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"Dafoe is love, Dafoe is life."


Calls MK X a flop, is a Wii U fanboy.

The irony is real up in here. #2.9
It's not like it has to compete with any other big games on PC. Of course it is gonna top the charts there at launch. #4.1
Hope this releases on consoles soon, my PS4 is in bad need of a Tekken game. #1
"I beat the game normally and was completing the side collection missions and was going to start duping, but this was here will be fine with me as well.

Thanks for letting me know I can get them."

Don't believe his lies. #1.8
Which never seems to do anything. #2.1.2
They couldn't review it badly because it's a From Software game, imagine if From's next game is Dark Souls 3 and it was multiplat, it'd look bad for them to crap on bloodborne and then go back to worshiping DS3 because it's not sony exclusive. #1.3
That's not exactly confirmation either, though much better proof than his. #1.6.1
One of those pics is zoomed in and intentionally looks like it was made to look bad. My ps4 version of the game DOES NOT look like that. This article is lies. #7.1.2
Anyone else not seeing a difference? #7
The Middle East's Bloodborne? Oh, I wasn't aware the Middle East got it's own version of the game. Or did you do some sentence structure gymnastics to fool people into thinking this was 'the' IGN review? #5
I'm no Brit, but we get it the same time as the UK. #5.2.1
Hurry up Friday (stupid UK release dates) #5
Great read, nice to see signs of growth in gaming development in Ireland. Hopefully No Man's Sky's Sean Murray will be an inspiration also. #1
Interesting timing more like, you'd think they'd wait until after Bloodborne releases to make a list like this as most people are fairly confident that the game will be the PS4's best. #1.2

If you couldn't argue against my valid points, instead opting to call them generic and use that as a flimsy shield, then don't waste everybody's time by replying in the first place. #5.1.2
The cool thing is that nobody puts a gun to your head and forces you to buy any remasters which is pretty decent of Sony.

"it doesn't begin to scratch Sony's reliance this gen thus far on remasters."

You mean that one single title? TLoU? Shall we ignore new IPs? Let's ignore Driveclub and The Order and Bloodborne and Until Dawn and so on shall we?

"That's the thing you know. You don't buy the system, you do... #5.1
"New screen shows updated profile"

A video is not a screen. The screen is on the site. #19.1
Button mapping was promised from launch? I think not. #15.1
Excellent, lets hope the servers can hold up. #1
Old news. #1
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