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No, I pay because we get the vault games and 10% off every purchase

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And Xbox ea access users get battlefield one a week early. And mass effect. What's your point?

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If you read the article its nothing more than an advert for a device that allows you to play 20 year old consoles on a HDTV

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all well and good but I fail to see what this has to do with battlefront

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the story is that quantum break is the biggest selling new microsoft IP for xbox one. Where does bloodbourne or sony come into this?

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Yes. Shadowrun on xbox 360 certainly.

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she will be able to afford the DLC then

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witcher 3 without a doubt

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Baby or job?

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It wasn't in the article. And that is one persons opinion.

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When was Halo mentioned?

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If you bought Gears ultimate for xbox one, you get all the previous Gears for free as well.

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Mass Effect is already on BC. But 2 & 3 would be nice.

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Dead rising 3 is an absolute blast! Bring on 4!

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It's a £20 voucher. So it's highly unlikely it will work on an US account

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That wolf is a pain in the arse! I think hes still bent over in that clearing

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If you read the actual post, he says about PS4 graphic improvements because thats what he was asked about "They will release the patch just before the Hearts of Stone dlc, seems the mods don't like it when the truth is exposed about the poor state of the ps4 version. Let's just hope we actually get improvements which they promised from the previous patches that were non existent like frame rate improvements, camera stutter fix and pop in issues.". He says "The patch is...

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nah. Having 2 granddaughters does I suppose.

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i was there on the front lines. Now I own every console. Why? Because I grew up.

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Half of these aren't available on the UK site

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