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Freddy hasn't given anyone a nightmare in a long time.

Get the chick from the exorcist in there.

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Like you, with Sony.

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Nothing, because it's non-canon.

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"And as for UC4, the backlash for that bad review was just as bad as I specifically remember fans calling to ban that site, start a petition to remove that score and even discussing getting rid of numbered scores."

None of that is 'just as bad'. That's just typing words and whining online. What zelda fans did was attack a man's livelihood.

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I see that as being the same as calling 3D gaming a gimmick.

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Even if you can just try it without buying, I think you'll be sold. They only obstacle is if you are the type who gets motion sick, which can be down to how the game implements VR.

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"There were certainly reviews that did state Zelda's flaws"

Yeah, and as long as they still put a big 10 or 9 at the end they were safe.

"There has been many examples of a small group of fans getting upset, ddos'ing or even threatening reviewers when a game they love isn't getting praised"

Some are worse than others. I recall a review that U4 got, a ridiculously unfair review by...I think it was Washingt...

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Don't listen to the naysayers who can't get VR on their favourite box. VR is amazing (no matter which headset you go for), the biggest revolution in gaming since we went from 2D to 3D, bigger even, and this is only the beginning.

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There is a reason Oculus Go is so cheap. Expect mobile level VR.

The big 3 is where the real VR is.

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RE7 in VR is worth it alone. One of the highlights of my 'gaming career'.

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99% of the people who call VR a gimmick, have not tried VR.

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"Destiny? Another game I didn't play."

You think that this is some kind of defense? "I didn't play it, therefore your argument is invalid".

"You can't look at a game based on its individual aspects."

Says who? You? You ever see a gametrailers review? They broke their reviews down based on gameplay, story, design and presentation. Go watch their review for Super Mario Galaxy, they score it as follow...

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@gansta red

Jim getting DDoS'd by Zelda fans after giving a Zelda game a 7 has nothing to do with Zelda?

Besides, the OP asked why it took so long for the author to come forward with this article, why wait. DDoS was my reason.

If this was about NMS, and the author's headline said "enough time has passed to address NMS's flaws", I'd say the same thing because both games have toxic fanbases that will DDoS you.

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If you criticised this game too early, you got DDoS'd.

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Ask Jim Sterling.

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People here saying 'what about HZD, or U4?'

Which game was it that got Jim Sterling's site DDoS'd when he gave it a 7 again?

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Nintendo's big IPs get a pass. Looks at Twilight Princess, 95 on metacritic. The Witcher 3, most awarded game of all time, has 92.

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How can you call it a Marmite game when it's almost universally acclaimed? And when an article like this had to wait for enough time to pass before it was safe to criticise the game? I remember Jim Sterling getting DDoS'd for not going with the flow.

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"Because you don't know how much emphasis Knack 2 put in its story, that's why."

Sorry, that doesn't fly either. Remember when Destiny didn't put much emphasis on it's story and lost marks based on that in reviews?

"that's why you shouldn't talk about things you know nothing about."

Practice what you preach.

"Weren't you the on...

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