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"Dafoe is love, Dafoe is life."


"I know your money mongers and want to double dip for the ps3 games we bought"

Yeah I really hate how Sony comes into my house, bursts down my door and points a gun at my head forcing me to buy their games. #6.1
Vegas PS4 edition would be amazing. #8.1
3rd person has been confirmed, but I'll probably go 1st person for combat. #5.1
I have faith that SOE can pull it off thanks to their experience with Planetside 2. #3.1
And soon! #2.1
Even without tlou remastered the PS4 has plenty of other titles to carry it to Christmas. Watch Dogs will be out in about 6 weeks, Planetside 2 is due soonish, then you have your DriveClub and The Order which both have the potential to be huge. Can't forget Destiny and Batman which will be out in Sep and (probably) Oct respectively. That's not to mention the monthly PS+ games and the downloadable titles. Personally I'm looking forward to Daylight and Octodad which should be out so... #8
Law suits in bound. #1.1
I just hope it doesn't take as long to come to PS4 as Planetside 2 is taking. #1.3
I agree, it's awesome and with lots to see and do.

But no, Ishmael definitely isn't Miller, they have different voice actors and we saw Miller after the crash on the hospital table as they're trying to revive Snake (in trailers), he avoided burns to his face. #5.1
Yeah, Afghanistan alone looks like it'll be huge and that's just one area.

And yeah, open world games are in demand right now, I'm looking forward to the next game that brings that genre forward. At first I thought it would be Watch Dogs thanks to how intelligent the AI seemed to be back when it was revealed and the way you could almost interact with everyone in some way.

Not so sure about Watch Dogs now though, maybe The Division will be the one... #4.1
Of course you'll also have to replay the entire series in chronological order before The Phantom Pain releases.

Unless you're just a filthy casual that is. :P #3.1
What issues? The only issues I've heard people complain about are the length of GZ and Phantom Pain will fix that. #2.1
It'll come at the low low price of 12 monthly payments of $29.99.

DLC sold separately. #1.1
"I rather have DayZ remain a PC Exclusive. "

Why? You wanna play it on PC that's your business, why do you want to stop others from enjoying it on their platform of choice? Petty fanboyism? #2.2.1
I think they are just doing a Rockstar and keeping it to themselves. Even their latest trailer seemed ripped right out GTA V's marketing manual with the narration and such. #17
What a great work around, thanks for the tip. #1
Another day another spoiler without warning. #1
Then you should only link the podcast, this little blurb (I can't call it a review) was very unhelpful, "has clouds" "feels like a PS3 game". What? (Also it is on PS3 so that would explain that.)

This just comes across as you trying to double your clicks by breaking the review into 2 parts, which is ironically fitting considering the game in question. #6.1.1
Getting real tired of these 'reviews'. Does the author really believe he has provided readers with enough information to help them make an informed purchasing decision as a review should? #6
Does this mean Europe will get a different one or none at all? #8
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