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I don't see how. The Beginning Hour demo in PSVR was amazing.

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I was told The Order would be ridiculously short as well going by articles like this one but when I played it myself it didn't feel like a particularly short game. So I don't care what these early leaked impressions claim, length =/= quality.

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The people saying this kinda thing are the same people who haven't tried PSVR for themselves. Playing the RE7 demo (the full game about to drop in a few days) is a jaw dropping moment.

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Good idea, never any harm to wait. I love my PS4 but I didn't need to get it day 1 and that had a much bigger launch lineup than Switch.

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If you're not playing this in VR, you're not doing it right. The demo in VR is so much more terrifying.

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"More of the same"

That should have been the tag line for the whole switch reveal.

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It was full of awkward moments and once again Nintendo relied on Zelda to save it. How many conferences must I act like Zelda is new?

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If I posted this comment I'd be marked as inappropriate.

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Keep an eye on the sites who try to downplay this and make it a 'good' thing. These are the sites who damage control for MS.

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Looking forward to hearing the details about this, word is it's nasty.

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It's not just content, it's a marketing deal too.

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It was only a suggestion not a claim of fact ffs. My point being they farmed uncharted to another studio in the past, they could do it again.

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Sony never said they would, only Naughty Dog said that and they will after the standalone DLC comes out. For all we know Sucker Punch are working on Uncharted 5.

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The latest GT Sport trailer had the caveat that only selected vehicles and tracks would support PSVR, so that concerns me.

Tekken 7 is a game I'm looking forward to a lot but we don't even know how VR will be used in it, it might just be a separate character viewer mode or something.

AC7, I'd like to know if the game is fully playable in PSVR or if it's like GT Sport.

The poor showing at PSX was a red flag for me also. I...

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Don't worry, RE7 is getting close now. Then there's Farpoint to look forward to. After that however...?

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Yeah, they probably have their reasons (like avoiding violence in a CES trailer) but still, let's get some RE7 up in this b****!

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Stop showing that Luge game when you're trying to sell your PSVRs Sony, it's got to be the worst PSVR game I've played so far.

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