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Yes it is because it comes out on the 17th. lol

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It supports DVDs. It's listed in the specs that Sony released.

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I'd love to see them announce GT6 for PS4 and Vita tomorrow with full cross play. I think that would be awesome.

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It's OK. I've skipped to the end of reviews plenty of times. This does look legit if you skip to the end. lol I just knew it was fake right away because it's way too early for IGN's review.

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You skipped straight to the score, didn't you? You should actually watch the video.

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Yeah, I knew they had to be uninstalled. I was able to transfer other games but the Crash games just don't work for some reason.

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The Crash Bandicoot games never would transfer. I tried to transfer them weeks ago and they wouldn't show up in the content manager.

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Publishers don't release games past the first week of December. Not retail console games anyway. It surprises me that a lot of people don't realize that.

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Fat Princess is a game I really want on the Vita.

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Yeah, I get what you're saying about sports games being basically the same every year. The thing with Madden 13 on Vita though is it really is last years game. It's Madden 12 ported from the PS3. The only Madden 13 feature it has is the new commentary

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You're right about that. For a new device the Vita has nice line up compared to a lot of other launches. I just think Sony needs to announce more of the Vita titles that are in development. They need to push the 3rd party devs that are making titles for the Vita to reveal them too. I'm sure the Vita has a lot of games in development right now that we don't know about. They need to announce some of them even if they're far away to build up some hype and to let people know what&...

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I checked my inbox and it wasn't there. Then I checked my spam and I found it and a LBP Vita code I never knew about. Now I'm mad at myself for missing that.

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I wish EA would bring Skate to the Vita. That would be awesome. Tony Hawk would be great too.

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I've been hoping for Fat Princess on the Vita. It would be a perfect game for the handheld. I'd be happy with a straight up port from the PS3 version.

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Morgan Haro on the PS Blog said:

"We’ll make sure we address this."

"If this was the case, then we’ll make sure you’re taken care of; but to be proactive, you may want to get a call or email to PlayStation customer service."

"Yeah; aware of this and am working towards a resolution"

So it sounds like they're going to make it right.

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"I enjoyed flying a starhawk until I realized you're super-glued to an unforgiving 2D plane, even in outer space, so forget pulling a loop to chase enemy aircraft. The instructions say you've got to simultaneously use the right thumbstick and the X button to pull evasive maneuvers. I wouldn't know, because I don't have enough thumbs to do that without taking my left hand entirely off the controller."

Wow. It's actually left stick + X to pull off ...

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Jerry was a race car driver....

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I bought my copy day one at Kmart and it was a regular edition. I had a $30 gaming coupon from buying Arkham City to use towards it and I got another $20 coupon with BF3 so I didn't mind. Would have been cool if it was a limited edition though. lol

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I pledge to go Commando on September 20th!

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The beta will be available to everyone on the store later today. Just download and play and you'll get the freebies.

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