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no cozpit view online.
and 8 cars.

60fps and 720p

No day night cycles confirmed by gaf. w/new 24 hour race article.

No tire popping.

No animated pit stops.

Looks great though, besides that. They are removing features though.

Because he toggled through the views. -- No cozkpit view. #1.3
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Guys its about time to concede the following.
Microsoft has created a niche market of, well i don't want to say _____.. But Another word possibly? I commend them for it, as they spent every dollar they could instead of actually making good games. They pay people to think they are good, and the people then go out and buy things based on the paid information.

Much like apple and the iphone, to where iphone people will buy anything iphone related. MS & The media in the USA(and USA alone) Are on this amazing mission of ignor... #1.9
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Its because 360 owners have no real 'exclusive' content to take 'advantage' with.
timed exclusivity is for retards. I'm sorry.

This gen of gaming is the most dumb i've seen.

DLC > retail games.
Timed Exclusivity > Exclusive games.

I'm glad im on the other side of that fence. I never remember a single gaming generation that was defined by multiplats. #1.10
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MGS4 is the best game i've played in my life as far as
production values, story, gameplay variation, pacing, sound, voicework, action.

Oh yeah, and it had online for those who want to subtract 5 points if it doesn't.

installs were a bit much, but considering an install every 5-6 hours a chapter... you'd realize it was 2:30am anyway. #1.16
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8 online is very dull.
For racing, they should allow you to cut off the cocckpit mode for 16 cars online or something. Just for being competitive.

Will still be fun. You're going to have to definitely pick racers in your own class to keep it intense. #4.2
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I'm FPS'd out. #1.1
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I'm still shocked everyone pretends the PS3 is 299. #1.38
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Anyone complaining about the controls is a n00blet gamer that doesn't deserve to own either the 360 or the PS3.
They are legendary classic controls that are natural to the RE series. Don't just buy games because your n00b a$s hasn't been gaming since before you picked up Halo/Resistance.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the controls. Its the moronic audience who thinks that every game started this gen. Why on earth would capcom change the controls that they've had since the series began because a tiny segment of the gaming world(compared to RE's overall franchise) wants to remake eve... #1.1
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To Microsofts Partner CNET?
no. #1.1
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Morgan, 2010.
didn't know that...

why is everyone getting excited again? A 360 multiplat is staying multiplat on the PC? and its coming out in 2010.. im lost?

"Bioware made Mass Effect 2 to be underrated due to lack of polish. All other aspects of the game from story, character development, sound and visuals were incredible."

lol.. it had lack of polish because the unreal engine & the 360 couldn't stream load it to save its life. Just like Gears 2 wasn't... #1.24
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Guess I'll have to get the definitive exclusive pc version.
And play from my couch.
With my surround sound.
Hopefully I still wont have to upgrade my pc, like i havent had to since the start of this generation.

I do hope that they fix the laundry list of bugs for the 360 version though. Those loading hallways have to go.

That brings the grand total of 2009 360 exclusive games to: 2

edit @ disagrees.

My bad, its not Exclusive to the PC, its exclusive to the 360. #1.5
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Crazy, best show on tv.
I love his wife too. makes a mans hand sweat. #2.6
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halo only sells millions when they advertise it with 30 million. Halwars isn't going to sell 8 million.
Big curbed fan? #2.2
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When the harvard trained ceos/cfos of the company decide that they aren't making enough money.
Thats probably when.

They sold 20million ps3's at its price. They aren't concerned about catching up to MS just to do it. #1
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eh, its kinda the way of the christians though... remember that whole... kill you if you dont believe us thing?
Still goes on. Im just glad the modern world is getting educated enough to make their own choices. Its just a form of control.

BTW, you're gay. ;) #3.1
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if u tell me how, i will.
:) #1.2
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morganfell , LOL you noticed that too? Yeah the 360 graphical argument is dead. Now the new trend is to question good graphics. "Do they matte...
I'd love to see n4g if the 360 pulled off a Killzone2. You think the doom articles are bad now...

Graphics never have mattered more than gameplay. But during conversations of graphics 360 owners would always pipe up about how their old console isn't old, and how the graphics can hang. Which they cant. Thats why we had the constant comparison threads of multiplatforms, it was the only way they could trump a ps3. With a bad port like bully for the 360.

I think it was... #1.4
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The bigger news should be:
GIRLS ON PSN? new fanboy bait... at least on ps3 the pedophiles pickup girls and not little boys. #2
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Ah, maybe sony should stop using In game footage, and hire Digital Domain to do 100% Bullcgi trailers like for halo and gears?
Not sure what the point is here. #1
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HHG, I used to be a big supporter of you on the site.
But you just take advantage of n4g now to drive hits man. The content isn't as strong as it used to be.

Quality over quantity.

Everyone else, are you really about to make this a 900 page story again? #1.1
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