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What makes you think a super Japanese game like this would do better on PC than on PS4?

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I bought it when it was €5 on PSN a few months ago, still haven't gotten around to it yet. Though I'm not surprised it sold slightly better on PC given the studio. Amnesia has to be one of the best PC exclusives left.

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This. Ubi will put on a smile for the NX just in case Nintendo capture lightening in a bottle again like they did with the Wii. And if it goes the way of the Wii U? Well expect NX exclusives to find their way over to PS4/X1 like ZombiU.

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Why should it? The overwhelming majority of gamers are male (don't buy those 50% nonsense surveys that include candy crush). Businesses make games that will appeal to their markets. Can't blame a business for wanting to make money.

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Oh, so the original x1 got hdr support in a free update? Or do you need to buy a new console called the x1s?

Think before you type.

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If you actually believe that garbage you just typed out and aren't trolling, then you are an utter, utter fool.

BattleAxe: "Boohoo, Sony aren't continuing these commercial failures*

Reasonable people: But BattleAxe, MS and Nintendo aren't continuing X,Y and Z




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"and Killer Instinct is getting a physical release for those that don't have it"

Haha, Xbox fans sure love to bring up this game every single year and claim it as a new game with 'season 2' and 'season 3' (DLC to a rational person) and now this, a physical version of a 3 year old game.

*rolls eyes to the heavens*

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We can finally do something with that finger?

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People will crap on this no matter how good it looks because Konami. Try to think that the people who actually develop this game are not the bad guys, they're just people who want to make games and keep their jobs, remember that before you crap all over whatever they show.

Of course, if it looks genuinely bad then by all means, but it's using the MGSV gameplay as a foundation, it can't be THAT bad, and co-op can make any game fun (RE5-6).

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"The New Playstation 4 Review"

When you're trying to trick people into thinking you're reviewing the Pro.

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The P isn't really beside the N though on your keyboard.

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And then certain people can stop acting like 4k Blu Ray is the be all and end all for a console. I've never even seen a 4k Blu Ray movie on sale in any store I've been in. This crap can wait til PS5, when there is enough of a user base to warrant it.

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Console gaming was never NOT about a premium experience either. When compared to PC, it's all about the ease of use and the comparable performance you get for an affordable price. And these upgrades are about satisfying the customer who doesn't want a PC, who doesn't want to leave their platform, but still wants an improvement. It is completely reasonable to want your games to look better and at the same time not want to get into PC gaming.

There is also nobod...

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Never even though of the annoyance that would come with needing to take off the headset to check your phone.

This is kinda genius. The next step would be to get it to just overlay over whatever game you're playing if you hit pause or something. But, as first steps go, very positive.

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Who is we? It turned as good as I thought it would, which is to say, not at all.

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It was confirmed by Colin Moriarty's trusted sources. Where is the source for the pro reveal at e3.

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No, it was a new red dead.

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It's up to the devs to decide what they do with it. Prettier visuals or better frames or both.

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Were people expecting Pro/Neo to alter gameplay somehow? It's just for prettier and/or smoother versions of the same games, how can you not know that?

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