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"Dafoe is love, Dafoe is life."


C'mon Tekken 7 2015 release date. #3
"Do you even read? I'm not even talking about the PS4 line up. (a big clue would have been "we received way better games from Plus, BEFORE the PS4 got released")

Such backpeddling, the real clue is

"MGS GZ is just a glorified demo."

How are you talking about the PS3 lineup when GZ is for PS4 only?

"PS3's life cycle and this month's games are garbage compared to what we received prior t... #12.3.2
"And for seconds, we received WAY better games from Plus, before the PS4 got released.

So why shouldn't we complain? We're paying for a service that has gotten worse."

God you people are morons, when PS+ started to giveaway games it was YEARS into the PS3's life cycle, the PS4 is only a year and a half old, how can you expect AAA games on it already, these games need to be given a chance to sell at retail first.

I hope... #12.3
IMO your only valid complaint is point 2. Point 1 and point 3 have zero effect on anyone unless they willingly allow it and if they willingly allow it, that's their business, none of yours. #2.1.9
Must be my imagination that I've put over 20 hours in Gz then. #5.4
Indeed, we need more games like these. I really enjoyed Heavy Rain, and this game promises to have even more decisions that make the experience different. So not only will this game have great replayability but it'd also be a great game to stream/watch others play. #3.2
It's a Sony exclusive so it's automatically going to have a huge portion of online dwellers hating on it.

Even when it's a game like Bloodborne, with universal critical acclaim, they'll tell you it's the worst of all the soul's games, they'll focus on the pre-patch loading times, that combat is too fast or that it's too easy etc etc. #4.6
Yeah but only for people using a code, this shouldn't happen ordinarily. #3.1.1
Can't wait to go to the beach and tell women in bikinis to stop objectifying themselves. #9
Kojima still hasn't officially left Konami, he'll be staying on until MGSV is released, maybe even longer than that (post release support). #7.1
Everything points to MGSV being a hugely expanded PW, which is cool. I'm expecting this to be my GOTY, possibly of the generation. #3.1
So it's just a sticker and not an actual HDD cover? #4

In that case he can just say "I'm not allowed to talk about that" like Huey's voice actor did when he was interviewed by the same people. #5.2
Nah, like he says, he does a billion other voice recording sessions, he can't be remembering every single one, especially when he jumps right into the end of the series with MGSV, we can't reasonably expect the man to make sense of it, much less remember it months later. #5.1
It's pretty obvious that the child with red haid, in the gas mask, who levitates is a young psycho mantis. #1.1
That's because only the PS4 versions are getting reviewed, I'm sure they'd want to give their best version for review (for consoles anyway), so it seems logical to assume the PS4 is the better console version. #3.2.4
Pretty proud with myself for managing to avoid too much Witcher 3 footage, not going to ruin that now. #6
They are saying the video is in 720p not the actual game. Both the PS4/X1 record gameplay in 720p. #9.2
It's won more GOTY awards than any other game, ever. Of course it's gonna be in most people's list. (the ones with no bias that is) #38.2
Uncharted 2
TES IV Oblivion
Red Dead Redemption

Honorable Mentions:
God of War 3
Arkham Asylum
inFamous 2
Ass Creed 2 #36
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