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Took down Nito first. Took down Seath today... Also going after the Four Kings next!

I'm pretty close to The Chaos Witch, but I rely heavily on Pyromancy and I'm getting sick of fighting fire enemies that are immune to Pyromancy... and there's so many bosses down there!

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Peace Walker is really good! It's Metal Gear... and I was still surprised at how good it was!

I'll get this down the road, but it's a lot of money for a bunch of games I already own!

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You can get the trophy for full Enchanted weapon or full Magic weapon! They're also pretty good weapons, but I rely heavily on my Ascended Pyromancy flame and full Lightning spear!

Go back to where you first fought Seath and you will find a Large Magic Ember and Crazy Big Hat Logan if you bought everything from him! If Crazy Logan isn't there, go find him in the library(he won't recognize you anymore), then exit the game and go back to Seath's attic.

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I'd agree with you, if MS had plans to actually make a game from the IP, but if not, they are just preventing games from being made!

Sony sells its IP's to Nintendo all the time when they're not using them anymore! You should have thought about Spiro the Dragon and Crash... and practically all of their cartoony games actually! Tenchu use to be owned by Sony Music and went multiplat later!

Ex-Sony IP's go to Nintendo all the time! Now that I re...

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"If Sony hadn't purchased them, Zipper would probably be making MechWarrior games to this day, as a MS internal studio."

Since MS is going out of their way to close all their internal studios, your statement is put in serious doubt! They probably wouldn't be making games at all anymore or they'd be making multiplats; going by what people above say about the success of these games, the former is more likely!

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Spent hours farming Blue Titanite from Crystal Golems against my will! Kept getting killed on the way to Seath. Got to the point where I just started running past everything and after all that dieing, I killed Seath on my second try and got the Moonlight Sword too!

The amount of times I plummeted to my death for that Blue Titanite Slab!

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There are so many things wrong with this!

There's 100 reasons to prefer a disk and everywhere isn't the developed world! It's obvious that this is coming from a guy with a $15 game, that only sells in the developed world!

Many people in the world are still playing PS2 and have to get their internet in a library or cafe!

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Unlike MS, Sony doesn't just release games in the holiday season! They release half of all their exclusives before June!

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Until the official announcement, nobody could find one leak of anything to do with GTA5. Now that it's the hottest topic on the internet, suddenly half the boat is underwater!

Are we really suppose to believe this $hit!

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"Microsoft seems to be exiting the exclusvies business, and concentrating on everything else that makes the xbox great."

You mean the stuff that also makes every other platform great?(multiplats) Selling something others give away for free? I think they call that, not differentiating yourself from your competition!

Sony bought three developers in the last 2 years. Seems they have no intention of continuing with exclusives!/s

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You're so lucky; you have a friend who plays videogames as much as you! 75% of friends on my friends list are really just people I met in a game who never had another game in common with me again!

In other words, I agree! The only reason why I would want xross game chat is so I don't have to hear other people discussing their lives and other people discussing their lives in Chinese while I'm playing online!

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"Either be patient and get the GOTY edition"

Only problem with this plan is trying to get a good multiplayer experience for all your multiplayer DLC a year after release! 90% of games will leave you waiting hours to fill up a match... even in 5 vs 5!

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Whoa there; they're not that good!

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But it sucks that I have to download 3 gigs of data and use up HDD space when a couple of hundred MB's would have done the job as DLC!

They should have gave us a choice between DLC and the standalone game; I already own the engine and 90% of the assets!

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Judaism doesn't really appeal to me, but I can still enjoy watching Seinfeld!

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"People seriously waste their lives with this **** and that is pathetic."

I'm sure they're not passing up sex to get that last silver trophy for platinum! I don't care much for trophies, but whatever floats your boat!

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Taking out "pedestrians riot" and "all pedestrians have weapons" was the worst thing they could have done! Chaos mode took it to a new level in SA, so taking it completely out was just plain wrong!

Edit: My playthrough of GTA3 almost got completely ruined when my save had "Pedestrians riot" code enabled! On the last level, as soon as I'd reach the dam, the guys would start shooting the crap out of my girlfriend(I think it was Maria)! So I gra...

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In the last article, when a PS3 owner posted anything similar to what you just posted, it was called damage control!

Edit: Strange, similar comments as the last article are being hidden for trolling that weren't in the last article! Interesting...

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Your saying if a person already had a PS3 and a 360, they would go out and spend $700-$1000 to play one game! Because there's nothing my PC(with 512MB ram and integrated graphics) could enhance graphically in the game unless I plan to play it at 1fps! If I had a 360, I wouldn't even buy a PS3 at $250 for one game!

I'm sure a person would just buy the better of the two versions for the platforms they have!

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5 hours is like nothing in this game! The author hasn't even started yet!

The Belfry Gargoyle destroyed me five times before I just decided to go somewhere else! When I came back, I made a mockery of him! I didn't even need to beat him until I was ready for Sen's Fortress! You still have to fight your way through lower burg, the depths, Blighttown and defeat the Chaos Daughter before beating the Belfry Gargoyle has any meaning!

Run into a wall, j...

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