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"Dafoe is love, Dafoe is life."


Just adding whatculture to the list of sites that I won't waste time on again. #8
I saw those "new" videos on an article here a day or 2 ago. #4
Lukas Japonicus, I've noticed you're often the biggest voice of reason on n4g. Well said. #1.1.13
Tired of seeing all these mods in image form only, let's see how good these all look in action. #9
MGS V really feels like an evolution, imo. #1
"I have a rule"

Stopped reading there, didn't need to hear a random n4g user's world view on other people's world views.
To me, "I have a rule" should be changed to "my attention-seeking ill thought out opinion is". #12
It'll be grand. #1
Good guess. #9.1
This sounds good can't wait to see it all

*looks at website*

Oh, well I'm sure this eternal loading screen will be just as good. #3
Must be on my end then, even though everything else loads fine for me. #2.2.1
Does this fricken website ever load? #2
They'll sell more than the PC version. #27
If there is a WD2 then I hope it will be like how AC2 was such an improvement over the first AC. #4.1
I don't think anyone cares enough to worry about boosting. #3.1
Definitely, it's not much good when your friend list has moved on to newer/better games. #2.1
I know what you mean, even when I lost all hype for it thanks to GTA V, it still managed to let me down. It just feels so bland and lifeless. #1.1.3
Needs a rematch function badly. #1
"They can't be called Irish without being called American"


You sicken me. #23.1.2
>Enlgish music

STAHP #23.1
I disagree with most of your comment except the first part, man I hate that song. #7.2
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