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"Dafoe is love, Dafoe is life."


MGS 1-September
MGS 2-November
MGS 3-November
MGS PO-December
MGS 4-June
MGS PW-April
MGS V: GZ-March

What are you talking about? #14.1
Xbone, whether you like it or not, the internet made its decision long ago. #15
Except The Order didn't get 'killed'. It's selling well and, as an owner of it, it's an enjoyable game also. #9
You obviously wouldn't include the months before it released, that would be stupid. Or else you could have said "It's been 6 months, where is suspend/resume" before it even launched by that logic. #1.1.8
Give me the option to appear offline and let me record party chat in my video clips and not just for streaming. #16
I'd say I'm more familiar with that Canadian website than I am your "oxcgn". #28.1
PS EU store is severely lagging behind when it comes to themes compared to the NA store. This Toro theme being an exception. #4
Well said. #1.2.1
Har Dee Har Harr #1
I'm here expecting a release date to drop any second now and instead I'm still getting tweets about Voice recording sessions. I know, I know "It'll be worth the wait etc" and I believe that too but MGS is my jam and I need this, in and around my mouth. #1

"I watched it on youtube...damn it was good...this is a problem.... I'll make a comment about reviewers giving a free pass to Sony to try and make up for potential high review scores. Maybe if I scream loudly enough about QTE and cutscenes...

Obligatory comment about selling my imaginary PS4, obligatory comment about PS4 not having games that I've been 'interested' in, this way I can pretend that the PS4 doesn't have 2 AAA t... #3.11
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...yeah, and that had nothing to do with its marketing campaign. #13.1.2
TR will be on PS4 once the duration ends or else MS would be shouting "Exclusive/Console Exclusive" from the rooftops. #14.1.1
Because a marketing campaign will make the game better to play. #13.1
Nah, PS4 had plenty to play last year, Sony just spread their releases out in the year instead of bunching them all together in the holidays. It's the same this year and is the reason why The Order is only a few days away and Bloodborne isn't far behind while the X1 will be waiting for the latter half of the year for some AAA exclusives to drop. #10.2.3
Why post a new comment instead of replying to his comment? #3.2
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Well there were rumours of co-op being a surprise announcement, you may have seen an early build of the iDroid's UI and in one of its menus you could see 'Buddy' and 'Co-op' as separate options.

The buddy option turned out to be true so there is some weight to it. Definitely not confirmed or anything, just something to think about. #1.1.2
This article is a result of the PS4 having a AAA game in February AND another one in March. The X1/PC/Wii U fanboys have to keep themselves entertained until they get a decent game, hence trashy articles like this. #1.8
Didn't Kojima show one of these off at TGS near the end of that MGS clothing show, he showed it holding an iPhone.

I really want one. #5
Driveclub has the Project Cars fans sweating so this is the result, comparing it to a last gen title. #12
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