah because nobody already owns a PS4


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If you like exploration and discovering things nobody else has seen then yes, if not, no.

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I don't think anyone doubts the quality of the game, especially after a few million of us played TR 2013 on PS3.

And I'm glad the average Joe will buy it day 1, makes it easier for me to get it second hand down the road if I decide not to wait for it on ps+.

But I will not reward square for screwing me over last year. Call it petty if you want but it's my cash and I'll do what I like with it.

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Didn't think I'd have to spell it out but fine.

Halo 5 MP is not even the best halo MP

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It's not even the best Halo game.

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Well said.

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Why are so many people not getting my point? I can only assume they didn't bother to read the article.

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That was never once my argument.

"So yes your right"

I know

Anything else you're getting from my comment is your own business.

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Ugh, read the article. This guy is claiming another guy was wrong for saying you need to keep investing money to be cutting edge. I am saying he was right.

Don't get so bloody defensive over pcs and actually read what you're commenting on.

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4k is the new cutting edge.

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